Leather jackets are preferred by people from all age groups. This clothing style is equally famous amongst both men and women due to its availability in wide colors and styles. In India, the population of bike rides is very high, and leather jackets have been a traditional clothing style for bike riders. This is the major reason why they are so popular in India.

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1. A great addition to your classic look

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The most common reason for leather jackets becoming so popular in India is that classic jackets never fail to give you a classic look with every outfit. It is a great addition to your classic look that makes you look fashionable for any occasion. This is the only style that never goes out of style.

People have been wearing leather jackets for decades, and people still love wearing them, especially bike riders. For them, it is the symbol of their community. The craze for this outerwear in India has been there for a long time and continues without becoming outdated.

2. The older, the better

If you are buying a leather jacket, then you don’t have to worry about buying another one anytime soon. These outwear are known to last years after years and look better with age. These jackets tend to improve with time and become softer and more comfortable.

Original high-quality leather jackets are expensive, but they last long enough for years, even if you are wearing them daily. The older these pieces of fashion become, the better it looks. Over time the color of the leather slightly fades away. This is why leather jackets are becoming so popular in India due to their intimidating and bold appearance with time.

3. Warmth and protection in cold weather

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In India, winters last longer, for at least 3-4 months, and you will see everyone wearing leather jackets, especially the bikers. These jackets are well-known for providing warmth and protecting you from falling sick in cold weather. These outwears are ideal when you are going for bike rides on cold winter nights.

These types of outwear are specially made to protect you from adverse climatic conditions and make you feel comfortable in cold weather. This heavy-duty piece of clothing is made of animal skin which is of original high-quality that ensures optimal insulation.

4. Incredibly versatile

The reason for leather jackets becoming so popular in India is because it is incredibly versatile. India has all types of seasons throughout the year, and you can wear these outwears throughout the year. During bike rides, your full body is exposed to air, and leather jackets are very helpful to fully cover the upper part of the body.

Undoubtedly, these outwear are the best choice for cold weather, but you can wear them in all kinds of seasons. Also, this fashion is acceptable on all kinds of occasions and makes you look classic. It outshines your overall appearance providing you with a bold look and separating you from the crowd.

5. Fewer chances of allergies

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One of the major reasons that have led to the rise in the popularity of leather jackets is that they are hypoallergenic. This means there are no or fewer chances of allergies after wearing these outwear. The chances of experiencing skin problems, inflammation, or any other allergies are quite unusual.

These outwear are made with premium quality textile, which gives you a comfortable and soft feeling after wearing them. These are traditional fashion styles that are still popular decades after decades and suitable for all types of skin. This is why leather jackets are preferred by people from all age groups.

6. Variety of color and style available

With time, leather jackets are now widely available in a variety of colors and styles. Either you can go for brown jackets with a retro look, or you can choose a different color and style which makes you look bold and intimidating. You have a variety of choices in selecting your favorite style and color that make you stand out from the crowd.

These outwear come in different styles that make them ideal for both men and women. The different style and color is the reason that has led to the rise in the popularity of this fashion style among teenagers as well as adults.

7. Easy to store and maintain for a long time


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Leather jackets are incredibly easy to store and maintain for a long time without taking much care and effort. They are easy to clean and can be stored years after years without buying a new one. In fact, they tend to look better and intimidating with time.

The color of these outwears slightly fades away, but with proper care, you can prevent that from happening anytime soon. Moreover, many people like to wear these outwears with faded lighter tones based on their personal preferences.

Taking care of and cleaning leather jackets is easier than maintaining any other clothing style. You don’t have to wash them regularly as leather repels stain-causing compounds. You wear them a few times, and you can use a dry washcloth to clean them.

The Bottom-line

These outwears are not only perfectly suitable for cold weather, but you can wear them in all seasons. These are incredibly versatile clothing styles that you can wear on every occasion, providing you with a classic, bold and intimidating look to match your personality.

These jackets tend to look better with time and provide you with a warm and comfortable feeling for years after years. They are available in a variety of colors and styles and are easy to store and maintain for a long time. With such features, the popularity of leather jackets has been rising not only in India but in other countries as well.