Telugu music is historically engraved in India. Being one of the most popular types of music in the region, we thought about making a list of the most popular artists. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Mani Sharma


Mani is an artist that everyone in Telugu knows about. Being a very influential person in both cinema and music, Mani has made music for over 100 movies. He also received multiple awards for his creations, such as the Telugu Award for Best Music several times.

Mani’s music can be described as fast-paced, with his songs being very popular and inspirational for future generations.

2. A. R. Rahman


If you know about Telugu and Tollywood, then you must know about Rahman. Rahman is probably the second biggest name in Telugu behind Mani, but equally influential. Rahman, however, is a man of multiple talents, and being a singer is only one of them.

He composes music, direct film, is a producer, and a philanthropist by nature. Rahman is known all throughout the world, with his music touching the shores of every continent.

He is so popular in the world that has been awarded two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA award, a Golden Globe, four National Film Awards, dozens of Filmfare Awards, two Academy Awards, and many more.

3. Ilaiyaraaaja


Ilaiyaraaja is yet another highly influential Telugu artist, but one from the older generations of artists. Ilaiyaraaja has been an inspiration for many current Telugu artists and even has more than 4,000 songs created in his career.

His music has featured in more than 800 Tollywood films and has three National Filmfare awards. Ilaiyaraaja has most of his music done in the 70s, 80,s and early 90s. You can listen to Ilaiyaraaja’s music on naasongs.

4. Ramana Gogula


Ramana’s career has been bathed in success and fame, with most of his music being categorized as more traditional. Ramana has had success in Tollywood, having been involved in many films. As a Telugu artist, Ramana has had many solo albums, but most of his success comes in cinema.

5. Devi Sri Prasad


Devi Sri Prasad is a South Indian movie and music composer, having been involved in both Tollywood and Kollywood cinema. Devi’s work has been used in many movies, and even some of the most popular Telugu films ever created. One of his hit songs was for the movie Varsham, which was the top single for 175 days!

6. Harris Jayaraj


Yet another highly influential Telugu artist, Harris has had a very luxurious musical career. Having established himself as one of the leaders in the music industry, Harris has been highly sought-after in Telugu cinema.

He along with A. H. Rahman is frequently composing music for the biggest names in Tollywood and is frequently busy producing music. He has composed over 100 songs for Telugu cinema and is the winner of multiple Filmfare Awards, Telugu National Award for Movie Music, and various other awards.

He started his career as a keyboardist and his music is mostly orientated towards electronic beats.