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Q: Who is the No 1 rapper in India?

A: Honey Singh India’s No. 1 Rapper Honey Singh is a popular name not just in India, but also overseas. Born Hirdesh Singh, Honey Singh has an amazing skill to rap really fast. His voice is impressive and he manages to pull off various accents with ease.

Q: Are there any underground rappers in India?

A: There are some underground rappers in India, who although underground, still have a dedicated fan base and garner a lot of attention. So, I will try to steer clear of these and try to focus on some rappers who deserve a lot more attention than they are getting.

Q: Who are some famous Indian rappers?

A: Perhaps one of the first ever rappers to introduce rap music in India, Apache Indian is an Indian British rapper who was very popular during the 90’s. Apart from India, Apache Indian has also made his presence felt overseas. He is best known for his “Boomshakalak” track that was so popular it featured in 8 Hollywood movies.

Q: Are Indian rappers taking over the international music scene?

A: While rapping may be a phenomenon started in the western countries, Indian rappers have also been creating quite a stir in the international music scene. In earlier times, many rappers might have been ignored by people us with the passing time, people have understood the talent of their own country.