Traditional business models are now a thing of the past, and various new opportunities have taken their place in the music industry. This is also the case of popular music streaming platforms, which all have millions of monthly users.

Thanks to these platforms, people can now listen to your music anytime, anywhere, and sometimes for a very small fee. However, you might be wondering, why should I use these platforms if I am an artist? Well, you started reading the right post.

In this article, you will be able to learn the advantages of online music streaming platforms. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. It is Where People Listen to Music

Although this is quite obvious, it is worth mentioning and whether you believe these platforms are good or not, it is where people listen to music. These streaming platforms are growing fast in popularity and they are becoming the main music source for users.

It is important that you understand and accept that music streaming platforms are here to stay. This will give musicians the easiest access to get their music to people and also give fans easy access to music.

2. The Answer to Pirating Music


If people want to get your music for free, they will likely find a way to do so. Streaming services offer a quick solution to pirating music and it is a solution that pays the artists. If people pirate music, the musician gets paid $0.

The subscription strategy and model is leading to artists being paid by the consumers, many of whom are shifting from pirating to subscribing to one or more music streaming platforms.

3. Easy Distribution

Since iTunes launched 17 years ago, the entire music industry has drastically changed. Major labels are no longer the gatekeepers to distributing music. According to the experts from TME, the distribution used to be very expensive, however, since artists are now less reliable on labels to produce physical copies of the albums, it is easier than ever to distribute their music.

This means that it is also easier for your fans to get the music they want to listen to.

4. People Will Pay for the Music


As previously mentioned, the money you will get will not come from the streaming platforms. It will come from the consumer. Without paying users, the streaming platforms would not have the revenue to distribute amongst rights holders. So, generally speaking, streaming platforms will work on the artists’ behalf to convert users to pay for listening to music.

The one thing that has changed is the model by which users pay for the services. Users can rent music now, and musicians are paid on a more “pay as you go” strategy than forcing someone to buy ownership of the music.

5. Analytics

Information is the base for any decision. The chance to have access to this kind of digital environment will allow musicians to have insight into how users interact with their music. Everything will be trackable and you will be able to analyze your music in order to make informed decisions around your promotion and production.


As you can see, you can gain various benefits from these music streaming platforms. And if you are an artist, do not waste any more time and start searching for a streaming platform that will fit your needs perfectly.