Handling your online presence is a crucial task to master. People in the line of business like singers, actors, songwriters are depended on managing their social media accounts properly. Today more than ever before, online presentations, posts, and other activities on social media accounts can influence a broader audience and generate interest almost instantly. The Naa song artists are no exception from the theory mentioned above.

Covering and auditorium of over 80million fans, Naa song artists should be true to their words. Shaping the perception of such a large number of people is a powerful tool by anyone’s side. Fans and followers, not only look up to them but tend to follow every move of Naa song artists.

This brings them extra responsibility on social media accounts, offering them more opportunities in a business sense. Fortunately, for all of us, the most prominent names of Naa artists are an example of how to behave on social media and represent a guideline for anyone starting their career in the show business.

We have done the homework and prepared a few Naa song artists that have made a boom with their social media accounts in every way possible.

Tanishk Bagchi

source: dnaindia.com

Tanishk Bagchi is a famous songwriter, music composer, and singer. Generating enormous attention on Twitter and Instagram, his videos are breaking records in views. The creativity of this artist is best explained in the follower base he has.

Communication and the procedure of increasing his followers seem so easy when you have only top-quality hits and well-known associates by his side. Without any online marketing help, he has established his name as one of the most influential Naa songs artists on social media accounts, according to the Naasong.info.

Shraddha Kapoor

source: bizasialive.com

The famous actress is the leader of her generation in terms of managing her presence on her social media accounts. One of the most beautiful actresses in India with an irresistible smile, personality, and appearance, her Twitter account has over 12M followers.

With the power of the fan base and followers on her side, Shraddha Kapoor is considered as the most influential actress from India on social media. Well-known for her open attitude and expressing her self loud and clear, she has only united her beauty with practical social awareness.

Speaking of potentials on social medial only the sky is the limit for Shraddha at the moment.

Dhvani Bhanushali

source: bollyworm.com

The rising star and a mentor for the generation that is coming to the big-screens is the singer Dhvani Bhanushali. People still remember her from the stunning performance of her voice in the moves that marked her first step in the business. While she is privately a shy person, she managed to transform the good in her and share it on her social media accounts.

According to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, her followers claim that she will move mountains with her voice adoring her personality all the way. She is an example of adequately handled social media account, with a rapid rise of followers in record time.

A bright star by the name of Dhvani Bhanushali is just getting started, and we wish her to continue on the same path with even more success.