If you have just launched a new business, there are many aspects of your new commitment that demand your attention. Whether it has to do with the preparation of products, the site design itself, proper setup of back end fulfillment systems or services that you plan to offer, all have to be carefully planned to put your business in the best possible position to succeed. Web hosting is usually just an afterthought.

You may have opted for a popular web host that you have seen in an ad or chosen a host that a developer has suggested. If you do not consider the importance of a proper hosting provider can be a real recipe for disaster, as your web host plays a crucial role in your website’s success. This is why we have listed the top reasons why we think choosing the right web hosting service is very important.


Having a fast website is vital. Google prefers fast-loading sites, often giving a good ranking boost to websites with faster load times in its search results. Most customers will also expect a fast and responsive site in 2024. If the page loading time is too slow, they may move on to another shop or competitor.

Many studies have shown that faster site can increase a business’ sales. A good web host will make sure that your website is optimized for speed. They will look at all the factors that can improve performance, such as the addition of CDN or Content Delivery Network, appropriate server hardware and implementation of proper caching.

PCI issues are handled properly

source: securionpay.com

The PCI or Payment Card Industry requirements can be scary for an online business. There are a lot of pitfall and confusing points you have to adhere to. Going at it alone can be overwhelming for anyone. Finding a web host that understands PCI and can help you with website scan results can help you save a lot of time. Your web host should be able to look at a PCI website scan and fix the issues so your website will be secure.


Have you ever accidentally deleted an important file on your computer without keeping a backup somewhere else? The same can happen with a website by deleting some important data that can break your website entirely. This is why keeping a backup of all your website data is very important, but this can be a difficult process. A web host service can save you from all the trouble and make regular backups every week or even every day, depending on their offer.


source: softkenwebdevelopment.net

Keeping your hosting account and website security is not an easy process. From keeping all the server-side software safe and secure to upgrading and patching your eCommerce software when new versions are released, it can be a complicated job. Having a web host that can handle all the upgrading and patching of your eCommerce software quickly and professionally can make these type of upgrades pretty easy.

It helps you avoid any security breaches and minimizing the potential of any downtime due to a failed upgrade or incorrect patch. Good web hosts will not only keep your data and site secure, but they can quickly diagnose and patch your site if is compromised by an exploit or by hackers. Having this kind of service at your disposal at all times gives you a leg up on your competition.