The IT industry is booming, and its growth margins are only expected to continue to rise as the years go on. Since most business is done online today, the need for professional and affordable web development is in high demand. That’s why many decision-makers have turned to web development outsourcing. 

The benefits of outsourcing many different kinds of IT work are huge, and the process has become widely adopted by businesses of all types and sizes. For more information on the best way to recruit outsourced IT professionals, click here.

As the demand continues to rise, business leaders discovered the vast talent pool that exists with web development outsourcing from India. Let’s take a closer look at some of the significant benefits that businesses find when they outsource their web development work to India

The Rise in Demand for Web Development Outsourcing


The web design and development industry have grown dramatically over the last five years to become the multi-billion-dollar service industry it is today. And, we aren’t expected to see a drop in growth as the years go on. Where an online presence in the business world was once a leg up for companies that invested years ago; having a website and offering services online is not a vital resource to nearly every business. 

According to some studies, businesses and governments were expected to spend almost 311 billion U.S. dollars on software applications worldwide in 2017. Overall, the information technology industry is expected to see growth from $3.7 trillion in 2019 to $3.8 trillion in 2019. Also, there is a rising demand for various website builder tools with more and more new brands entering the game (you can see the most popular ones on As you can see, there is no lack of demand for web developers in today’s technology-driven world. 

The popularity and projected growth of the industry are where the shift to outsourced work arose. As more and more businesses began to discover the pros and cons of web development outsourcing, the new hiring trend took off. From remote workers to outsourced development teams, more and more hiring managers are unlocking the cost-effective, efficient solution to hiring professionals. This trend has been particularly popular for web development in business. That’s because it opens the door to a larger talent pool of professionals that work at lowered rates and don’t require the internal expenses that come from hiring new full-time employees. 

The Top Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Web Developers from India

India is a popular choice when businesses look for outsourced employees from other countries. It’s not just the level of professionalism found in Indian web developers, but it’s also the affordability and overall success that come from these professionals. Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits you’ll get when you outsource your web development to India. 


Cost-Effective Alternative



One of the main advantages you’ll find when you outsource to India is the cost savings. Salary and compensation rates of Indian developers are different from other developers around the world because they are much more affordable. While affordability shouldn’t be the only factor businesses are looking for in web development services, it certainly plays a role when it comes to choosing to hire. Web developer rates around the world vary greatly, and some can be extremely expensive. Indian developers serve as a cost-effective alternative that provides reliable and productive professionals. 


Qualified, Quality Developers


Many hiring professionals find that when they choose a less expensive option, they have to sacrifice the quality of work. One of the features of Indian web developers is that the talent pool is extensive and filled with experienced and skilled developers. So, just because you are saving money, doesn’t mean you are hiring less competent workers. 


Increased Productivity



In addition to the quality of work and reliability of developers, Indian developers are known to be extremely productive. While many people might look at time zone differences as a challenge when it comes to outsourcing, it is a benefit. You can send over a project with high priority and wake up to the complete application. Indian developers take great pride in their work and will even work around the clock to finish your projects effectively and efficiently. 


Multitalented Professionals


When it comes to the IT industry, many Indian developers are skilled in a variety of technologies. That means that when you outsource development project to India, you’ll get a team of developers that have all the skills needed to meet your requirements. From older technologies to the latest in artificial intelligence and big data, Indian developers are well-rounded and able to meet your demands with proficiency. 


Higher Profit Margins



Finally, outsourcing web development to India will bring your business higher profit margins. When you combine the lower costs, increased productivity, high quality of work, and faster turn around times, you’ve created a recipe for success. Indian developers are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way, and they are equipped with the skills needed to deliver quality results. When you outsource to India, you increase your profit margins and put your business on the track to faster, greater success. 

It’s no surprise that outsourcing is one of the most popular ways to hire IT professionals in our technology-driven world. As the demands of the business industry continue to shift towards a more substantial focus on technology, outsourcing these jobs continues to become not just a favorable decision, but the right choice. The demand for outsourced IT work is going nowhere but up as we shift further and further away from traditional business practices and towards innovative solutions.