Have you ever questioned the integrity of an exam? Well, many organizations face the challenge of integrity in online tests. If you have ever conducted online examination you might have already experienced this challenge. A lot of time, money and efforts are spent on organizing a test. What if the online test turns out to be a failure because of cheating on the part of the candidates? Here, the important thing is being an organization how to curtail the challenge of online cheating?

The concept of online examination system is prevalent these days. More and more organizations are going towards this system to ensure that there are affectivity and proper ease for the test. Of course, there are challenges of cheating but there are ways to handle and curtail them too.  You know with so many companies coming up with advanced and progressive undetectable gadgets and tools that can be put to use for cheating during examinations, it is about time online examinations turned out to be armed with anti-cheating measures to defrost the meanest cheating attempt made by making use of the most advanced gadgets.    There are proctoring systems, software, tools and other options that can make sure that no candidate does cheating.

Online Examination: What do organizations do to curtail the challenge of Cheating?

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Ensure ID authentication

Candidates are increasingly misusing the liberties catered by online examinations that can be taken from distant locations like home to make impersonators take the exam on their behalf. It is something that is making severe candidate ID authentication an essential thing to guard the truth of the exam. In this procedure, as soon as the candidate presses the click on the test link,  he or she is asked to click a photo of himself or herself and his/her ID proof and then it is sent across registration details ( here note that the fields are customizable.  The live proctors that are available 24×7 do verify the photo ID against registration details and verify in case the candidate is legitimate.

Web proctored exams

Web proctored exams are quickly becoming the ‘in’ thing in the certification and business industry. More professionals desire for ways of getting a much-needed professional certification with less bother. And, more and more firms are investing in solutions that are going to enable them to cater their candidates a chance to sit exams conveniently. A candidate can sit the test or exam wherever and whenever he or she wants.

What really is online proctoring?

Online proctoring is all about a digital form of assessment. It permits the candidates to sit exams from any location. During the procedure of online proctoring, software gets used to allow students and course participants sit exams at any spot of their choice. It has to be somewhere dependable and free from fraud. Monitoring software is put to use to track the candidate with monitoring the candidates through video, so the test goes fraud-free.

Succeeding Proctoring

It this concept images and logs get captured as candidates do the test being recorded on video. Later on, a proctor is going to be able to measure whether you engaged in any form of fraud. It is going to be based on the evidence from the captured images. Applicants can easily sit the exam at any time they wish. The candidates can sit in the test by just logging in the software.

Live proctoring

This is the kind of proctoring that works like a real exam setting. An online Proctor sees over the candidates as they do the exam. The proctor can intervene when he notices anything that looks suspicious or unusual just like in a real classroom setting.  In this way, there would be a proper check on the candidates and they cannot take a chance.

Automated proctoring

In this scenario, automated software gets used to detect any instances of possible cheating and fraud. It can easily detect whenever different types of software are opened or there is another person in the space. The proctor is alerted to any such time or event, and he is in a place to review them. In this way, there remains proper check and the candidates get no path to do the cheating.

Certainly, there are different types of software, tools, and instruments to ensure that the candidates are evaluated in a proper manner.  Proctoring facilities make sure that the candidates taking the test to stay in the proper vigilance. In this way, there remains proper check and no scope of cheating. Since computer, webcam, and mic is there to keep an eye on the candidates taking the test, there remains utmost effectiveness and professionals. The organizers can stay sure that the candidates are not doing any cheating.

Why should organizations go for online proctoring?

Organizations and businesses have candidates from all over the world. It is not economically viable to ask them to fly over to the office campus for exams. Online proctoring absolutely saves the day. Professionals regardless of their location can sit the same test without having to board a plane. Of course, when the organization has the ease to measure the candidates from a distance and the candidates have the same ease; there remain no problems or issues.

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In case you need flexibility in your schedule, online proctoring is the path to go. The candidates can take exams at a different time from others. Online proctoring gives the candidates the freedom to sit exams at any time of their convenience. Of course, there are strict and stringent proctoring software and applications that make sure there is a proper check on the candidates. Once the system is tight and strict, the chances of cheating and leakage get diminished.

Thus, it is true that the online examination system works in a proper manner if you manage the things properly. Once you have the right proctoring system, tools, instruments, and software; you can make sure that the candidates are getting evaluated in a proper manner. Once there is a strict, professional and qualitative proctoring system, there would be no cheating.