Java was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is a class-based and object-oriented programming language that can run anywhere regardless of the computer architecture. It is simple to learn, offers a wide choice of code libraries and uses OOPs concepts that prevent unauthorised access to users. As of February 2024, the most popular language used by software developers worldwide is JavaScript 2024 as per 69% of the surveyed individuals and 4% of them are also planning to adopt or migrate to the same. Java is quite popular across the world due to its robustness, security features and ease of use.

Trusted IT training companies like IFuture Technologies suggest learning a wide range of Java courses in Thane like Java Syntax and Class Review, Creating and Using Arrays, Java Servlet I and II, Introduction to Java EE and Using Loop Constructs and mastering the skills of IT infrastructure management. Wondering what could be the benefits of going to Java classes in Thane? Here is a look for an informed choice.

1. Supports Portability Feature

Java does not need special hardware to run since it is platform-independent. The complied byte code with an intermediate and binary format can run on most operating systems like OS, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It offers three different types of portability like source code portability, OS/GUI and CPU architecture portability. So, after getting trained at the top computer classes in Thane, you will be able to run Java in almost every possible device like laptops and cell phones due to its cross-platform capabilities.

2. Offers Auto Garbage Collection

The JVM is known to clear any clutter from the program and free space. This is unlike C or C++ where it is to be done by the user. With Java, you do not have to write extra code. But know that a large heap can take several seconds to fill up and must reside outside the main memory which can increase the paging activity and impact Java performance. Use the Java command with the -ms or -mx option to tune the Java Virtual Machine heap. The top software training institute in Thane can help you learn the tricks and tips to create standalone applications without hiccups.

3. Simple to Learn


Java is equipped with a wide set of tools that supports its open ecosystem. The rich API system is everything you need while working with this object-oriented language. Java is a commanding language and removes the complexities of C and C++. This includes unions, pointers and structures. It is straightforward and easy to comprehend and implement. The highly experienced tutors at the best Java training class in Thane can help you understand Java in a short span. It has a syntax similar to English instead of numeric codes which makes it easier for humans.

Java training in Thane from a well-established institute helps you understand that the programming language is cheap and economical and supports multithreading. Once you are proficient with the subject, go ahead and apply for a developer’s role in top companies or become a Java assignment freelancer. You can easily hold one of the most high-paying jobs in the industry.

Bug Reports and Code Reviews: The Key Elements of Efficient Software Testing in Software Training Institute in Thane in 2024

Businesses today cannot survive without a sturdy IT infrastructure. This is where software testing comes in handy. It is a dynamic process of finding errors in the developed product that includes bug prevention while being compliant. A test management plan must be written by an experienced QA leader or tester. It will comprise schedule testing, risk identification, activity definitions and procurement planning. You can turn your tech passion into a full-time job or simply consider it as a lucrative career option and enrol in a reputed software testing course in Thane. Leading software training institute in Thane suggest learning manual testing, introductions to OOPS and MySQL Fundamentals to have a strong foundation. A few reasons why software testing is vital is that it helps save money, improves security, boosts product quality and determines performance.

The global market size of software testing exceeded $40 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at over 7% CAGR from 2024 to 2027. India, in particular, has become one of the major countries for outsourcing software testing services owing to the availability of high-end talents. It helps save huge losses for companies with both traditional and independent testing services. As of 2020, there were 1,80,000 people working in this field in India. If you wish to join the bandwagon, you may consider the following.

Informative Bug Reports


A descriptive, crisp and clear bug report improves the efficiency of the software testing. It is quite a complex and challenging task. Studies have found that developers spend 620 million hours a year on debugging software failures that can cost the enterprise software market $61 billion annually. So, consider signing up for a computer course in Thane that teaches you how to ensure if the software is free of bugs and glitches and create the report accordingly.

Make sure it includes the bug symptoms, the side effects of bugs and all possible solutions. A well-written report saves time without having to request extra information that can create unnecessary overheads and impairs productivity. It can also boost customer satisfaction and increase the reliability of the organisation.

Code Reviews

In simple terms, this is a process of collaborating with fellow programmers to check each other’s code for errors. It is a kind of quality assurance where more than one person will view and read the parts of its source code after implementation. Code reviews can streamline the process of software development and improve code quality to a great extent. This is necessary since a study found that 94% of all reviews had a defect rate of under 20 defects per hour regardless of the size. Try to embed peer code reading to avoid blocking progress. A good software testing course in Thane can provide in-depth knowledge in this area.

Make sure to test early and test often. Understand the product well. Maximise the test coverage and analyse them thoroughly. Further, make sure to get yourself trained by experts with proper certifications and license needed for optimal results.