Bangalore, the third most populous city in the country, is also one of the most major commercial centers of the country. Known as the Silicon Valley of the country, it is a leading IT hub of the nation and hence, a haven for economic migrants. Not just an economic contributor to the country, Bangalore houses some of the most premier academic institutions of the country.

While Bangalore’s status as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world is confirmed, it also has a rapidly growing population with thousands flocking to the city for a better life. This directly aids the unorganized economy and affects the livelihood of many people, mostly local property owners and landlords who then benefit from the heavy influx of people in the city.

This is true for all major cities in the world and in a city like Bangalore, which generates a lot of revenue; the housing industry has become a major financial domain. This housing industry also includes various apartment complexes and hostels that have cropped up all over the city.

It is also a known fact that rent in Bangalore is exorbitant, especially if you want to live in an upscale neighborhood, with landlords charging months of advance rent as security money from tenants.

The situation is further exacerbated by the unavoidable presence of various brokers or mediators who handle communications between the landlord and the tenants, taking care of any legal matter that needs to be attended to. In essence, the unregulated housing and property domain is biased against the tenants, and the conmen who pose as brokers also rip off unsuspecting tenants.

The easiest way to avoid these unnecessary expenses is to shift to a PG in Bangalore. PGs offer the best amenities and services in upscale, posh neighborhoods while providing security and safety to their residents. If you are worried about brokers and apathetic PG owners, you should consider professionally managed accommodations like Stanza Living, which are registered co-living space providers with a corporate and online presence, lending accountability to them.

These PG accommodations can help you save a lot of money while giving you all the facilities and amenities you could wish for in a city like Bangalore. Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to a PG to cut down on expenses.



Even if you manage to find an apartment in a decent area of the city and simultaneously avoid any brokers, the price of furnishing your newly found bare apartment will set you back a good amount of money.

Even if you choose to live a Spartan existence with only a mattress and a table-chair combo, you will still require other necessities like drapes, kitchen utensils, basic appliances, mattresses, etc. These items will add to your expenses. If you decide to splurge a little and buy proper furniture for yourself, you will have to live frugally for a while.

In professionally managed PG accommodations, not only will you get a bed and proper closet space, but utilities like high-speed internet, common-use appliances, CCTV surveillance, and biometric security along with air-conditioning and entertainment facilities.



Unless you are already living close to your educational institution or workplace, you must be spending a lot of time and money on commuting. Bangalore’s traffic is incomparable and anyone familiar with the roads of Bangalore will testify that they drain the patience out of people.

An often understated fact is that they also drain the pockets of the commuters. Traveling in the city is quite expensive if you care about your comfort and no one wants to go to work in a cramped bus or auto. Managed accommodations generally have a presence near most commercial hubs and educational institutes where economic migrants are likely to congregate.

Any PG chain worth it’s salt will provide accommodations in such locales. If you have been living in squalor to save money on rent and are spending it anyway on traveling, then you should reconsider your options.

 Food and Groceries


This is a criminally underrated expense since everyone believes that cooking at home is the cheapest option available. Cooking at home is cheap, healthy, and very therapeutic but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Cooking, especially when you are not used to it, during a tight schedule can be very difficult and stressful. Even if you hire a chef to prepare all your meals for you, buying groceries every day and ensuring that your pantry is stocked is a lot of work.

Add the chef’s salary and the grocery bill to your expenses and if you don’t have a fridge, good luck with keeping your perishables safe. To add to your misery and your expenses, even if you fully furnish your apartment complete with an AC and other amenities, all of it is meaningless unless you have power backup. In a professionally managed PG, all of these above-mentioned problems become utilities for your comfort.

Uninterrupted power supply, high-speed internet, and other creature comforts, without having to pay huge amounts of money to buy or rent them, are some of the many perks of living in a PG accommodation.

Managed co-living space providers like Stanza Living which have a transparent, stable presence, offer all these services along with interactive sessions, workshops, parties, and online app services to give you the best living experience, and are gaining in popularity. Socially aware youngsters now want their money’s worth and the online booking process with no sleazy middlemen makes it very convenient for them to approach such accommodations themselves.

If you are planning to move to Bangalore or have been living in mediocre spaces in the city, you should consider shifting to all-inclusive, well-equipped PGs in affluent neighborhoods. Spend smartly and aim for a higher standard of living with Stanza Living. These PG accommodations can help you save a lot of money while giving you all the facilities and amenities you could wish for in a city like Bangalore.