India ranks third (after Great Britain and China) in terms of the number of higher education institutions in the country. University policy can be determined by the state where the institution is located, or directly by the Indian government.

All the best universities in the country are under the leadership of the Department of Higher Education of India. The Indian university system was formed under the influence of the Anglo-Saxon and European countries, therefore it has absorbed the experience of the most advanced educational institutions in the world.

Today Indian universities strive to be accessible to every citizen. Thanks to the democratic policy of universities, studying in India will be quite inexpensive for a foreigner, and admission will not require much effort. That is why we have prepared a list of the best universities in India for you.

Why Should you Study in India?

India offers advanced information technology education programs for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computing and information technology.

1. Indian Institute of Technology (Madras)


According to the university career rating in 2014, it received 342.2 points. MM Sharma is the chairman of the university. It is an engineering research university founded in 1959.

Indian Institute of Technology is a public university in India located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The university is located opposite Anna University. Subra Suresh is one of the notable alumni.

This institution has 550 instructors. QS world internationally rated it at 312. It also ranked 49th in QS Asia and also ranked 4th in India Today rankings. It should be noted that studying at this university can be quite difficult, so if you suddenly encounter difficulties, contact the essay writing service for help.

By the way, it was ranked 5th in Outlook India.

2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) (179th place) is located in the capital, with 7,400 students. This university has the status of an “institution of national importance”. The strongest programs at this Institute of Technology, like all of the following, are Chemical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

3. Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur


This public engineering school is located in Kharagpur city in West Bengal. The Institute was the first of the technical institutes to be established in independent India. The then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Bidhan Chandra Roy, advocated its construction, convincing the country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, as West Bengal had the largest concentration of industry.

The school opened in 1951 and offers a variety of courses in engineering and science. Like other institutes of technology, the institute offers programs related to engineering, technology, and science.

More than 20,000 students and postgraduates study at the institution. Notable alumni include Vinod Gupta, entrepreneur and founder of Infogroup, and Indian politician Arvind Keirival.

4. Delhi University


The duration of study at this university directly depends on the chosen specialty. So, the period of study in the field of trade, arts is three years, and in order to obtain a specialty in the field of agriculture, medicine, pharmacology, or veterinary medicine, you need to study for four years. Studying for a bachelor’s degree requires the mandatory presence of a document on complete secondary education (12 years).

Upon admission on a contractual basis, the applicant is obliged to provide a confirmation of solvency (this can be a bank card statement). Virtual and distance learning has become widespread in the Indian higher education system.

The university takes part in international scientific programs, shares its own courses in the field of engineering, information technology, and other areas for free. IT specialists educated at this university are in demand all over the world today.

5. Alliance University in Bangalore


If you want to study commerce then Alliance University Bangalore is for you. Commerce is a huge field. Too many programs to log into too many domains. Each domain is competitive, so it is important that you choose the right institution to study commerce. There are various colleges that offer commercial programs, but choosing the right one means learning some important factors.

It is extremely important for students to have an internship opportunity that Alliance University in Bangalore provides to the fullest. Alliance University Bangalore is one such institution that invests a lot of time and effort in its students to ensure that they receive the right knowledge and skills to be successful in this industry.

6. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad


Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad) is again leading the Indian Institutions of Management, followed by IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Lucknow, according to the NIRF ‘2018’ National Government Educational Institutions Rankings for Management Category.

Minister of Human Rights Prakash Javadekar announced the results of the third edition of the internal NIRF Ratings 2018 at an event in Vigyan Bhavan on Tuesday 3 April 2018. Among the Indian Institutions of Management Categories, the Indian Institute of Senior Management in the 2018 National Rating Framework (NIRF) ranking again ranked IIM Ahmedabad, which was the best last year.

7. National Institute of Sports of Netaji Subhas


National Institute of Sports named after Netaji Subhas is the leading sports and physical education center in India and the largest sports university in Asia.

The university was opened in 1950 and at the beginning was simply called the National Sports Institute. In January 1973, this alma mater was named after Netaji Subhas. This man is a national hero, one of the leaders of the Indian movement for independence, the head of the Indian government, who is on a par with Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Today, the Institute is a key structure in the training of the elite of Indian sports, a university of national importance, under the departmental disposal of the scientific sector of the Sports Administration of India, which, in turn, is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the Government of the country.

Head campus of the Institute. Netaji Subhas University is located in Patiala, Punjab province, and occupies the royal palace “Moti Bagh”, considered one of the largest royal residences in the world.

Summing up

Would you like to study at a famous and prestigious Indian university? After our list, we are confident that your answer will be yes. So, don’t waste time thinking and choose one of the universities from our list.