Demonetization is considered a massive move that caused a huge impact on the Indian economy. The news got viral on various social media platforms and created chaos amongst people. Some people appreciated this decision of the government and believed this is the stepping stone to economic growth while others were unsatisfied. However, the main motive of this decision was to make India prosper and create more opportunities for the market to grow through the cashless transaction.

In such a situation, the entry of fintech companies played a major role in providing quick and easy access to secure online transactions. Nowadays, Video marketing has been on-trend, and Indian fintech companies are persuading a huge mass through their good video marketing strategies.

Simplify the concept


Many people are quite new to the digital world and might have a few questions shuffling through their minds. To proceed through cashless transactions, one needs to have a solid grasp of digital payment. Indian fintech is doing a great job by creating social awareness about online transactions. After seeing various ads on digital payment methods, slowly people have started understanding the importance of cashless transactions and are applying to various payment modes.

Many fintech brands through videos are constantly depicting the significance of financial transactions through online mode that has made it much simpler to use and get immediate access to payment anywhere at any time.

Such great video ads are made through the help of video editing tools like VideoCreek. These video editing tools create videos that simplify the concept and make it more convenient for people to understand the digital mode and how to apply it.

Exemplify the process of the online transaction


Many people hesitate while doing online transactions due to insufficient knowledge. It’s very common to see such concern in the audience’s mind. But after knowing the exact process of digital payment modes and security captcha, it becomes very convenient to use it.

Fintech companies have made it much more reliable for the audience to get a better understanding of cashless transactions through demonstration videos. Now to reach out to more people, they have started combining ads with demonstration videos to get double benefits. Such execution of videos promotes the audience to get quick information about the entire online payment process in just one platform. Therefore demonstration video is very beneficial for any newbie to do timely payment and transaction without any doubt.

Choose Youtube to demonstrate Fintech Ads


For all the creators and innovators, YouTube remains the first choice to start with. The tremendous growth of the platform has driven away many audiences to watch creative content through videos. And Fintech Company stands high in this competition in illustrating the market trends. During demonetization, many fintech companies illustrated the prospect of the digital transaction through this video streaming platform Youtube.

The way social media platforms are evolving, it is very evident that videos are taking over the platform. The powerful YouTube video editor tool is used to make instant videos with proper editing. Fintech knows about the potential of digital media, and short video ads have influenced a lot of people.

Stand out in the competition


Even after every new wallet app and transaction method fintech has always made their presence stand out unique. Fintech company video ads as a part of digital marketing excelled in the market and gave tough competition.

This is how the fintech companies earn some loyal customers through short, attractive ads that captivated many Viewers. Moreover, many fintech companies have offered the same service. But due to different video marketing strategies and ads, it has made it very clear for the audience to differentiate the service from other companies. According to market scenes, it is quite obvious that companies applying Different marketing strategies that convey different messages are usually considered more valuable ads.

Let the audience know the benefits


Many audiences are still clueless about the benefits of Fintech services. They still have a fear of using online transactions because they hardly know the list of things they can easily access through online mode. Fintech companies leave no stone unturned to explain to the general public about cashless transactions through creative ads.

Social media has been of great help for spreading awareness among their audiences as these companies have constantly been using their video options to put forward short, crisp, and informative ads. The ads focus on the day to day transactions like cable tv payments, electricity bill payments, gas bills, mobile recharge, and many more. All these digital transactions are made easy with the help of online apps through any smartphone or computer. Such valuable ads make it clear for the customer to make last-minute payment immediately.


With the changing times, Indian fintech companies have worked hard to promote a digital model of the transaction through their impactful ads. As a result, more and more people have been made aware of the day to day perks offered by digital payments. The creative ads depicting the evolution of payment mode from traditional transaction to cashless transaction has changed the audience sight.

The advertisements for the benefits of online transactions have made it easier to implement the demonetization process smoothly. The idea of demonetization is no more something alien, and the general public now understands its importance and the role of digital transactions. All thanks to fintech companies for showing their incredible efforts in acknowledging people on the cashless transactions.