Planning a bachelor party for your best friend isn’t an easy task, so we made a list of 10 best places for it in India, to help you out. Take a look.

1. Goa


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Goa is known as the party capital of India. This South India destination is one of the best choices in case you want your party to be filled with booze, beaches, nature, crazy nightlife.

Ideal for: relaxation, drinking, and partying while staying at a luxury villa.

When to plan: the weather from November to February in Goa is cool, so it might be best to plan your party during that season.

Things to do:

  • Underwater party at the Grand Island
  • Driving in a luxury limo
  • Chill on a Catamaran Cruise
  • Party

Best Place to stay in Goa: MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort

Budget: INR 33,500 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

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2. Mumbai


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Mumbai is known for being filled with parties. It is the second most populated city in the world, so that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Ideal for: people who adore dancing.

When to plan: Similar to the previous destinations, the best time would be from November to February.

Ideal duration: 3 days.

The thing to do:

  • Chill in a party boat
  • Go bar-hopping at a minimum of 4 to 5 bars
  • Go on private camping on Pawna Lake (learn more about on that is near Mumbai

Famous Clubs & Bars: Blue Frog, Tryst, Alibi, Royalty, and Trilogy

Best Place to stay in Mumbai: The Leela Mumbai

Budget: INR 50,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

3. Leh-Ladakh



Visiting Leh-Ladakh could be described as a trip to freedom. The movie 3 Idiots has made this city famous.

Ideal for: people who love adventure, and who want to taste the thrill of mountains.

When to plan: Period from April to June is the best for visiting Leh-Ladakh.

Ideal duration: 4-5 days.

Things to do:

  • Visit Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake.
  • Visit Nubra Valley
  • Khardung La – the highest civilian road in the world
  • Camp under the stars

Best Place to stay in Ladakh: The Zen Ladakh

Budget: INR 45,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

4. Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley


In September one of the most famous music festivals in India, called the Ziro Festival of Music, is hosted in Ziro Valley. Visitors describe this destination as heavenly.

When to plan: it can be visited throughout the year.

Ideal duration: 3-5 days.

Things to do:

  • Trekking
  • Picnics
  • Camping under the stars
  • Attend music festival

Best place to stay in the Ziro Valley: Pratigya Ziro Valley Resort, Ziro

Budget: INR 30,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

5. Kasol



Kasol is situated near Delhi. It is also near Parvati Valley, so if you’re into wildness and nature, this destination should be your pick.

Ideal for: people who enjoy peace and mountains.

When to plan: the most pleasant time for visiting Kasol would be from October to June. In case you are a nature type, visit it from March to May.

Ideal duration: 3 days.

Things to do:

  • Take a walk by the majestic Parvati River
  • Do the Kheerganga trek
  • Try out Israeli food and shopping
  • Visit Malana or Tosh

Best place to stay in Kasol: Parvati Kuteer

Budget: INR 30,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

6. Jaisalmer



Jaisalmer will provide you with great luxury. Camping experience in the hills will never be the same for you.

Ideal for: People who are into an insolated luxury party.

When to plan: the period from November to March would be the best for visiting this destination.

Ideal duration: 2 days.

Things to do:

  • Sightseeing – Jaisalmer Fort, Tilon Ki Pol Gadisar Lake, Patwon Ki Haveli, and much more.
  • Desert Activities
  • Luxury camping

Best Place to stay in Jaisalmer: Damodara Desert Camp

Budget: INR 27,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

7. Rishikesh



If you are into adventure and adrenaline, Rishikesh will provide you with numerous fun things to do, including trekking, rafting, bungee jumping, and so on.

Ideal for: the adrenaline junkies.

When to plan: the best time for visiting Rishikesh is from March to April, and from September to November.

Ideal duration: 2 days.

Best Place to stay: Ganga Kinare – A Riverside Boutique Hotel

Budget: INR 15,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

8. Puducherry



For people who don’t want to spend their last singlehood days partying with loud music and booze, Puducherry is the best option. The destination will make your bachelor party enjoyable with peace, nature, beaches, and sightseeing. It also has a lovely nightlife.

Ideal for: people who want some peace and quiet with their friend, and just chill.

When to plan: the period from November to February, and also from March to May are ideal for planning a visit to this destination.

Ideal duration: 3 days.

Things to do:

  • Chill at the beach.
  • Go surfing.
  • Explore the city on your own – Auroville, French Quarters, and beaches.
  • Witness beautiful architecture.
  • Grab a lovely dinner at the French cafes.

Best place to stay in Puducherry: Le Pondy

Budget: INR 33,500 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

9. Bangalore



Bangalore is known for being filled with a young and energetic crowd, so this is the city to experience the best after-parties.

Ideal for: people who feel forever young and free.

When to plan: from September to February would be an ideal time.

Ideal duration: 3 days.

Things to do:

  • Pub crawling
  • Quad-biking
  • Wine tasting

Best Place to stay in Bangalore: The Zuri Whitefield

Budget: INR 45,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)

10. Andaman


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The marvels of nature can be explored in Andaman. It will provide you with a unique bachelor experience with its emerald waters, pristine beaches, and natural beauty.

Ideal for: people who are interested in the chilled out party.

When to plan: the period from November to May would be the best for visiting Andaman.

Ideal duration: 4 days.

Things to do:

  • Visit beaches
  • Indulge in water activities

Best Place to stay: Munjoh Ocean Resort, Havelock

Budget: INR 60,000 (flights + accommodation + miscellaneous expenses)