The Indian education system does require some changes in order for the education quality in the country to increase. Read this article to find out which seven steps need to happen for the Indian education system to become better.

Stop Focusing On Marks

Education is not all about numbers. Instead of only focusing on scoring points on tests, understanding the subjects and gaining the knowledge from them should be the main idea of every education system. Indian education system follows a model that provides testing of intelligence of each student.

As a country with over a billion people, they cannot have the same set of tests for all students. The numbers do not test intelligence or knowledge. The system makes the students think marks are everything, which is wrong.

Textbooks and Nothing Else?

Each subject India has a textbook to which the students must stick. One simple textbook can never fit enough knowledge to cover everything. In order to learn something and know it, one must understand it first. Reading the words and learning everything by heart is not the way to go.

That way you only remember those words and not their meaning. Most of the schools do not encourage extracurricular activities, because they only focus on academic achievements and subjects. This, therefore, puts tremendous pressure on students.

The students are expected to study at home by themselves after they are told what to prepare for a test, which should not be the way to prepare them for the real world.

Indian Education System


There Are Hundreds Of Careers To Pursue!

There are more jobs than those of being a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer, and not every kid wishes to do these three jobs. The Indian education system, as well as parents, must open their eyes and broaden their views and expectations. The students have to understand there are dozens of possible careers for them to pursue.


Teachers are one of the biggest role models and authority figures in the life of every student. Some call them ‘second mothers,’ and they are also the first source of new knowledge for the kids. It is their responsibility to teach the students and prepare them for the world.

They are responsible for shaping their minds and lives. Overall, teachers tend to be underpaid, with some arguing they should have the same salaries as doctors. In turn, if this were the case, many more would opt for a career in teaching.

This also makes them feel special and wanted, because there is a higher reward at the end of the hard work they put in working with children. It is a challenging job, which cannot be done by merely anyone. Therefore, it should be treated as such.

Public Schools

On average, public schools have awful teaching facilities, atrocious infrastructure and they lack subject options. It is not enough to only study until the 10th grade. Therefore, government schooling should last until the 12th year, and it should how important it is to educate yourself and eventually graduate.

Colleges and Quotas

Nobody should get preference over another equally deserving candidate. Students should receive equal opportunity and chance to enroll themselves in colleges of their choice. Marks must not be the only requirement to go to a good college.

Non-academic activities and the actual knowledge should play the key role, not just grade requirements and average scores.

Indian Education System


S*x Education

The content and quality of s*x education in the Indian education system is on a low level. Teenagers are experiencing new feelings and needs, as well as hormonal changes. Therefore, quality s*x education is of crucial importance in every school.

Kids tend to lack proper guidance, so they make mistakes and end up in trouble. All of this can be avoided with proper care and information.  With s*x education, they will know how to be safe and what to use in which situations. Taboos like rape, s*xual pleasure and menstrual cycles should not be taboos because they are important, and kids should be educated on these.

In recent years, homos*xuality and other orientations have seen more focus in the world, and should at least be mentioned. Pregnancy is also of crucial importance, and as such, a topic that must be tackled in schools.

If these changes take place, the Indian education system will be of much higher quality, and produce children who are more ready, established, and educated for the world. Implementing them can only change things for the better.