Are you planning to reduce your weight? Do you want to get into better shape? Anyone who wants to stay healthy can follow regular treadmill workouts. The treadmill is very well- known as one of the best fitness equipment across the different parts of the world.

It was invented a long time ago and it comes in different options.  Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a gym membership every month and especially when you don’t have much time to go after it.

When you want to reduce your weight at your home, then you can also bring a treadmill. You can make your mini-gym by purchasing dumbbells, treadmill, and some other basic items. When you have to invest money on the treadmill, then you need to take this decision by considering all of the necessary things. 

There are a lot of options available in the market at this time but you have to choose the one which comes with the best option.  It is really important that you consider taking the help of the best treadmill retailers and you can also opt for the online platform to get the perfect treadmill for your home work out. Here you can check out about the various treadmill options available in the market:

Different Types of Treadmills

1. Manual Treadmills

The manual treadmills don’t require any electricity and that’s why if you want to save your electricity bills, then you can definitely buy it. Your actions of walking would make this treadmill move and there are lesser chances of getting hurt when someone is using the manual treadmill.

It won’t work just by pressing the start button but you need to walk on it to make it work. It comes in numerous options and styles among which you can choose the one which you find perfect. These treadmills also come with the fold-up options.

2. Electronic treadmills

This kind of treadmill was invented for the people who want to get rid of the manual treadmill workout.  It is lesser painful for you to reduce your weight when you are walking on this treadmill. You can maintain a healthy life if you would work out on these kinds of treadmills.

You just need to adjust it according to your preferences and then you can enjoy your music or favorite TV show. It is a fantastic option for beginners and experienced workout people.

3. Hybrid Treadmills

The goal of this kind of treadmills is that these won’t let you feel bored ever. It can provide you two types of exercise options and it helps you to save the money you might have spent on a gym membership.

You won’t even have to purchase some extra machines because this hybrid treadmill would be enough for you.  It comes with large and cushioned seats, fantastic manufacturer’s warranty, oversized pedals and a lot more things.

4. Medical treadmills

The basic features of this treadmill are that these are available in large size and it has a running platform that is around five feet in length. It comes with an easy-grip and can be suitable for various patients.

One can walk on this treadmill for ten miles within a single hour. It can help in measuring the stress level of the person and it is always comfortable and accurate. These treadmills are made to provide correct stress level results and it is perfect for the people with different fitness levels, ages and sizes.

Best Buy Treadmills Online In India

1. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Treadmill

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This treadmill comes with a speed range of one to ten km/hr and it has got maximum user weight capacity of 90 kgs.  So, the people who are more than 90kgs shouldn’t step up on this treadmill.  It comes with three years of motor warranty and one year of labor warranty along with its strong 1.5 HP of DC motor.

One can also get the installation services after purchasing this treadmill all over India and it has also got a heart sensor attached to it which would be really useful for the users. You can also connect the USB pen drive with it to play music on the console speaker.

2. Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill

Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill

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With the motor power of 1.25 HP, this treadmill comes with all kinds of technical features which can measure speed, distance, time, calories, fat measure and pulse of the user. It is perfect for the people who have weight to hundred kgs but if you are overweight, and then it is not a good idea to get this product. It also comes with mp3 so that one doesn’t get bored during the workout.

Whenever some use this treadmill, it is recommended that the person should use a voltage stabilizer in order to ensure the full safety of its motor.  It comes with a total 12 workout programs that are really effective in the workout of a person.

3. Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill

Fit kit FT200 Series Motorized treadmill

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Do you want to get the motorized treadmill for yourself? If yes, then it is an amazing treadmill that comes with auto lubrication feature along with auto inclination. Not only has this but customers also got free installation services in different parts of India after purchasing it.

It comes with LED display and can measure speed, time, burnt calories, mode, heart rate and lot more.  There are mp3 speakers attached to it which can produce amazing sound.  It has 2.25HP of strong motor and it is perfect for all kinds of users. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can definitely get this treadmill.

4. Durafit Heavy Hike 2.5 HP Motorized treadmill

Durafit Heavy Hike 2.5 HP Motorized treadmill

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People who are looking for a strong treadmill with 5 HP peak results, then Durafit treadmill is a great option.  It can allow the people of 120kg to work out and that’s why it is the choice of most of the overweight people. There are mp3 loudspeakers attached to it which can create amazing sound during the workout session. Music can definitely improve the workout session in the most amazing manner.

It comes with a handrail control system and the user is allowed to set up the target mode. It comes with silicone oil which can be used for the lubrication of the machine. In case, the user falls or trips down, there is an emergency stop key that comes with a smooth stopping system. The gel cushion of the treadmill provides extra shock absorption.

5. Powermax Fitness TDM-100M Multifunction treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM-100M Multifunction treadmill

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Anyone who wants to get a treadmill with pre-set workout programs can definitely purchase the Powermax TDM-100M treadmill. It is built for the people who are up to 105 kg of weight and people with more weight shouldn’t get this treadmill because it won’t work properly for a long time period.

The dual spring shock absorption of the treadmill is fantastic and it also has got wheels for easy transportation. On its crossbar handle, it has got heart rate sensors which are really effective in providing accurate results to the user. It comes with a six-level manual incline feature and it is made of rate intense work out sessions.

6. Cockatoo CTM-04 Home Use 1 HP treadmill

Cockatoo CTM-04 Home Use 1 HP treadmill

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This is a perfect treadmill for the home users who don’t want it for their intense workout sessions. It comes with a capacity of 90kg of user weight. It doesn’t come with any incline level there is a 5” LED display and it comes with foldable and easy installation features.

It is advised to the users that they use voltage stabilizer while using this treadmill. It has only one HP of motor power which might be its little disadvantage otherwise it has got all the technical features that are required for a treadmill.

7. Health genie 6 in 1 Motorized treadmill

Health genie 6 in 1 Motorized treadmill

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Now there is no need to worry about the installation of treadmills because it comes with the DIY installation features. It comes with six amazing features and has got dumbbells, tummy twister and resistant tubes with it. It can provide accurate results to the user when it comes to showing heart rate, burnt calories, speed, distance and time of the workout session.

It comes with a total of twelve preset work out programs and it is really amazing for the users. The Mp3 speakers of this treadmill can definitely make the user feel lost during the workout session and it would be really amazing experience.

8. Powermax Fitness TDM-100S

Powermax Fitness TDM-100S

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Now the buyers don’t need to worry about the installation of the treadmills because it is done for free when someone purchases this treadmill. It has a strong 1.5 HP of DC motor which comes with three years of warranty and it is really amazing feature for the users who worry about the quality of the motor.

It has got three levels of manual incline which is specially made for the intense workout sessions.  The people who love to force themselves ahead of the world should definitely use this treadmill which comes with 5.5” LED display and it shows accurate calorie, heart count and distance results.

The most amazing thing about this treadmill is that it can bear the load of around 110 kg and that’s why it is a perfect option for the obese people who want to lose weight. It can be functioned up to 12.8km/hr speed on a handrail.

9. Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe treadmill

Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe treadmill

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Anyone who wants to get the manual treadmill for the intense workout and no emergency situations should decide to get this manual treadmill. It can check the actual speed, calories, time and pulse of the person as it comes with a meter. It has got three levels of manual incline which is amazing for all kinds of users.

Whether someone wants to do a workout at home or someone wants to do it garden, it can be possible with this manual and foldable treadmill. It doesn’t need a motor and that’s why you can save your electricity bills after purchasing it.

10. Powermax fitness MFT-410-4 in 1 manual treadmill

Powermax fitness MFT-410-4 in 1 manual treadmill

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There are a lot of people who aren’t interested in wasting energy for their workout sessions and that’s why traditional treadmills are there. It can also help in intense workouts for the people who want to push their boundaries ahead.

It comes with five windows Monitor which shows distance, speed, time, calorie count and heart rate of the user. Not only can this but you do both running and jogging on it as per your requirements. It is really easy to store and can be moved anywhere without any default.

What are the Advantages of Using a Treadmill?

You must be known with the fact that regular exercise is really important for every person and if you want to stay healthy and fit, then you should work out every day. Staying active is crucial for every human who wants to achieve a body free of diseases.

These days, a lot of people are suffering from obesity and they can control their weight by walking on the treadmill and there are other benefits to it:

1. Decreased Impact on  your Feet

If you are looking for one of the greatest advantages of buying a treadmill, then you will be able to reduce the impact on it. When you run on the road, then your legs have to get hurt due to hard surfaces, pebbles and other abstractions in the road.

When you try to go really fast on the road, it can really reduce your impact and that’s why you should try to run at a proper speed and that can happen when you are using a treadmill.  You won’t have to step up on the rocks and pebbles and this would save your time and feet both.

2. Weight Loss

Most of the people who get fat stay in depression and a lot of anxiety. Some try to avoid food but that can’t help in the long term. If someone really wants to get rid of heavyweight problems, then that person should decide to use the treadmill.  One just needs to set up the treadmill according to his/her preferences and then it can really help in losing a lot of weight.

3. Controlled Workout

Anyone who is interested in having a controlled workout session should always opt for the treadmill because it can keep you in control. Some people prefer light workout while some are interested in the heavy workout.  You can choose to do any of these two but you should know that treadmill can help you to know your speed and distance at a certain time. You can also customize it according to your own needs.

4. The safe and Private Option

The people who don’t want to go out in gyms can decide to get a treadmill at home because it would be a private workout and no one would be watching you. There is no need to waste your car fuel to reach towards the gym because you will get your treadmill at your home and nothing can be better than this.  It is really safe to run on the treadmill because you won’t have to face the risk of getting hit by a car or any other vehicle.

5. Built your Muscles

There are some people who believe that running can only improve your cardio but it can also be helpful in building your muscles. Your legs would build up if you would run more and more.   You can do it in balance if you consider buying a treadmill at your home. It also improves the core strength of humans also and that’s why people choose to buy a treadmill these days.

6. Easy to use

If you are hesitating while buying a treadmill because you think that it can be difficult to use, then you are wrong because it is really easy to control treadmill features. One doesn’t have to make any efforts to make it work because you just need to choose your settings and then you are ready to go.

7. Better Motivation and Mental Health

Almost every person wants to have better mental health and motivation in his/her life and if you want the same, then you can get it with the treadmill workout. It can be helpful in better functioning of your brain and it can really make you feel healthy and happy.

It releases endorphins in the brain which create happiness in humans. The people who are suffering from depression or any other mental problems can workout regularly on a treadmill and it would definitely have a great impact on them. It is an easy workout option and obese people can get motivated by starting working out with the treadmill.

8. Improved Heart Health

There are numerous people who are suffering from heart problems these days but you can prevent yourself from facing such problems if you will consider using a treadmill for your jogging and running sessions. It can help you to know your heart rate with which it can be easier for you to keep a check on your heart also.

So, these are the reasons due to which you should invest in a nice quality of the treadmill. It would be really beneficial for you if you will decide to spend some money on purchasing a treadmill but don’t forget to check its features and some more important things.

How Can You Choose The Best Treadmill For You?

Even after you are known with one of the best treadmills available at an online store, you might be confused about purchasing the perfect one for you. It is really important that you invest your money in a place where you can get the best out of it.

At first, you need to plan your budget so that you don’t overspend money just to get some extra features. After you have planned your budget for a treadmill, you can decide to check the speed, incline, stability, belt size, cushioning, weight rating and control panel of it.

There are different types of treadmills available for you but it is really important that you spend money on the one which is just perfect for your regular workout.

There are a few points that must be considered while purchasing a new treadmill for home. Go through them and know how you can buy the best and the most suitable treadmill if you are buying it for your home.


The first and the most important thing that you must consider while purchasing a new treadmill is the size of the machine. Make sure that you purchase the machine according to the free space at home or personal gym.

Also, pay attention whether it is a foldable machine or not. By choosing a foldable machine for yourself, you can easily store it in relatively lesser space when it is not in use.

Manual or automatic

According to your needs, budget, and proficiency level choose a manual or an automatic treadmill for yourself. By doing so, you can get the results more efficiently and faster than your expectations. So, make sure to decide about the type of machine according to your goals and budget.

Extra features

If you are planning to buy a relatively better-valued product that not only acts as a treadmill but also helps you to perform many other exercises on it, then you must look at the extra features that are being provided by the machine. These extra features not only help you get a machine with good value for money but will also help you to save the money that you would invest in buying the different exercise equipment separately.

How to Use Treadmill at Home – Some Helpful Tips

Remember the following easy tips when you are thinking of using a treadmill at home:

  • You should never start running on the treadmill as soon as you start your workout. You have to remember to always start by walking on the treadmill first. Walking gives you the much -needed warm-up which sets the momentum for the rest of the workout in an efficient manner. A warm-up should be done for at least five minutes and post that you can start running.
  • A few experts also suggest that in order to start off, you can begin with a three-minute test. You can first walk for a minute, then jog for another minute, post that runs for another minute. You can see how your body reacts and that is how you can shape your workout in an effective manner.
  • Another important thing to consider is that before you start your workout, the emergency stop button should be clipped to your shirt or your shoes. In that case, during an emergency, you can stop easily.
  • When you are on a treadmill, and you are seeking to incline the treadmill, then you must keep in mind that the incline position should not be held intact for a long period of time. In fact, most of the experts are of the opinion that if you are a beginner, you should not walk on the treadmill in an inclined position for longer than five to ten minutes. Also remember to keep in mind, that the amount of time you spend on a treadmill that is inclined is indirectly proportional to the amount of incline. Hence, the higher the incline, the shorter amount of time you should spend on the incline treadmill while starting off.
  • Another thing to remember is that when you are trying to walk or run on an inclined treadmill, you should necessarily do a pre-workout. This is really important for all the different types of exercise. However, this is one of the most necessary steps when you are trying to walk on a treadmill that is inclined. You should begin your workout by walking and warming up your muscles on a treadmill. It is only after that that you should start on the inclined treadmill.
  • Most of the time when people run on a treadmill, they watch the TV. It is highly suggested, though, that during your workout sessions, it is imperative that you put full attention to your workout and ignore watching TV or even your phone.
  • If you are someone who has kids around while you are on a treadmill, then you must be careful while you are on a treadmill. The kids may get their hands or other parts of the body hurt. Also, as a precautionary measure, make sure that you disable the treadmill after each and every use.
  • You need to observe special precautions when you are getting off the treadmill. You should not stop the machine at once. You should slow it down gradually and then stop the treadmill. As soon as the treadmill is at its really slow pace, you should hold the handrails and then start climbing down.

Treadmills Do’s and Don’ts

Whenever you are using a work out equipment, it is really important that you know about its do’s and don’ts as this can help you to use the equipment in the best manner:

Do’s while using treadmills

  • Always start with slow motion and you can increase with the passing days and you’re potential. This would help you to maintain your motion at a proper speed.
  • You should look ahead when you are on the treadmill instead of looking down or in sideways because this can help you to maintain a better posture.
  • It is quite normal to feel little dizzy when you are on the treadmill and you don’t need to worry about it at all.
  • You should always step up on treadmill safer wearing shoes because going barefoot on the treadmill can make you fall from it.

Don’ts: Things you should avoid while using the treadmill

  • Never forget to warm up your body before you step up on the treadmill. A warm-up can make your body prepared for the heavy workout and you would prevent the strain or stretch in your ankles or other joints of the legs.
  • Always make sure that you don’t overdo the workout because it can be harmful to your leg joints. If you are new in the workout world, then you should not rush into anything but you should try to start with straight walking and then to sprints and after this, you can opt for long runs.
  • Always try to get relaxed when you are on the treadmill because tense muscles won’t help you to make a well-improved pattern with the treadmill. You should always keep your arms and shoulders relaxed in order to ensure a proper breathing pattern.
  • It would be better if you won’t lean on the sides of the treadmill and it is really important that you never hang on the railings ever. If you would hang on the railings, then it won’t let you achieve the right form and your potential won’t be challenged at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is walking on a treadmill good exercise?

  • There might be a lot of people out there who will try to tell you that walking outside on the roads is a better option than a treadmill. In your busy schedule, you might not be able to take out time to get outside every day and if you are living in a polluted area, then there is no benefit of going outside for a walk because it would be only harmful to you. Walking on a treadmill can help you to build your stamina and you can also know about the burnt calories.

2. How long should I walk on a treadmill to see results?

  • If you are asking the exact answer, then you won’t be able to get it because every person has a different body structure and weight. If you aren’t looking forward to reducing your weight at a faster pace, then you should walk on the treadmill for around thirty minutes which will be enough. You can adjust your speed according to your walking pace.

3. Does treadmill reduce thigh fat?

  • Definitely! It is obvious that a treadmill would help in reducing your thigh fat because it is made to do that. Imagine that you are running on the road every day and it can reduce some of your weight and would also make you look slimmer than before. If you are really interested in losing some weight from your thighs, then a treadmill can be a great option.

4. Is it OK to walk on the treadmill every day?

  • It’s totally fine if you will walk on the treadmill regularly and it is recommended that you don’t take a break otherwise your schedule can get ruined completely. So, it is always advised that you should use the treadmill every day and you can take rest if you feel a little uncomfortable someday.

5. What are the side effects of the treadmill?

  • There aren’t any side-effects of the treadmill other than the fact that you shouldn’t do any over.  It would be better if you will walk on the treadmill with balance.  Make sure that you don’t try to score your best on the very first day but it will be better that you look forward to improving with each passing day.


Irrespective of the views of the people and thoughts, you can take the decision according to your own intelligence and intuition. Now that you have got enough knowledge about the best treadmills, you can definitely decide to purchase the one which is perfect for you. The treadmill can be really beneficial for you until you overdo your workout and this applies to almost everything.

So, you should always check every single feature of the treadmill as this can help you to purchase the best option for yourself at reasonable prices.