Panty Liner is one of the revolutionary products for women who prefer top-notch hygiene and reducing leakage and such other issues. No doubt that these are designed to soak up menstrual blood and sweat down there to make a woman comfortable an entire day. The alternative choice to a panty liner is a pad, but there is a slight difference in the use which can make you buy a panty liner.

As many manufacturers are coming up with their unique design which can provide plenty of advantages but we can’t go on what they claim without using the product. Due to this, we are mentioning the top 5 best panty liners, which are reliable and comes at an affordable price point. Let’s have a look at when to buy a panty liner and top 5 products best in all kinds.

Why Do I Need Panty Liners?

As told before, Panty Liners are thin and made up of different materials than pads, which can make you think about the purchase.

Here are some major reasons to buy a panty liner:

  • Intimate hygiene is always the primary goal among every woman. Vaginal discharge is common during the day, which can cause an annoying smell and make you feel wet. Pantyliner maintains the freshness and keeps you dry.
  • Pads are necessary during periods, but during the lighter period time or the last days of periods, you can rely on panty liner because these are lightweight and pretty comfortable to wear for long hours that’s why you can rely on it.
  • In case you prefer using a tampon or a menstrual cup, then you might have a fear of blood leakage. With the use of panty liners, you don’t have to worry about such issues. No doubt panty liners make you feel safe and better.
  • Postpartum flow is common among new mothers, and it is better to use a panty liner to decrease trouble regarding any sort of leakage that’s why these can be a pretty good choice among new mothers.
  • Pantyliners are handy and easy to keep in a small purse. You can keep these around even after periods because leakage might be the point of trouble due to ovulation. These panty liners are easy to place, and you can find it handy choice.

Due to these reasons, you can go after the purchase of our top pick of panty liners and the chances of facing issues in the future are very low due to such reasons.

Best Buy Panty Liners Online In India

Due to the huge variety, it can be very hard to find the best panty liner, but we landed on some of the reliable choices based on their design, usability and affordability factor. Let’s begin with our top pick of choice.

1. Bella Herbs Panty Liners

Bella Herbs Panty Liners

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Bella Herbs Panty Liner is made up of breathable material, and this sanitary napkin is designed to fit into your needs perfectly. The magic gel in this panty liner reduces unwanted odor from your menstrual, and it keeps you fresh for long hours.

Breathable material means that you won’t sweat due to the sanitary napkin and it has some antibacterial properties which will kill harmful bacteria so that you don’t get vulnerable to any disease. Such reasons are enhancing the usability and advantages of this sanitary napkin over the other ones.


  • Anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you safe from diseases.
  • Breathable material allows passage of air so that you don’t sweat for no reason.
  • The magic gel kills unwanted odor and makes you feel comfortable for hours during the use.

What We Like:

  • One pack has 60 sanitary napkins, which make it affordable.
  • Very thin and lightweight, doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything.
  • It doesn’t slip from the place you set it in, very easy to place.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes, it loses shape when using for long hours.

2. Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners 20 Count

Carefree Super Dry Panty Liner

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Carefree might be a very popular brand in India, but it is definitely the expensive one as compared to the other ones. Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners comes in the count of 20 packs, and it has a very high price as you look at our top pick along with the number of panty liners coming at the price.

Pantyliners have soft corners so that the user doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort during the use. It also absorbs menstrual liquid pretty quickly so that you don’t feel wet below the belt. There is a gel to reduce the menstrual odor so that you feel fresh for long hours during the use.


  • Comes in the pack of four, makes it a reliable deal.
  • These Panty Liners are tested against allergy and irritation.
  • Keep you fresh for hours by absorbing liquid quickly.

What We Like:

  • In-hand feel is great as it is made up of soft and cozy material.
  • Easy to stick with panty and using without moving the corners.
  • Two napkins a day is good enough to fulfill the need easily.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes you have to change these napkins very often.

3. Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner

Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner

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Sofy is also a reputed and leading manufacturer of pads and sanitary napkins. Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner is a great choice for a similar price point with all the necessary features which can make you think about the purchase of this product over the selection of other ones.

Design is super simple, and it can absorb liquid in a couple of minutes that’s why you can find it handy. The soft material built makes it reliable, but the only issue is, you have to spend a little time sticking it with the panty.


  • Reduce odor smell and make you feel fresh.
  • Quickly absorb pores to soak up liquid very fast.
  • Menstrual spots to help to keep your panty clean.

What We Like:

  • It seems affordable if you consider the use of a single sanitary napkin for hours.
  • Reputed brand, easy to rely on for the built quality.
  • Very thin, which makes it feel very lightweight and effective.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some people don’t like the fragrance which is made to kill the odor.

4. Peesafe Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort

Peesafe Aloe Vera Panty Liners

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Expensive products are also reliable because they are made up of natural and safe material. You can expect the quality factors from Peesafe Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort, which is one of the most expensive choices in this list for sure.

This panty liner is easy to place in panty, and you can find that the built quality is good enough to rely on this product. If you look at the design, it is super thin and doesn’t feel like you are using any sanitary napkin for leakage.


  • Very lightweight and easy to use without any issue.
  • Smells really good and keep unwanted odor at bay.
  • Anti-microbial and designed to wear on a daily basis.

What We Like:

  • Feels very soft during the use and keep you sweat-free.
  • It doesn’t reshape even if you wear it the whole day.
  • The length of the panty liner is 185mm, fits perfectly with everyone.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The expensive choice for all the features.
  • Aloe vera fragrance lasts for 4 to 6 hours only.

5. Carmesi All Natural Panty Liners

Carmesi All Natural Panty Liners

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The last product of our choice is also very expensive because it is made of natural material and it has all the microbial properties to grab your attention. The built quality is very premium, and it feels very soft, which can easily make you like the first use.

To kill the unwanted smell, there is a gel that makes you fresh for hours. One best thing is, you can wear this panty liner for hours, and it will absorb extra liquid as compared to the other products that are why you can say that this one is best in all kind and you can rely on the design and usability of it.


  • Designed to last for five hours extra than others.
  • The incredibly thin size which will help to make you feel like you aren’t wearing it.
  • It perfectly fits and sticks to the panty, even for hours of use with the same.

What We Like:

  • No other panty liner is this much comfortable during the use.
  • Built quality is very premium, and it will help you keep sweat proof.
  • Rash free experience as the corners of these panty liners is soft.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Surely the highest price as you compare it with the other products.

Panty Liners Vs Pads: What’s the Difference?

If you consider the design and use, you will find that both are similar in various manners and they are a good alternative for each other, but there are few things which make them different, these are as follow

  • Sanitary Pads are thick, and they are designed to soak up blood whereas Sanitary napkins or panty liners are thin. These are designed for small use like in the last days or period or to soak sweat.
  • Women use pads during the periods mainly whereas panty liners can be used on a daily basis except for the starting days of periods because the discharge amount of blood is higher and sanitary napkins soak up all of them.

Due to these two reasons, you can understand what the difference is. There are many other differences in term of material and quality, but these two are the major one who matters a lot.

What Things to Consider While Purchasing Panty Liner?

For the first time purchase of Panty Liners, it is important to consider various factors. From built quality to features, below mentioned are the key factors to look after

  • The material used in the manufacturing of Pantyliner is the same among all the products, but there is a slight difference in the quality that’s why you should check it.
  • The size of sanitary napkin varies from person to person; that’s why you should get the size that you use with the pads. It will ease up the purchase.
  • Magic gel or any liquid which will kill the unwanted odor of blood is necessary to consider. If there is no chemical or material to reduce unwanted odor, then you should be careful during the purchase.
  • Buying a trial pack of a few panty liners is a good choice because you can personally check the product. If it feels uncomfortable then you can go with another one instead keep on using the existing panty liner.
  • Thickness is the last and the most important factor to check out. If the panty liner is very thick and heavy weighing then it will feel uncomfortable to use and you may not try the same for long. So, always check the weight and it can be done by reading some of the reviews.

These three are only the factors that you should check. Checking reviews can ease up the purchase so you should look after such factors also.


I hope that our mentioned top 5 Panty Liners will ease up the purchase and keep in mind that you check reviews and various other necessary factors to grab the best deal.