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Menstruation has always been considered a taboo in India over the years and women have faced a lot of social issues to get even basic knowledge of this absolutely natural body process and even accepting it. However, there is increased awareness of such issues these days.

Finally, women can access quality and safe sanitary pads to deal with this painful period of the month with ease. It took a lot of struggle to make menstrual pads GST free and women finally have a sigh of relief. There is no lack of best-selling brands offering sanitary pads at very cheap prices in India.

Keeping good care of hygiene during the menstruation period is very vital for a woman. It goes without saying that picking the right sanitary pad is vital behind this purpose. Those days are gone when there was a monopoly of only a few brands in the market.

In this competitive world, there are so many brands out there selling the best products at reasonable prices. You can choose the one as per your needs. From organic to scented and ultra-thin, there are so many varieties of sanitary pads to choose from.

So, without further wait, let’s start the guide to choose the best sanitary pads and our top picks in the market.

Best Buy Menstrual Pads Online In India

1. Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads – 44 Pieces (XL Plus)

Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

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It is your life. So, it’s you who will decide how you are going to live by your own terms no matter what others say. It’s all about your own decision, no matter what day of the month is. Whisper Ultra Clean XL Plus is a revolutionary product that locks up to 100% of odors and liquid with its unique odor lock gel. This way, you can live your life freely without any stress, even on the menstrual cycle.

Unlike Whisper Choice Wings, it gives over 40% more coverage and it is pretty long. It releases a delightful scent so you won’t have to worry about odor. It ensures complete protection against wetness with its Dri-weave cover. It is best for women who have heavy period flow. Whisper is a leading brand that knows the needs of women. Hence, they offer a huge range of sanitary pads for each woman and girl.

Customer Reports

It is 100% genuine and not duplicate. It is my pain reliever of those days, without whisper ultra I can not even imagine my periods.


Whenever I am on the lookout for sanitary pads, Whisper is the name that first comes to mind. This latest offering by Whisper is just as lovely as the previous versions I have used and loved.

2. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins

Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins

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For better coverage and dry feeling as compared to regular pads, go with Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin. As the name suggests, it is ultra-thin and flexible to fit your body. SO, you can keep moving without period woes. It can easily fit the curves of the body so you can move with confidence.

It is even 50% thinner than common thick pads. With around 100% fluid lock, Stayfree Secure XL ultra-thin pad is known to lock the fluid in gel form with its gel lock technology.

Stayfree is also known for the odor control system to keep smelling fresh without any foul odor. Stayfree Dry Max All Night is a clinically tested product to keep you dry all night. This ultra-thin pad is specially designed to be extra wide and extra long to prevent the flow from all sides, without worrying about sleep positions and movements.

You can stay comfortable and stress-free all night. It has a gel core with super lock pockets to lock in the fluid for 100% protection. It gives odor control and zero leakage to avoid foul odor.

Customer Reports

Beyond Expectations. Received the product before time, overall a nice product in a good amount of money. Using it the first time and till now I was using others, the material was the same as this one but the cost was more. So I would recommend this.


Money saver pack.

3. Sofy Body Fit Anti Bacteria Sanitary Napkins

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Keeping the napkin applied also has its cons. It causes bacteria build-up and unwanted smell. It also wreaks havoc on your hygiene. This way, SOFY Body Fit Antibacterial Sanitary pad comes with long-lasting absorbency maintenance to kill up to 99.9% bacteria. It maintains proper hygiene and removes foul odor with its perfume tree fragrance.

Hence, you can feel confident and free with SOFY Antibacteria even on menstrual days. The best part is that it prevents most of the bacteria like staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli (e-coli) and Candida Albicans from buildup for a long time. It absorbs the gel quickly with its absorbent gel.

Customer Reports
Cee Dwati

I developed a rash when I use other sanitary pads, thanks to Sofy antibacterial. I dont have rash anymore, moreover, this pad smell is so good. Thanks to Amazon for making it available for online purchase at a discounted price.


This is my 2nd purchase and yet haven’t found any cons to it. Super comfortable, absorbency is excellent, no foul odor. Most importantly value for money and worth buying.

4. Amrutanjan Comfy Snug Fit Sanitary Pad

Amrutanjan Comfy Snug Fit Sanitary Pad

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Amrutanjan Comfy Snug Fit sanitary pads are long enough for maximum protection with the anti-leak system. The ‘Power to be You’ is the essence of Amrutanjan Comfy. It aims to empower women to live and work with ample comfort, without any period woes of any physical discomfort.

It is known to have better absorption as compared to other products. It is safer for all women with its absorption pulp imported from North America.

As compared to a leading brand, it provides 80% better absorption with more absorbent material to improve its capacity. It has rapid suction funnels to absorb fluid for great comfort and hygiene. The napkin is longer with bigger wings for a better fit and it prevents side leakage. It has a soothing dry net top cover for a comfy feeling.

Customer Reports
Fab Customer

Best napkin at such a low price, the top cover is very good at absorbing and adhesive power is excellent, better than all napkin which r of the same price. Ladies try it u won’t regret value for money


I like this napkin because better other brands napkin I try this first time now I loved little small size but okay it’s with wings and very comfortable and easy to use I buy six pack 120 rupees and delivery charge 60 total cost 180 rupees.

5. Nua Sanitary Napkins

Nua Sanitary Napkins

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With a new and improved design, Nua Sanitary Pads are made of non-woven top quality fabric and cotton with its extremely absorbent core. It doesn’t use any hazardous prints, chemicals or fragrance on the top layer that can cause rashes. It provides full coverage with wider backs.

There are three sizes of pads come in the pack for different flows – light, medium, and heavy. Each pad has a hygienic, paper-based disposal cover so you can easily dispose of each pad.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

No rashes, feels feather-light, no added perfumes as the skin gets irritated, the pads are customized so well for different flows n its hassle-free as it comes with a paper pouch wherein you can dispose of the used pads easily. The only cons are no of pads should be increased for the given price.

Amazon Customer

If u are looking for unscented, organic pads these are not one. These pads are scented and size is also small, although upper layer has soft cotton that is adorable and skin-friendly, but scent smell is not at all organic

6. Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads

Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads

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On average, a woman menstruates for over 6 years and uses over 12000 pads in a lifetime. Due to harsh chemicals and synthetic materials used in traditional pads lead to a risk of itching, rashes, and other health problems. Along with it, these pads are non-biodegradable and they are not good for the environment.

Hence, Carmesi All Natural Sanitary pads are made with the best natural materials that are really safe. It avoids all the synthetics and is very comfortable and leak-proof. It also comes with bio-degradable disposable bags to make sure it doesn’t end up as non-recyclable waste.

The top sheet of these pads is made of corn starch which is very delicate and soft to the skin to avoid any irritation or rashes. It also remains very dry. Its core is super-absorbent and is made of bamboo fiber and offers ample leakage protection.

The bottom layer is made of breathable corn-based bioplastic material. These pads are very thin for a very cozy feel. Each pad comes with a biodegradable disposable bag which is very handy to carry and avoids contamination. It is a very easy and hygienic process to dispose of your used napkin, without looking around for poly bags and tissue papers.

Simply draw the pad from the bag, put the soiled pad in it, and lock it again and dispose of it in a bin.

Customer Reports
Yasmin Anjum

I recently got my hands on this amazing product which has been a game-changer for me. So my skin is super sensitive and easily gets rashes, bumps or infections every time I’m on my period. But this time I used Carmesi XL pads and they were sooooo soft and comfortable to wear. After so long, I didn’t stain my pajamas in sleep and that’s a happy feeling. Good absorption and no leak. They even come with a disposable bag which is great as it’s well protected and more hygienic and keeps the odor at bay.


After trying this product, I can safely say, it delivers the comfort it promises. Although the integrity of the product deteriorated after 3-4 hours. In my personal experience, it’s good for medium to low flow days. For heavy flow days, I am not convinced this is the product for me. But we can all contribute a bit towards the environment. This is the first step in the right direction.

7. VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin

VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin

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VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin is an extra-large napkin for complete feminine hygiene in the menstruation period thanks to its advanced fluid lock, superior absorption and side wings that can secure the pad to avoid side leakage.

Use VWash Wow Sanitary pad for proper intimate hygiene. It keeps your skin completely irritation-free and it prevents stains for a super dry feel.

Customer Reports
Shweta Manek

It’s very comfortable and long. It holds more fluid than any other sanitary pad. And most of all it’s irritation-free. I am using it for the last 3 months. It takes out bad odor and spreads a good smell.

Priya Awatramani

I have now switched to WOW napkins. Extremely comfortable, good absorption, and very thin. I would highly recommend this product. Try it out and you can see the difference!

8. Dilency Sales Extra Care Sanitary Pads

Dilency Sales Extra Care Sanitary Pads

Buy From Amazon

Dilency Sales extra care sanitary pads are made well to fit your curves for the stress-free period experience. It is made for night usage as it is a very long and wide pack to prevent back leaks. It is a secure XXL ultra-thin pad with extra care using a dry net cover for overnight use. It is extra large and 331mm thin with wings.

Customer Reports
Air Tech

Finally found the best at the cheapest price. Much much much better than the expensive sanitary napkins. Has a good smell and great leakage. Love it.

Amazon Customer

It’s good and has got more absorbing capacity in comparison to other brands. Little bit uncomfortable because it’s thick but yes you can trust it during the days of heavy flow. Thickness can be considered as a good feature because due to this, it has more absorbing capacity. Must try it.

9. Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads

Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads

Buy From Amazon

Azah Ultra Soft Organic Sanitary Pads are made of top quality organic cotton that keeps the area soft that you will never notice that it’s a pad. It features a super-absorbent core to absorb up to 150ml of flow with one single pad.

So, the surface feels really dry even in heavy flows and you no longer need to worry about a sticky and moist feel. Every pad from Azah has a disposal biodegradable bag for a stress-free removal. Every pad has a super absorbent core to avoid leakage.

It is very easy to carry these pads in biodegradable disposal bags and they are also very easy to dispose of. The top layer of the pad is made of the best organic cotton so the surface is left so soft that you will never feel anything. Felling good and healthy is no longer a luxury for a woman. Periods can be undeniably irritating.

So, Azah makes this experience as convenient as possible by offering top quality products. These pads are made with FDA-approved raw materials so you can have a comfortable and safe period.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

I came across this product while looking for organic pads. Had seen the ads on Insta too and was intrigued. It is an amazing product indeed. The feel is very soft and comfortable, but I feel the wings should have been bigger. Overall great product. Better still, it’s organic so one feels guilt-free while disposing off. Great work, Azah!

Rathin Sinha

Very good product. There were no rashes at all. Had been using the popular brands that unfailingly gave a lot of discomfort every single time. Should go for this one without any apprehension.

10. Admiria Ultra Thin Cloud Soft Sanitary Pad

Admiria Ultra Thin Cloud Soft Sanitary Pad

Buy From Amazon

There was a time when women were not familiar with napkins and about the importance of Admire themselves hygienic and protected at the same time. However, this was not possible until diverse products were available on the market. With time, the number of napkin/sanitary pad brands have increased and so does the products available in the different price range.

If you are looking for a napkin/sanitary pad that comes at a reasonable price, then Admiria cannot be avoided. This product unlike most of the sanitary napkins available on the market comes perfumed and integrated with advanced technology.

The manufacturer has added an extra soft surface that offers maximum comfort to the user. The perfumed feature allows the product to keep away the foul odor and at the same time helps in keeping the user fresh at all times.

The gel technology used in this product is designed in such a way that it can absorb the maximum fluid and prevent any overflow. One of the notable things about this product is that it comes with the air-laid feature that offers extra protection to the user. The wings attached to the sides of this pad allows the user to move with ease.

As mentioned above, consider purchasing this product if you want, quality, and top features at a reasonable price.

Customer Reports
Shivam Srivastava

When it comes to sanitation, top quality pads must be preferred. Admiria comfort sanitary napkins provide high-quality sanitation and prevent leakage. The dimensions are perfect and are very comfortable.

Gunjan Vyas

1.Xl for Greater Coverage.
2.Price effective
But be sure that you change it every 6 hours not more than that.
further review after use.

How to Choose a Best Menstrual Pad in India?

Just choosing an organic pad randomly is not the way to go. You should also consider the composition and eco-friendliness before buying. Here are some of the tips to pick the best pads according to experts.


Most brands use the same marketing trick to claim their sanitary pads as natural. But a lot of them are not completely natural. Only their top sheet is natural. While buying a sanitary pad, be sure to check its composition. Sanitary pads made of bamboo fiber and corn starch are the recent trends now to solve the period woes.


A brand should offer sanitary pads in different sizes. It is obvious that women don’t rely on the same size for the whole cycle. So, consider this fact in mind.


Safe and hygienic removal of the sanitary pad is a very vital aspect for a woman to consider. Proper disposal is very vital to maintain proper hygiene. You may go for sanitary pads that come with special disposable bags to ensure proper hygiene. They are also very convenient for women on the go.


There are also pads available that are not just safe for the body, but also for the environment. You may go for biodegradable pads which play a vital role in keeping good care of environmental health as they are very easy to decompose rather than synthetic ones.

How to Use Sanitary Pads Wisely?


Also known as menstrual pads, sanitary napkins, and sanitary towels, sanitary napkins are available in different varieties and sizes. They also come in different lengths and thicknesses. Longer and thicker pads are recommended for heavier flows. They are available in different shapes for either thong or full-bottom underwear. Some also come with wings to stick as is.

You can go for sanitary napkins with wings that have two flaps that can fold around the sides to keep blood from flowing onto the panties. You can go for either reusable or disposable. Disposable napkins are very handy as you just have to throw them off after each use. On the other side, reusable pads are more eco-friendly as they are biodegradable. It is up to your own choice as to which pad you choose.

Steps to use disposable pads

  • Remove the pad from the packet and unfold.
  • Pull down the underwear just around the knees.
  • Open the adhesive on the back by removing the strip on the back of the pad. There will be three strips if you use the pad with wings – two on wings and one on the main pad.
  • Press the pad on the adhesive side down over the crotch of underwear. Fold the wings around the edges and press them over the underneath of panties. If you are using on thong underwear, be sure a wider area is facing the front of the underwear.
  • Pull up the underwear and see if the pad is sitting right. Make sure it covers the whole opening. Or pull down the underwear, remove the pad, and apply it forward or back, whichever is right.
  • Check your pad every two hours to find out if you have to replace it. If it is wet on the surface and not absorbing blood anymore, you have to change it.
  • Fold up your used pad the way you first removed from the package. Cover it with toilet paper around the napkin or newspaper and throw it away in the dust bin.

Steps to use reusable pads

  • First of all, sit and pull down the underwear to around your knees.
  • Put the napkin on the crotch of underwear with wings snaps facing up.
  • Fold the wings over the edges of underwear and fasten the snaps so the napkin can hold itself in place.
  • Check your pad every two hours for any leakage. If it is wet and no longer absorbing the fluid, you have to change it.
  • Place reusable, used pads in soapy water to soak it. Place a lid on the bucket and keep it under the sink. Keep placing each used pad in the bucket until the end of periods. Once the menstrual cycle is finished, empty the bucket of napkins and soapy water on the washing machine and wash all the pads in warm water with the regular detergent powder.

Tip and warning

Wash your hands after and before changing the pad. When discarding the disposable pad in the bin, make sure it is out of pets’ reach. It is because some pets get attracted to the fluid and may get into the trashcan.

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads at Home?

When it comes to removing the pad, do it carefully. Roll up the pad cleanly and tightly from one end to the other. Roll it to keep the dirty part on the inside and the adhesive part on the outside. Roll up your pad so you can easily wrap and shorten the space it can take on the garbage.

Wrap it up on the paper

It will make it more sanitary and cover the odors. You can use toilet paper, newspaper, or any other waste paper to wrap the rolled pad. If you have an empty wrapper with an adhesive part, you can use it to keep the pad secure.

Toss in the dustbin

After wrapping up the pad, toss it in the garbage can. Use a garbage can with a lid if possible to control all the odors from the pad. Never flush the wrapper or pad on the toilet as it can clog the plumbing. You can throw the pad with a bag or liner. You can easily dispose of pads whenever you have time.

Wash your hands once done

After throwing away the pad and finishing up, it’s time to wash your hands with soapy warm water to avoid the buildup of germs and remove all the leftovers which may have stuck on your hands. Also, wash hands before changing the pad to keep you from getting in touch with unwanted germs in the sensitive area accidentally.

Empty the garbage can as soon as possible

Don’t let your used pads sitting in the can too long. It may smell even worse and attract bugs. If there are so many pads on the garbage can, be sure to remove the garbage as soon as possible and put it in the outdoor trash can or dumping van. Tie up the bag to lock in the smell and keep used pads from flocking bugs.

Using a Disposal Bag

Even better, you can use a special disposal bag for feminine hygiene. You may order it online or from your nearest medical store to buy such types of disposal bags. Most of these bags don’t go into landfills. They are more eco-friendly than common plastic bags.

First of all, roll up the pad after removing it and fold it enough so it can fit easily in the bag. Place the pad in the bag and seal it. Some bags also come with twist ties or handles so you can tie it close. Some also have an adhesive strip to lock-in.

After sealing the bag, place the sealed bag in the trash can which has a lid. Odors can come out even from locked back if it sits too long. So, remove the garbage as soon as possible if the pad is thrown on the garbage can.

Once done, wash your hands with soapy warm water. You may also use hand sanitizer instead. Also, wash hands before changing the pad.

Sanitary Pads – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • If you put the pads right, they are very reliable.
  • Irrespective of popular belief, sanitary pads are very comfortable. You can also choose ultra-thin pads which also prevent leakage.
  • You can also change and use them with ease. They are easy to wear and they don’t take much time and need you to touch them down there to check leakage.
  • You can also choose from different brands that offer pads that are super absorbent and high quality.
  • When you wear the pad, you really have nothing to worry about TSS.


  • You cannot use them when swimming or with swimsuits as it may lead to embarrassment.
  • Pads may also come out through some pants. A slight bump might appear on tight clothes.
  • They may also slip sideways. But you can use pads with wings.
  • You cannot hide it completely in a purse.
  • They smell very much.


We have listed some of the best sanitary pads out there in the market, which are cheap, bestselling, and widely recommended. So, you can pick the pad which is very comfortable for you.

We have done a lot of research on this list. We hope it would help you. So, don’t be shy as it is no time to compromise with your health and quality.

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