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Feminine hygiene products came far away from the time it was invented. Women used to rely on rags so that they can get comfortable for the day. No doubt that periods can make a girl feel awkward, low in confidence and stop doing what she really wants but there is no need to worry about such things anymore.

Menstrual cups are getting common and these are highly reliable to make you feel comfortable that’s why you can rely on these without a single issue. It doesn’t matter that you are tackling periods for the first time or it’s been a long time, you can try out these menstrual cups. These cups don’t let you feel uncomfortable as the rags.

Most of the menstrual cups are made up of silicon and it is easy to wash for reuse. The soft silicone is flexible, easy to use and it cost way less than the sanitary pads that’s why you can rely on such products without a single issue. Women haven’t tried menstrual cups ever in life can consider the advantage to learn why they spend money on this product.

Key Advantages of Menstrual Cups

Just as the tampons are popular for their effective absorption, these cups are also known for the same with a better comfort level. Tampons are not that comfortable and most people doubt their effectiveness that’s why you can consider menstrual cups. These cups come with plenty of advantages and mentioning all of them will be a wastage of time so here we are popping up the major reasons among women.

  • Lower Cost than Sanitary Pads – Usually people think sanitary pads are cheap but you may know that they can’t be used twice whereas you can use a menstrual cup for a long time. It saves you money and time from the purchase.
  • No Odor Related Issues – As pads and tampons don’t get contact with air, they start to smell and it became embarrassing. With the menstrual cups, the odor doesn’t come outside and you feel way more confident going anywhere.
  • Vaginal Ph – Pads and tampons have a bad reputation for ruining the pH level and soaking up beneficiary bacteria. Menstrual cups keep everything in the same place and don’t cause any unwanted issue with such things that’s why it becomes safe to choose.
  • One Time Purchase for Long – You have to buy pads every month before periods and it can frustrate you by making you have visited at the pharmacy. However, a menstrual cup is a one-time purchase and you can use the same for a long time like six months easily.
  • Hold For a Long Time – Menstrual cups give you the ability to stay out for 12 hours without even changing. These cups are long-lasting and you can feel free to go anywhere. Even, the changing time is very low that’s why you can rely on it.

The last benefit is easy to use option. Comfort increases during the use and you don’t feel bulky or any other issue. Here is a list of top 10 menstrual cups that you can have a look and find the perfect one with ease.

The mentioned list is based on effectiveness, higher comfort, number of positive reviews and affordability factors. Let’s have a look.

Best Buy Menstrual Cups Online In India

1. Wow Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup and Wash Pre-Childbirth

Wow Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Best menstrual cup for beginners – The Wow Freedom menstrual cup is made to promote health, keep your hygiene high and provide a comfortable experience. All these reasons let this product nail this list and become our top pick. Having an affordable price point lets you save money on the purchase of the first menstrual cup. 

Key Features:

  • Available in two different sizes, medium (below 30 years) and large (above 30 years).
  • Extremely soft in texture and design to keep the comfort level high always.
  • Silicon is used in manufacturing and it is watertight to avoid leakage.
  • Wow, Freedom wash is included to wash and get perfect feminine hygiene.
  • During the wash, the odor of blood will be gone in seconds and it is ready to use again.

Apart from these advantages, you can reuse this menstrual cup and save money. The medium size is a little expensive than the large but it is made for teens, virgins and ladies below the age of 30 years. It has the perfect fit rim to the chances of leakage that’s why it is way popular than other menstrual cups.

2. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Next in this list is Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women designed with great perfection to give a tight fit. Spill-proof & Leakage Proof design credit goes to its fitting and high-quality silicone which doesn’t lose shape even after hours of use. After perfectly placing this menstrual cup, you don’t have to worry about the same till the next 12 hours.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting ability allowing you 12 hours of continuous use without any issue.
  • Made with high-quality silicone which doesn’t lose shape even after hours of use.
  • Become odorless after a proper wash with intimate wash products.
  • Soft design with a grip on end to use it easily and remove from the tail part.

Despite all these advantages, we haven’t picked it for the first one because it doesn’t come with an intimate wash and you get a single size which is medium. This size is good for women who haven’t given birth otherwise they can’t use this product. Make sure to consider this factor during the purchase.

3. Silky Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup

Silky Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Silky Cup is not a new manufacturer and you can find plenty of products from them. Silky Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup is made for women below the age of 30 years and it is one of the unique designs as compared to others. Even ladies who have given birth to a baby can try this product due to the shape and size.

Key Features:

  • Available in medium size only but it is for women below 30 years or who haven’t given birth.
  • The ideal shape for most of the women and comes in a leak-proof design for long term use.
  • Reusable and it is easy to wash with any intimate wash gel or such other product.
  • Silicon is used in manufacturing and it holds the same shape even after a number of uses.
  • The manufacturer claims 12 hours of leak-proof design with 24ml capacity for safe use.

Overall though about this product is overwhelming the issue is the same as the previous one. After considering reviews, I find mixed thoughts about functionality. Some women claim that it can’t hold for 12 hours perfectly due to its smooth shape. Still, the number of bad reviews is not that much.

4. Plastron Icare Hygienic Reusable Menstrual Cup

Plastron Icare Hygienic Reusable Menstrual Cup

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This menstrual cup is available in two different sizes, small and large. Both are available at the same price point and they have exact same features to expect. Lower prices and such features make it stand out as compared to the other products, that’s why it is better to prefer and you can rely on it.

Key Features:

  • Available in two different sizes, Small and Large (Made for a teen to old age women).
  • Comes with the easy to use design, it is easy to place inside and pull it out.
  • Needless to mention but this cup comes in two different colors and you can buy a pack of two.
  • High-grade medical silicone is used in manufacturing to keep you safe from other issues.

Having two different colored menstrual cups can help you in various manners. You can keep an extra cup with you and the existing one for use. The capacity is 35ml but the only trouble is with the leakage with few people that’s why this product is not able to nail the first spot.

5. Care365 Glory Cup Leak-Less Reusable Menstrual Cup

Care365 Glory Cup Leak-Less ReusableMenstrual Cup

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With this menstrual cup, you can expect almost the same benefits. It is available in small and large sizes for the same price. You can find a lower price with this one that’s why it is considered as the better choice as compared to others. For the first-time buyer, it is a great choice to try out menstrual cups.

Key Features:

  • Small size is for women below 25 and the large size is for women above the age of 25.
  • Menstrual cups are made up of safe, and medical-grade silicone which is non-toxic.
  • Cozy and extra comfortable to provide a great experience to active women.
  • Women can use this cup overnight also because it offers 12 hours of protection.

Along with these advantages, you can find easy to use manual guide. Just by squeezing it and placing it inside will help you set it perfectly. For first-time users, it may be typical but after a couple of times, they will get used to it.

6. Rustic Art Menstrual Cup

Rustic Art Menstrual Cup

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No doubt that Rustic Art is an old name in this industry known for quality sanitary pads. Due to the credibility of the brand, you can try it because you get a great experience with the same. Placing the menstrual cup will be easy and it will take a couple of minutes.

Key Features:

  • Reusable and it can be used lifestyle due to the premium quality silicone menstrual cups.
  • Made for women above the age of 30 and there is no small size available in the market.
  • It comes in premium finish and it is easy to place and remove due to grip on the tail part.
  • Made up of safe and non-toxic silicon. Even, there is a premium quality silicon used in it.

All the great things but why we listed this product at six? Well, there is only a large size from the manufacturer. One more bad side is a premium price tag despite the fact that no one will use such a product lifetime. So, you may find it better to buy a cheaper product over this one.

7. Anytime Menstrual Cup of Medical Silicone

Anytime Menstrual Cup of Medical Silicone

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The use of medical-grade silicon at such a low price point make this product be the part of this list. It comes with the ten years reusable claim and the reason is premium quality silicon which stays in the same shape for years. Two different sizes are available in the market and it is easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly, reusable, ten years of life and doesn’t have an issue with the odor.
  • Soften silicon easy to fit and stay protected for 12 hours due to enough capacity.
  • Insert it during the nightly when periods are expected and you won’t feel bad in next morning.
  • A proper demonstration guide is added to learn how to insert it perfectly.

These are some key benefits but you can find a lot more after buying it. The ability to use the same for years can help you save money as you were spending on pads or tampons. As you compare, it is easy to install which helps to have the best experience.

8. Mark Louis Aneer Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup

Mark Louis Aneer Cup

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Reusable menstrual cups are eco-friendly, reliable and durable for years that’s why you should be spending money on them. Mark Louis Aneer Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup surely fits the need due to the cheaper price, easier availability and long-term usability from the same that’s why it is reliable.

Key Features:

  • Medium build size for women who haven’t given birth. Mainly for women below 30 years.
  • Helpful during sports, travel and any other activity that requires physical efforts.
  • Easy to wash and you can reuse it for five years without any issue.
  • It doesn’t leak during any kind of physical activity and you can use it overnight also.

Some people say that this menstrual cup can leak for women who don’t have medium build size as proper fit. Another negative thing is hard to install but after a number of uses, you can find it helpful. Due to the cheap price, you can buy one more menstrual cup for an emergency.

9. Stonesoup Wings Menstrual Cup

Stonesoup Wings Menstrual Cup

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The products from our top pick to mark Louis, all have almost the same shape but this one is quite different in terms of design. It doesn’t have a stem and you can find that this product feels way more comfortable than all others.

Key Features:

  • The capacity of this menstrual cup is 23 ml allowing you 10 hours of protection.
  • It can be used overnight and you will not get any irritation during the use for hours.
  • This one is soft with higher comfort. It is made for teens and women who haven’t given birth.
  • Safe to use due to the use of high-quality medical silicone during manufacturing.

It seems like there is nothing bad but having no stem can be trouble during first-time use. To pull-out this menstrual, you have to apply some efforts. Chances of spilling are high for first-time users. Take precautions and use it carefully for a couple of months.

10. everteen® Menstrual Cup for Women

everteen® Menstrual Cup

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With a similar design to all other menstrual design, this cup comes at an affordable price with longtime usability. It is an eco-friendly menstrual cup with a stem and an impressive grip that can help to place and to pull out with ease.

Key Features:

  • You won’t get any menstrual odor during the use and you can clean for the better use.
  • Use it overnight or in the daytime, it gives 12 hours of straight protection from leakage.
  • It doesn’t cause any kind of irritation even after hours of use and you will find it safer.
  • Made up of silicon but there is medical grade silicone with a premium finish for long-term use.

Everything is great about this product but a little expensive price tag can make you think before buying it. These pros are common among all the products but the difference is with the accuracy and proper fitting. So, you should try plenty of products to find the right one.

How to Choose a Right Menstrual Cup?

After checking the list and arrangements, the first question is what we have considered to come up with this list. Well, the primary factor is quality and manufacturer for us but if you are buying it then you should look at other factors. To begin, you can consider these factors and have the right menstrual cup for your specific need –

1. Size

The perfect fit matters a lot. You can find plenty of sizes in the market with a huge variety. You should check out most of the products to decide which one fits yours perfectly. After checking different sizes and shapes, you should choose the widely used for the first time.

2. Length

Menstrual cups with stem have extra length but there are some stemless menstrual cups. You should try both to ensure the perfect one. This will fulfill the need for sure.

3. Manufacturer

Plenty of manufacturers are offering the same product with a little difference in quality, finish and design. So, you should go with a premium manufacturer to find the perfect fit. Such companies are good to design perfectly fit menstrual cups that’s why you can rely on them.

4. Reusable or Not

Always go for reusable menstrual cups because they are eco-friendly and you don’t have to visit the pharmacy again and again. One time purchase for a year is helpful enough to fulfill the need that’s why they are better and if it fits perfectly then you won’t get any issue.

5. Check Price

Price doesn’t matter if you are buying a menstrual cup which can be used for a long time period. As if you want disposable menstrual cups then you should consider the price and go for products that you can find fitting in your budget. This factor may not matter that much but it is worth considering.

After considering these factors, you can find it hard to place it for the first time. You should take time and try to adjust until you can’t get it placed perfectly.

You can try additional protection for the first time by having wearing pads. It is better to prefer a disposable cup for the first time use so that you can save money from getting wasted on the wrong product.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup Properly?

For a first-time user, inserting the menstrual cup seems a tough task because it requires little time to adjust in the beginning. Mostly noobs can’t find the perfect fit in the first go that’s why disposable menstrual cups can help in it. To insert a menstrual cup perfectly, follow the basic steps and get it inserted and placed perfectly.

  1. Start by washing your hands first of all. Using dirty hands can cause trouble lately that’s why you should focus on extreme hygiene during this process.
  2. You have to fold the menstrual cup in half (not the stem part, gold it vertically as mentioned in the manuals. You can find it easy to fold and then have a tight hold over it.
  3. Keep holding and make sure that the stem part should be toward your hand’s palm. Now, slowly insert this folded cup and go to the right position. Don’t apply pressure on it.
  4. The stem part will be inside and you don’t have to check it again and again otherwise you will misplace it. After having the perfect fit, you are free for the next 12 hours from this.
  5. You can try sanitary pads in addition to the menstrual cups to ensure safe use for the first time. This method will help you avoid clothes from getting wet.

This method goes the same with most of the menstrual cups. A first-time user should stay careful and empty the menstrual cup after 8 hours to feel comfortable. Even, you can check whether everything is right or not.

How to Remove a Menstrual Cup?

During the first time of use, you must focus on proper hygiene and keep checking every 6 hours to ensure whether the cup is in the right position. It doesn’t matter that which menstrual cup you are using, the removal method is the same in all the cases.

  1. Before 12 hours of placing the menstrual cup, remove it carefully and keep it in the right position. Start by holding from the stem and they pull out in the slowly. Try to avoid spilling and then flush the liquid.
  2. The removal process is done, but you have to insert it again that’s why completely wash it and try to sanitize it with intimate wash products. The odor will be gone and you are ready to place it again.

This method will take a couple of minutes but after getting used to this process, you will take five to ten minutes following the whole process.

Menstrual Cup Risk Factors to Consider

Despite the fact that a sanitary pad or tampons cause plenty of issues, the same goes for menstrual but the number of risks is lower as compared to them.

  • According to a study of 2011, menstrual cups can increase the irritation by a little because the blood is not getting out of the body.
  • Not focusing on hygiene or reusing a menstrual cup without proper wash can cause infection due to the bacteria that’s why to focus on hygiene.
  • Sometimes, the removal is hard, especially for the stemless menstrual cup. The only con is, you can spill of blood in the bathroom and cause mess there.

Considering these risks, you can say that these are negligible. But, you should stay serious during the use and buy some intimate wash products to have top-notch hygiene every time.

Menstrual Cup – Frequently Asked Questions                                 

Q 1. Are menstrual cups safe?

  • Yes, menstrual cups are totally safe as per research and the number of positive reviews. It is safe but if used with proper hygiene and perfection.

Q 2. Is it painful to use a menstrual cup?

  • No. First-time users can feel that there is something inside but after a couple uses, you won’t feel anything.

Q 3. How long can you use a menstrual cup?

  • Almost every menstrual cup come with 12 hours of protection but not more than that. So, users should not wear it for long.

Q 4. Can you sleep with a menstrual cup?

  • Yes, there is no issue sleeping when you have the menstrual cup inserted.


After having a long conversation about the advantages, the top 10 products and their side effects, it is sure that women can rely on the menstrual cup and focus on their work.

It is a product made to boost your freedom and let you focus on dreams more than changing sanitary pads all the time.      

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