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Brown rice, scientifically known as Oryza sativa, is one of the staple foods in many parts of the globe. Grown across different parts of the world, brown rice has many linked health benefits which make it one of the most prescribed one. The main difference between the white and brown rice the hull, which is removed in the brown rice.

The shelf life of brown rice is lesser than white rice as the brown rice has no hull present, thus exposing it to contamination. Brown rice contains the bran, which is a source of fiber, endosperm, which is a source of carbohydrate and the germ which is high in nutrition.

There are many companies that sell brown rice in branded and unbranded forms. The branded sellers guarantee a value proposition as well as claims to be completely organic products. Different varieties of brown rice are possible like plain and flavored brown rice; long medium and short-grained brown rice.

Short brown rice is sticky in nature and has very short kernels and are the best fit for desserts like puddings and risotto. Medium grained rice becomes soft on cooking with boiled water. Works great when served with salads!

The variety of rice which is widely available in homes and houses in the long-grain rice that is widely popular among the household. The cooking time for such kind of rice is 45 minutes.

Brown Rice Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits

brown rice


The modern shift towards brown rice in the diet is due to the high nutrient-rich component of brown rice compared to white rice. The calorie in white rice is not enough as the major parts of the rice get eliminated. The carbohydrate content in the cooked white rice is 0.4% whereas, in brown rice, it is 1.8% which is nearly three times more.

Brown rice has the highest content of manganese and magnesium which makes them one of the richest sources of essential nutrients. Excess consumption of brown rice must be avoided as it can reduce the absorption power of the body, thus affecting its mechanism.

How to select the best brown rice?

The few most important characteristics for selecting the best brown rice include the feasibility of cooking of the brown rice. No one would like to apply more effort in cooking the brown rice as it will increase the time taken too. Organic brown rice, free from artificial chemicals, is another must-have characteristic of brown rice.

Organic brown rice is good for health too. The variability of the dishes that can be prepared using brown rice also makes it better compared to other varieties. You can also look forward to brown rice which has an added flavor, like nutty flavor, if that suits your taste. Users can also look forward to the feature of a gluten-intolerant feature of the brown rice as well as rich in anti-oxidants that can be purchased too.

The size of the grain is a criterion that must be looked into before purchasing the brown rice. Long, small or medium ranged grain size help in determining the quality of the rice as well as your taste. Vegans must look forward to natural quality rice which must be free from milk products and derivatives.

Lastly, make sure to know about the allergies that you have and make a note of it before purchasing the brown rice. Allergies to soy, peanut must take proper care of before buying brown rice.

Best Buy Brown Rice Online In India

1. 24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Raw Rice

24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Raw Rice

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Organically grown brown rice, 24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Raw Rice, is one of the best qualities of brown rice which is purely made for vegetarians. Offering the highest quality as well as the best quality product as well as aimed at creating a loyal customer base, brown rice is one of the most beneficial products for people needing high nutrients.

Soaking the water in rice for about 39 minutes before cooking helps in enhancing the taste of the brown rice. Compared to the market price, 24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Raw Rice, is cheaper than the other brands of brown rice. Though there is a stark difference in taste between brown rice and white rice, yet brown rice is highly beneficial for high diabetic patients.


  • Organic in nature, thus free from any chemicals in the diet.
  • Sustainable in nature thus will make health better with time.
  • Unpolished rice, thus very rich in fiber.
  • The Glycemic index of the rice is low, which is good for health.
  • It comes in two different varieties, polished and unpolished rice.
Customer Reports

It really helps to normalize cholesterol and it reduces weights. One can start to see results after a month of use. But that can do any good brown rice. As it also organic, makes it better. If one worries about taste, then let me tell you our meals taste mainly come from vegetables and curries. So go ahead make yourself healthier.

Darshana Rachcha

I liked the product for its texture and freshness of grains when they’re cooked. It takes good amount of water and about 30 mins to cook. There are very little flavor and aroma but accompanying dishes can compliment. Very healthy and light rice good for weight loss.

2. Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

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Brown rice has become the next big craze in the new generation. Due to the heavy health benefits, like the control of sugar level in the blood as well as the organic content of the rice. Grown in organic conditions, brown rice is free from chemical manipulations which helps in maintaining the health of the consumer.

Heart-related problems have increased recently, which can be controlled with the consumption of brown rice. Brown rice contains the hull which has the roughage content that increases the metabolic activities in the body.

The increase of metabolic activities results in the increase of the blood flow in the body by reducing the viscosity of the blood. The immunity of the body is also increased due to the consumption of Daawat Brown Basmati Rice.


  • The product comes in packages of 5 kgs.
  • Tastes better than regular brown rice available in the markets.
  • The expiry date of the product is no more than one year.
  • It helps in reducing the weight of the body.
Customer Reports

It tastes good and is healthy. And I am using this for the past 6 months. I would definitely recommend this for heavy people who are looking to lose weight.


Good quality rice. But brown rice needs to be soaked in water for half an hour before cooking it in a pressure cooker so that it can cook well. Don’t expect the rice to be long like white basmati rice. This one will be small after it is cooked just like normal brown rice. But the quality is good and you can go for it.

3. SHRILALMAHAL Fitness Brown Basmati Rice

SHRILALMAHAL Fitness Brown Basmati Rice

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The increased consumption of brown rice has resulted in the rise of consciousness among the youth for a well-balanced diet and healthy life. Playing an immense role in the improvement of the immune system, Shrilalmahal Fitness Basmati Rice is one of the instrumental ingredients in increasing the defense mechanism of the body.

As the generation is getting busier, quick food and fast meals are becoming a growing need. Shrilalmahal Fitness Basmati Rice is making life easier as it takes just more than ten minutes to cook delicious delicacies of brown rice. The high content of fiber in the rice helps in increasing the strength of the bones and muscles.

Heart problems are also controlled as the glycemic index is reduced, thus reducing the cholesterol in the blood. The certified product is the most beneficial product for health, well being and growth, thus making it one of the most in-demand products for healthy living.


  • The product is purely vegetarian in nature.
  • Shrilalmahal Fitness Basmati Rice is free from any gluten content.
  • The product helps in craving the path from fat to fit.
  • The product performs best for two years from the date of manufacture.
  • Taste is improved compared to white rice.
Customer Reports

A lot of people have started switching to brown rice lately as they are rich in fiber and have lesser calories. I decided to order a pack. I have cooked 2 dishes using them so far and both came out brilliantly. White sauce brown rice Risotto in mushroom was as good as one would eat at a restaurant. Other times, I just had steamed brown rice with Rajma. To my surprise, brown rice tastes better and is more fulfilling compared to white. The texture of Shri Lal Mahal brown rice has something about it which makes it so tasty and easy to cook. Must try for sure.

Narendra Negi

The quality of rice is so good, size, color even packing. The product is of high quality and healthy. Because it’s my personal experience. Shri Lal Mahal fitness Brown Basmati rice is so high quality nutritious.

4. Kohinoor Charminar Brown Rice

Charminar Brown Rice

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It has been a long time since we have eaten brown rice pulao or brown fried rice. Charminar Brown rice is the perfect standard of rice which can let you enjoy some enhanced delicacies as well as be a part of some awesome nutritious diet plans.

Brown rice, because of its medicinal qualities, is a highly enriched source of carbs and roughage that helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. The cent percent of vegan rice is of high quality and rich with the perfect mix of health and excellent taste. It is suitable for consumption by people of all age groups including toddlers.

As the age of the rice increases, the quality gets enhanced as well as the aroma is enriched thus making it one of the richest quality of the product that is available among the cereals.


  • Easy to cook and easier to eat as multiple delicacies can be cooked.
  • Health benefits are very high as the product is both organic and rich in roughage
  • The product is priced low, hence it can be consumed daily without being worried about the budget.
  • The rice is enriched with the flavor of the nut.
Customer Reports

The flavor is so delicious, and I had purchased it at a very affordable price.

Payal Banik

If u want to eat brown rice on daily basis, this one is perfect. Taste-wise it’s not that good and not that bad as well. I buy this because of the price. You won’t be able to find this anywhere else. And brown rice is definitely good for your health. It Cooks fast as well in 15-20minutes. But if you can afford to buy a little expensive then definitely go for indiagate. It’s better. But this is totally within my budget so I’ll stick to this.

5. Patanjali Brown Basmati Rice Jar

Patanjali Brown Basmati Rice Jar

Buy From Amazon

One of the most trusted brands in our country is the Patanjali brand. It has become the household brand and has become the synonym for the word trust. With a great customer base as well as a very high quality of products, Patanjali Brown Basmati Rice is all set to become the next bigger product of Patanjali.

A completely organic product aimed towards maintaining the sound health of the consumers, immense care has been taken in the manufacturing of the product. Brown rice and its importance are very high amongst the youth now.

The technique for manufacturing is one of a kind which makes it an enhanced product among the individuals. This brown rice is the pride and identification of Indian Brown Rice, thus making it stand out among its competitors.


  • The preparation time is less as it requires just 3 glasses of water and one jar of rice.
  • Superior quality product with an enriched taste and quality
  • The product has an enhanced flavor present which makes it excellent to taste.
Customer Reports

Brown basmati rice. Cooks well. This rice is rich in fiber. Good source of trace minerals. However, don’t expect the aroma of normal basmati rice. This brown basmati rice is good to buy.

Amazon Customer

Super service, the product is better than others. I bought it 150.

6. Manna Unpolished Brown Rice

Manna Unpolished Brown Rice

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Unpolished brown rice has a high content of minerals and vitamins which are needed for the proper functioning of the body. Available in packets of 5 kg, the product can serve 16 servings of a meal as well as the medium-sized brown rice make it easy to cook in the rice cooker.

Manufactured by southern health foods private limited, the specialty of the product is its organic methods of cultivation, which makes it unique. The brown rice is fat-free in nature, as well as helps in reducing obesity. Diabetic patients are advised to take Manna unpolished brown rice as it helps in controlling the level of blood sugar level as well as increases the metabolism of the body.


  • The quality of the product is very high.
  • It helps in increasing the blood supply to the brain as well as improves the freshness of the body.
  • The packaging of the product is highly lucrative.
  • Good value for money.
Customer Reports
Mohamed Hussain

I will definitely give 5 stars. No doubt about it. Very clean. Neatly packed. Worth buying 5kg, then 1kg. Cost-saving.

Samir Banerjee

Very tasty with good presentation. The rice is like old-day home procedures rice means “Dheki”. Very nice rice. But the price is not so cheap. It is not usable for a middle class family like me. I have purchased it for my hobby.

7. India Gate Brown Basmati Rice

India Gate Brown Basmati Rice

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India Gate has been a pioneer brand in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. India Gate and its brown rice are highly organic in nature. Adding to that the size of the grains of the rice help in increasing the cooking time as well as improving the health of the consumers.

The quality of the product is very sustainable over a long period of time, thus making it one of the market leaders in recent generations. The price is fixed a bit on a higher scale but the quality of the product compensates for the increased price.


  • Quick-cooking time, thus making it available on your dinner table faster.
  • Value for money for the product.
  • Strong flavor and aroma across the rooms that help it to attract consumers.
Customer Reports

Takes time to cook, which is typical to brown rice. Very few broken rice and decent size. Just okay is what I feel

Hemant Pandey

Only brown rice I buy. The best in the segment.

Why prefer brown rice over white rice?

In a nutshell, brown rice is better for health. Due to the presence of the hull in the brown rice, the required roughage, proteins, and carbs are present in brown rice only and not in white rice.

The brown rice is easy to digest as well as helps in controlling the blood sugar level. In the brown rice, the increased content of manganese and magnesium helps in increasing the metabolic and functional activities of the individual.

White rice has very low mineral and vitamin contents, hence the newer generations moving from white rice to brown rice to increase the nutrition content are keeping a passive check on their health.

Bottom line

Diet is the most important part of the survival of any person. It must be done in a judicious manner to include the most important and essential portions of the diet into the plate. Brown rice possessing a competitive advantage over white rice must be preferred.

In the blog, a list of the 7 Best Brown Rice In India has been mentioned which can be referred to as well as shared among your peers for knowledge purposes. Brown rice, with health benefits like increased metabolism, reduced heart rate and reduced viscosity of the blood helps in enhancing the quality of diet, which in turn improves the quality of the life.

Available across different varieties of shapes, sizes and textures, a wide variety of brown rice are available that provides a large spectrum for the consumers to choose from as per their needs.

So, it is time to get a quick grab of attention and focus on selecting the best brand of brown rice from the ones we have listed on this website.

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