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New Delhi is currently experiencing the worst condition of air pollution in its history, and the situation has no end in sight. Until the general problem can truly be dealt with, people need to think about their health. The reduction of our carbon footprint has to happen soon, and each small step matters. The government has to put strict rules into place and follow them without question.

In the meantime, people in India have to look after their health. Most ignore the pollution, but the use of air pollution masks should be considered. It is important however not to use cheap pollution masks, as they do not protect much and their life is very short.

In this article, we will go over several of the better air pollution masks. Keep in mind that the size depends on your weight. Also, they come with N100, N99, N95 ratings, so try to get the N99 rating or N95 at least.

1. Prana Air Mask

Prana Air Mask


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This mask has an N95 filter, but it also has a fan inside that gives you the proper airflow to breathe effortlessly. The mask also has a 6 Layer of air purification, including 2 layers of activated carbon that prevent harmful gasses, one layer of pre-white filter that stops all of the particles larger than 0.10 microns, and 2 layers of HEPA that stop all PM2.5 and PM1 particles bigger than 0.3 microns.

The purification efficiency of this mask is 99.95%, and it has a rechargeable battery that will keep the fan going for over 5 hours.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

Very Good motarized mask. Comfortable to breath fresh and pure air even during this COVID-19. It is protecting us from Coronavirus also.

Mr A B

Nice mask, seller sent original product, 3 speed fan best. Air enters only through filters but exhaled air goes through rubber flap over charging adapter, flap opens during exhalation.

2. Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Air Pollution Face Mask

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Air Pollution Face Mask

source: youtube

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Atlanta Healthcare has air pollution masks of high quality. There are 3 different models available, with no valve, with 1 valve, and with 2 valves. Feel free to get whichever, but keep in mind that the one with 2 valves is good for running and work. It is equipped with an adjustable nose clip for a more comfortable fit. In addition, 15 stylish designs are available.

This mask filters more than 99% of particulate pollution, including PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.3. It also has a silver layer that protects against the buildup of germs after long usage. The life of the mask is between 250 and 300 breathing hours, which is months of actual wearing.

Customer Reports
Harshal Singh

Best product of its class.

Amazon Customer

Great mask, does its job extremely well. I cycle to work on the congested Hebbal to Marathhalli ORR stretch in Bangalore – this route has everything – smokin’ buses & trucks, construction dust, invisible petrol fumes, stationary traffic when you can take it all in – that the mask is intended to avoid. I have used several masks in the past – most notable ones being the Neomask and the N95 3M disposable masks. The primary issue has been that these masks block vital oxygen along with the pollutants (probably not much of an issue if you are not cycling). This is where the dual exhaust system works great!

3. idMASK2


source: Pinterest

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This is another great mask, which has an airtight fit. It is made from soft silicone.  And fits properly without a gap between it and your face. There is triple-layer protection here that filters particles well.

Developers claim it blocks 95% of particles and it also provides proper airflow. This mask is good for sporty people and is therefore great for activities. Both kids and adult sizes are available.

Customer Reports

Highly recommended.


Love this mask. I work in a highly polluted city and use it when the smog is thick. The seal is great.

4. Vogmask Masks N99

Vogmask Masks N99


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This mask has an N99 filter layer, a carbon filter, and an exhale valve. It is able to filter 99% of airborne particles over 0.3 microns, and it is available in different designs with either 1 or 2 valves. Make sure to check twice when it comes to sizes.

Customer Reports

Good quality.

Classic Vibe

Decent protection, the fit could have been better.




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CRUSADERS also has different mask options, but skip the cheapest one as it is a disposable mask. The washable model is the real deal, as it has an N99 filter, 4 layers of carbon filters, and 0.5 replacement filters. It offers great protection from air pollution and has a valve design.

Customer Reports

Probably the best mask out there. Have ordered from there before and the quality is perfect! Wanted a long lasting one, and got the best!

Prabhat Yadav

Best mask it automatically works when pollution occur.

6. Repeller N99

Repeller N99

source: instagram

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As the name suggests, Repeller N99 has an N99 carbon filter that deals with PM2.5 particles. In addition, it is fitted with adjustable straps and is washable.

The manufacturer promises full protection from pollution by covering your nose, and if you use it for around 12 hours a day, it will last you 2 months in total.

Customer Reports
Meenu Maria John

So useful for Bangalore life. Washable. Just have to replace filters every 3 months.

Amazon Customer

Must buy good quality however I feel the size should be little bigger rest is fine comes with two filter and washable.

7. Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Face Mask

source: youtube

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Honeywell mask will protect you against PM2.5 particles. The cheaper one will give you basic protection, while several other models of different design and vale options are much better.

All of them block PM2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, and flu viruses, and have a 95% filtration rate.

Customer Reports
Vibham Chaturvedi

Quality and fitting is great as expected.


Very comfortable, works perfect for me!

8. Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

source: youtube

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This mask has an N95 filter, and therefore it is cheaper. It is a good pollution mask that can also remove heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, alongside PM2.5 particles. There are 3 layers of filtration, and it removes 99% of bacteria from what you breathe in.

Customer Reports
Puneet K.

It’s a high quality product. I own two of these. Buy two of these and wash them with a fragrance free detergent and you will have a good time. It seals properly. The quality speaks for itself. When breathing out the air can be felt coming out of the filter. Even after washing, the filters don’t feel clogged.


It was expensive enough to make me see sense in quitting smoking. Seems to work great but what we really need is better public transport. Till then, cough up the cash.

9. Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask

Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask


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The last one on our list comes in two sizes, regular for adults, and small for children. It is advertised as a mask that blocks 98.5% of PM2.5 particulates. It has an active respo layer as well, which neutralizes ≥ 90% of nitrogen dioxide, as well as other toxic gases.

It is not washable, however, and it lasts between 40 and 60 days depending on your usage rate. There is an indicator that changes colors when the mask is useless.

Customer Reports
Manidipa Mandal

A very easy to use and adjust mask. Sturdy cord that I fat enough to not cause discomfort and stretchy enough to adjust to different facial contours without pulling out of shape. Is plumper and more comfy, less ‘papery’ than equivalents from 3M and such. At the reduced price, a great bargain.

Unusually for the product category, has a mild citrus smell (really mild as I normally get migraines from smells an I was using this during the vulnerable hazardous AQI times when I get migraines anyway from the air and have heightened sense of smell). Really enjoyed that.

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