When it comes to chairs, and the act of sitting in one for over 12 hrs a day, it is vital that you understand the fact that sitting in a wrong posture, for several hours each day, can leave you suffering from chronic back pain.

This is why it is important that your chair is of the right sort, and one that does not cause you to experience any debilitating, chronic back pain. If you sit in a chair without adequate back support or sit in a wrong posture for over several hours each day, it can place enormous stress on your lower back and especially on your lumbosacral discs.

And if you end up repeatedly stressing your lower back, it can cause you to experience severe back pain, damage to the muscles as well as skin in and around the affected area.

One of the reasons that most people suffer from back pain, is on account of the wrong posture they had adopted for over several hours. This is why it is essential that you purchase the right chair, or get the requisite back support for your lower back and lumbar area, and happens to be comfortable as well. Check out the top 8 best back support for chairs in India.

Types of Back Support Chairs

When it comes to chairs with adequate back/ lumbar support, you would be glad to know that there are various types of chairs that you can opt for. Check out the various types of lumbar support chairs,

Ergonomic chair

When it comes to chairs, it is always a good idea to go or ergonomic chairs because they can provide you with the required back support. Ergonomic chairs, are chairs that are ergonomically developed with a certain curvature built in so as to provide support to your lumbar area, as you use it.

One of the ways to test if a chair is ergonomically built or not is to sit in a straight position, with the head, shoulders and buttocks, carefully aligned. Then you need to lean back in the char and if the chair follows the curve of your spine, it is an ergonomic chair and one that can help ease your back pain and help provide your lower back with the requisite support as well. Please note that these chairs are not adjustable.

Adjustable back support chair

This type of chair comes with a back that can be adjusted. It is an ergonomic chair but one that enables you to adjust the height of the chair and the back seat, depending on your preference. You can tweak it, to suit your comfort.

Chairs with a lumbar support pillow

If you do not prefer to get the adjustable and not adjustable chairs, you can always get one that comes in an interesting design along with requisite lumbar support in the form of lumbar support cushions. This may cost less than the other options but you still need to ensure that the lumbar support cushion is functional and can help support your lower back.

The third makes more sense since you can utilize it with any chair model, and still ensure that your back has the requisite lumbar support that it craves.

Benefits of Back Support Cushion

When it comes to sitting down in a chair, be it a wheelchair or even a car seat for long hours, you will be placing a lot of additional stress on your lower back, your lumbar area as well as the surrounding muscles and tissues. This can cause you to develop back pain which can develop into destabilizing chronic pain. And that is why it is highly recommended that you purchase a back support cushion for your chair, but before that, you may want to take a closer look at some of its key benefits.

  • It helps you to maintain correct posture and sit in an upright position. As a result, you avoid damaging your spine and lower back and prevent any chronic pain from developing.
  • It supports your lumbar area; this is vital especially if you tend to sit in your chair for long periods.
  • It soothes your back and lumbar area and alleviates any pain or discomfort that you may be currently experiencing as a result of a health issue. This is why back support cushions are often recommended by Orthopedics, more as a preventive measure to ensure that you do not develop any back condition as a result of poor posture.

Here is the list of  best Back Support For Chairs In India:

1. HealthSense Soft-Spot BC 21 Memory Foam Back Cushion

HealthSense Soft-Spot BC 21 Memory Foam Back Cushion

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When it comes to choosing back support for your chair, you may want to check this product out as it comes with high-density foam which perfectly contours to your back. The memory foam is firm and yet comfortable enough to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, without having to experience any discomfort when using this support.

It also comes with an ergonomic arc design whose curvature matches your spinal curve and should be able to provide you with complete lumbar support that you require. Furthermore, this back cushion also happens to come with a magnetic field thanks to the presence of 8 magnets.

The magnets are being utilized to help increase the blood flow to your lower back area, and help boost your circulatory health in the process.

This cushion has wide-ranging applications – you can use it with your office chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, sofas or any other chair. What makes this product stand out is the ease with which you can utilize it and the fact that it comes with a breathable and 3D mesh cover, which can be removed and washed at any point.

It also comes with an adjustable elastic strap with which you can adjust this cushion. What makes it attractive is the fact that it comes with an affordable price tag, and long term use of the same can also help alleviate fatigue as well as chronic back pain.

2. Grin Health Sit Right Ergonomic Back Support 

Grin Health Sit Right Ergonomic Back Support Memory Foam Backrest Lumbar Cushion

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When it comes to lumbar back supports, you need to know that this particular lumbar support is designed to fit onto any chair, and at the same time, give you the support you require. It comes with a perfect fit and instant ergonomic correction – which should enable you to experience comfort right away.

It comes with premium high-density memory foam which immediately contours itself perfectly to your spine and back, so you should receive complete lumbar support with this particular model.

It also happens to come with a 3D mesh cover which you can remove, for cleaning if required. The mesh cover is breathable and washable as well.  It also comes with dual functionality and you can use it as a seat cushion or just for lumbar support and moreover, you can use it with any chair and still get the required lumbar support.

The one thing that you may want to note is that unlike regular cushions, you can just place it behind your back and that is it. You do not have to fluff it or tweak it in any way. It also happens to come with a decent price tag as well.

3. Generic (unbranded) CBRNE Back Rest with Lumbar Support

Generic (unbranded) CBRNE Mesh Ventilation Back Rest

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If you happen to go for long drives in your car, then you would appreciate this mesh ventilation backrest with the requisite lumbar support. All you would need to do is to place this mesh over your seat cushion, at the back and that’s it.

The mesh lumbar support is ergonomically designed to provide you with adequate relief from any lower back pain as well as the much needed lumbar support, which is essential when you sit on a chair for long or head out for long drives.

The design is certainly interesting; it comes with a ventilation mesh which should ensure you a breathable and well ventilated back support with the requisite curvature. Furthermore, it also comes with a 15” X15” elastic strap which should enable you to fit this back support to any chair or sofa with ease.

It is quite durable and lightweight and you do not have to lug it around. So check it out today and help alleviate lower back pain with the same right away. Incidentally, it comes with an affordable price tag, which is all the more reason that you would want to check it out.

4. Xamax Backrest Executive

Xamax Backrest Executive

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This lumbar support comes with an ergonomic design, one that comes in various color combinations from light to dark. It comes with high-density memory foam that enables it to contour itself around your spine and provides you with complete lumbar support.

What makes this product stand out is the ease with which it can be used – you can use it on any chair or sofa or even a car seat and it also happens to come with the requisite elastic strap with which you can fit it in the right place, along with the chair/sofa.

This back support cushion certainly looks great and what’s more, the cover can be removed and washed, once it gets dirty. But it would be advisable to go in for darker color tones rather than lighter ones. The support certainly forces you to sit up straight and you should lose that slouch in no time at all.

This back support should definitely lead to improved health as far as your lower back goes. It comes with an affordable price tag, you can check out the various reviews online before making the purchase.

5. Orthowala ™ – Lower Backrest Comfort Cushion

Orthowala ™ - Lower Backrest Comfort Cushion

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If you are on the lookout for an effective back support cushion, then this may be the product that you need to take a closer look at. For starters, it is certainly different from others in the sense that this ergonomic back support cushion is full-sized and not small. In other words, you can look forward to completing back support with this cushion, from your spine to the lower back and your waist as well.

What’s great about this cushion is its full size, which enables you to adjust the angle and receive complete back support and remain comfortable at the same time. The cushion is ergonomically designed in such a way that it supports your complete lower back and gently supports your lumbar area, as you utilize the same.

The cushion comes in vibrant shades with a cover that’s breathable and one that you can remove to clean up, after use. It is vital that you sit in the right posture when you are sitting down for long hours in a chair or you head out for a long drive in the car.

And you may want to start using this cushion or others like it when you do so as it can protect your lumbar area and prevent any discomfort and even help alleviate back pain. It comes with a decent price tag; you may want to check it out soon.



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If you suffer from chronic lower back pains, then you definitely need to use lumbar back support when you sit on a chair or drive your car for long hours.  And that’s all the more reason that you should check out this product.

This is a durable, lightweight back support that comes with the requisite ergonomic design, one that provides your lower back, spine with the required support. Furthermore, using this back support may also help ease any discomfort or lower back pain that you may be experiencing at the moment.

The back support comes in all black and can be used with any chair/sofa/car seat. All you need to do is to use the elastic strap to strap it in and you are all set. It is a breathable mesh that allows for good airflow and is comfortable to use, especially for long drives. It also happens to come with an attractive price tag as well.

7. Remedo Back Support Cushion (Blue & Grey)

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When it comes to back support cushions, the one thing that you would need to check first is to see if it can provide you with the right lumbar support, and as far as this product goes, that well seems to be the case. It is currently available in blue and grey and contains high-density memory foam.

The memory foam contours to your back and provides you with the essential full-body support which is all the more essential especially if you already happen to suffer from some discomfort or pain at the back. This cushion is certainly padded enough, with an ergonomic design, that’s designed to provide you the best of functionality and comfort.

You can use this cushion with any chair/seat and you can use the elastic straps, to strap it into place. It is certainly handy especially during long car drives as it can help prevent more stress build-up to your lower back.

What’s notable about this cushion is that it does not cover the whole back and is designed to come with an S shape to support your lumbar area. It certainly helps you to maintain a good posture at all times and is attractively priced as well.

8. Vissco PC0121 Orthopaedic Back Rest (Universal)

Vissco PC0121 Orthopaedic Back Rest

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This back seat cushion was designed for orthopedic usage, especially after some serious injury or surgery to the lower back area of your body. It certainly looks great to look at and comes with an S-shaped frame that is designed to help support your lower back while increasing your comfort as well.

The cushion comes with durable, polyurethane foam, which should help cushion your back as you head out on long drives in your car. You can use this cushion on any chair, sofa, car seat, wheelchair and more. All you need to do is to place the cushion on the chair and strap it in.

This product is often used for therapeutic care and treatment, by patients who have injured their back and often need lumbar support. The back support cushion goes a long way when it comes to correcting your posture and at the same time, without causing you any pain or discomfort. It is attractively priced and can help alleviate chronic back pain and help provide you with some relief from the same as well.

How To Choose The best back chair support

When it comes to back support cushions, then you should know that there are quite a few in the market. You should be able to get them from online portals like Amazon but before you can select one, here are a few things that you may want to keep in mind.

  • Functionality – Do a careful review and see if the back support cushion comes with added functionality, such as a magnetic field, etc.
  • Price – Naturally, this is an important metric, so you may want to check out those back support cushions that are in your price range
  • Durability -: Naturally you would need a back chair cushion that can last for a while

These factors should enable you to sort through the various cushions before you choose the right one for your lower back.

These are some of the best back support for office & home chairs in India, 2024. Do check them out, and before purchasing a product, make sure that you check out the requisite online reviews as they can enable you to learn more about the product.

So if you happen to suffer from chronic back pain or other back-related issues, then you would definitely require some essential lumbar support. So check out the list and choose one that’s apt.

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