Most of us know how important it is to sleep on a good mattress. The right one not only gives you a good night’s sleep, but it also gives you the right support, keeps you comfortable and keeps your back healthy.

Back pain is largely affected by the way you sleep and sit. A good mattress is definitely one reason for positive back health. On the other hand, the wrong one can aggravate back and neck pain. Also, a wrong one would reinforce bad posture and give you interrupted sleep.

Now, there are so many different kinds of mattresses out there. It can be quite overwhelming to pin on something specific with so many choices. Here we have specifically spoken about the Nectar Mattress and why it could be good for you.

Nectar is probably one of the most loved in the United States. The company that produces it is well known for its memory foam which comes under a budgeted price. This would be loved by those who are used to or prefer memory foam mattresses.

And if you are looking for something within a budget then this would be apt. The best part is that this is suitable for all kinds of users – those that sleep on their back, side or tummy. It is excellent for couples as it has good edge support and motion isolation so that your partner or you do not get disturbed by the other’s emotions.

This has a long life which is what most of us look for whenever we invest in anything.

Now, let us look into the positives in more detail


Shipping and policies – When we purchase something online, most of the time we need to check to see how much or if you need to pay any shipping. Well, in the case of Nectar Mattresses, you do not have to pay for the shipping at all. Also, the company gives you a whole year for trial.

Within that period if you feel it is not for you, then you can always return and get a refund. They also give you a 10-year warranty within which you can get the bed recovered or repaired with transportation paid for.

Design – As already mentioned the Nectar is a memory foam mattress. It has four layers and is 11” in thickness. Having these many layers it naturally gives you a very firm and yet comfy feel. It takes some time for the mattress to sink in and contour to your body. So you get a firm feel at first and once it contours to your body shape it gives you the comfort that you are looking for.

Sleeping styles – As mentioned above, the Nectar is ideal for all kinds of users. Side sleepers would love this as the mattress slowly lets your body sink in, while giving your shoulders and hips good support. For those that prefer your tummy or back, the same logic applies.

It lets you sink in and at the same time gives your spine good support. Probably, only small made users might find it a little difficult. Since their body mass and weight is less as it is, the mattress does not sink in much and may not feel very soft. But if you prefer firm ones then this would still be the right choice for you.


Couples – For those who share a bed the most important point is not to be disturbed when your partner is moving around. Especially if you are a light sleeper, you could be very sensitive to such things. But this is where the Nectar comes to your rescue.

It gives you motion isolation, so that when your partner moves around due to his/her habits – it doesn’t jiggle or move and disturb you. It also has edge support which gives you a protected feeling and does not feel like you would fall off any second.

In totality, the Nectar Mattress does seem like a good choice if you are planning to invest in a memory foam kind. It is a good deal when you pay almost $100 to $200 lesser as compared to other qualitative ones. Plus the added advantage of comfort, firmness and good support. You can find additional information in the full review of MattressBattle.