Every bed needs replacing the old saggy mattress with a new one. There will come a time where you will have to say your goodbyes and upgrade on a new and better mattress.

When the time comes, do know that the buying decision won’t be as straightforward as you think. A challenge arises ahead, so knowing about all things mattress related is a good place to start your buying decision.

Ironically as it is, every company that specializes in selling top-quality mattresses will tell you that their product is the best one out there. While there are quality products out there, most aren’t.

So to help you avoid making a mistake, we’re here to give you the 6 factors that make the mattress buying decision a lot easier. Stick around as this article applies to every person reading it.

1. The Size

The size of the mattress is obviously very important when the buying time comes. When determining the size of the product, you have a couple of options to choose from.

The most common size of mattresses is twin size. This size is enough to support a single person, but if you’re taller than the average person than we suggest you get a Twin XL.

Other sizes include full-size, queen size, king size, and of course, California king size. Each of these is different from the rest, so how would you determine which is the best for you?

A good place to start is to take a look at the size of your bed. We also mentioned your height, so you should also take that into consideration. For children, an optimal mattress size would be eighter twin or twin XL. For adults, on the other hand, a choice between king size and queen size will do just fine.

2. The Type

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When determining the type of mattress, your choices aren’t as open as the previous factor. The two most popular types out there include Memory Foam and Innerspring, while other less-popular ones include Latex and Air.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is quickly growing to be the best type of mattress out there. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is the most comfortable type to sleep on.

Memory foam responds to your body shape. These mattresses are built of layers upon layers of memory foam that easily respond to temperatures are body weights.

Memory foam offers a person the best support and superior comfort, and can even relieve pain. Another great thing about memory foam is the fact that it can absorb movement, meaning that your partner will not be disrupted by your night movements.


You probably sleep on an innerspring mattress right now. They are the most popular types out there, but their functionality and effectiveness are quickly surpassed by the previous ones we mentioned.

Innerspring mattresses are made out of springs that support the layers of the mattress. The springs can be open or enclosed, with the former offering more durability. That makes them superior to memory foam as they can easily support an overweight person.

The best thing about innerspring is the fact that the options are endless and the inexpensive price. On the other hand, some products don’t provide enough cushions between the layers and springs, creating a poking problem whilst sleeping.

3. The Comfort

It would be a mistake to buy a mattress that doesn’t provide the necessary level of comfort. According to experts from mattress1000.com, an uncomfortable mattress can be the source of many other problems.

Determining how comfortable the product in question is can be a blessing. If you are to buy a product that isn’t as comfortable as you need it to be, it could create other problems such as restless.

If we don’t get enough sleep because the mattress isn’t comfortable enough, then we end up being tired when going to work. This creates a host of other problems on its own, so this might be the most important factor to consider.

4. The Style of Sleep

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Some people have a specific way of sleeping, while others don’t. This is yet another factor that you need to take into consideration, as different sleeping styles accommodate different mattresses.

There are generally three sleeping styles. The first is on the side, the second is on the back, and the third is on the belly.

If you sleep on the side, then its best considered to get a mattress that will sink your back and head but provide your backbone with the much needed straight posture.

If you sleep on the back, a mattress that straightens your backbone whilst sinking your back, head, and arms is the optimal choice.

And if you sleep on the belly, you need to get a mattress that keeps your backbone straight, while sinking your arms, and belly.

Determining your sleeping style is yet another highly important factor to determine before purchasing a mattress.

5. Chronic Issues

It’s safe to say that there are people out there with chronic issues such as allergies or chronic back pain.

If you’re a person suffering from allergic reactions due to various particles or odors coming from your mattress, then the best course of action would be to purchase a product that is green or environmentally friendly. These products don’t have bad odors or sharp smells that make your life living hell.

6. Your Sleeping Partner

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It’s safe to say that an ideal product for you and your sleeping partner would be something that will provide both of you with the much-needed comfortability while also eliminating body movements.

To cover all of this, there is one particular type that supports the case we provided above. We, of course, are talking about memory foam.

We mentioned that memory foam is quickly becoming the favorite type to millions of people. It provides superior comfortability, eliminates body movements, and it feels awesome for the person sleeping in it.

And whilst you have your budget set for a particular mattress, we would always advise spending the necessary extra money as this is a product that will serve you for years to come.