There’s no doubt that there can be various causes for back pain suffering. People mostly experience pain in their backs because of exercising or heavy weight lifting. The lower part of your spine is always sensitive to lifting heavier objects.

Therefore, when at home or work, if you plan to do something that requires intensive work out of your spine, you can easily injure your back. Therefore, you might start to experience rigorous pain afterward, lasting for days or weeks.

Even though back pain can be normal, not all back pain should be treated as one. In case you think your back is not right, then it’s time to visit the doctor. But, if you’re want to avoid and prevent such complications, the following best back support belts will help you in doing that.

A Beginner’s Buying Guide to Back Support Belt

Before you plan to buy a new back support belt for yourself, there are various factors that you need to consider. First and foremost is the comfortability because the belt you’ll be buying will be worn for longer periods. If you feel discomfort while wearing the belt, then it means that the quality is poor. The quality and comfort of the belt should always be your priority.

The second thing to look into is the pain relief feature of the belt. The belt must be effective in providing you with a relieved experience when you wear it. If you feel no differences whatsoever, then you have not made the right purchase decision.

That’s why before buying a product, it’s always suggested that you look into the customer or user reviews first. After that, you need to compare with similarly priced alternatives and then make the final decision.

Finally, comes the overall cost of the product. The price of the product will differ according to the brand, size and also the overall quality too. If the price of the item is high, then that doesn’t mean that the quality will be high as well.

The same thing can be said about lower costing products too. You have to find the right balance between price, quality and features you’re getting. The price of the product should be used to compare the usability of the belt.

Best Back Support Belts Online In India

There are various back support belts that are available in the Indian market nowadays, all having different features and functions. One of the most suggested belts is for the lumbar spine – which acts as a support for the lower part of the spine. These belts are easy to use and lightweight, which can be worn under clothes.

On the other hand, braces are mostly categorized as rigid, semi-rigid and flexible. Rigid ones are used for severe back pain, which non-rigid or flexible ones are used for mild pain.

1. Peecure Back Support Brace

Peecure Back Support Brace

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This back support brace from Peecure will help you in obtaining a pain-free lower back spine. It will work by training your muscles and your spine in the right manner so that your back pain will be lessened. You can use this brace for just two hours every day and it will help you get an upright and straight posture, which will aid you to improve your self-confidence.

The brace uses ten magnets together to keep it in place. The manufacturer suggests that unchecked back pain can lead to nerve damage, lethargy and pain. You will be able to treat spondylolisthesis, scoliosis and thoracic outlet syndrome with this brace as well.


  • The brace uses ten magnets to secure itself to your body.
  • It can not only help you treat back pain but also other conditions of the spine too.
  • You can train your back muscles and spine with the help of these braces.
  • The brace is not only strong but will also feel comfortable as well.

2. Tynor Back Support Belt

Tynor Back Support Belt

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This is an ideal belt which will provide you with all the much-needed comfort for everyday usage. You can use this belt when you’ll be facing a mild ache on your back.

Apart from back pain, you can also use the belt for spinal injuries, vertebral fracture, lumbar spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, mild low backache and postural fatigue. The belt will last you for a long time, has a flexible back and is also porous too. The belt comes with a double-pull mechanism so that it secures the right way around your waist.

It’s suggested that when washing the belt, water below 30-degree Celsius temperature should be used and it should be dried in the shade. The loop fasteners should be closed before washing. It also has a heat resistant facility that will improve the life of the belt and is perfect for daily use.


  • The belt has a flexible structure with a porous property.
  • It has a double pull mechanism which will give you a secure fit.
  • The belt will last you long enough and has heat resistant capabilities.
  • You can use this belt on an everyday basis.

3. Vissco Back Support Belt

Vissco Back Support Belt

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This belt has been made from elastic fabric that is ventilated and has a great airflow in between the fabric pores. This will keep your torso relaxed and free from sweat.

The belt will be providing you with a rigid support, which will not only feel comfortable but also will help in improving your body’s posture. A special type of fiber with malleable molded materials has been used in the construction of this belt. There’s also the inclusion of double elastic strapping for the highest support.

The belt will provide the body with the required compression for stimulating metabolism, which will further aid in reducing the overall muscular discomfort.


  • The belt has been manufactured by ventilated elastics.
  • It comes with double elastic strapping for a better secure fit.
  • Special malleable molded fiber is used for the creation of the belt.

4. Peecure Back Support Belt

Peecure Back Support Belt

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This is an all-in-one belt and brace for back support, used for both men and women. It will easily and effortlessly support your spine, clavicle and shoulders. There will be times when you’ll feel headache, bone pain, muscle pain or even face breathing issues.

Times like these are when this belt-cum-brace will help you prevent these syndromes. The belt introduces the use of magnets, which keeps your body in the right posture. You can quickly perform your exercises to help your muscles to be strengthened in the perfect manner, without any complications.


  • The belt-cum-brace is not only comfortable but also durable.
  • It will support all the parts of your torso, including your back and shoulders.
  • It can be universally used by both women and men.

5. JSB Back Support Belt

JSB Back Support Belt

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The belt comes with a breathable design that will keep you comfortable when wearing for hours at a stretch. It has the perfect combination of compression and elasticity with double locks and elastic waistbands. The belt is perfect to be used for back spasms, pain, supports a dislocated disc, sciatica pain and the likes.

There are metal splints on both sides of the belt so that better support can be provided. The belt can be easily washed in cold water and dried. It is available in a variety of different sizes so that you can choose your personal preferences.


  • The belt has a breathable design and is comfortable when worn for extended periods.
  • It comes with double elastic waistbands and locks.
  • You can easily wash and dry the belt so that it could enjoy a longer life.
  • The belt is perfect to be used for back pain and spasms.

6. Caresmith Back Support Belt

Caresmith Back Support Belt

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With the help of this back support belt, you can quickly correct your posture in the right way. The belt is ergonomically designed to comfortably give you support. If you can wear it for 30 – 40 minutes a day for the first week and then 60 minutes from the subsequent weeks.

Over time, you can increase the time limit for almost two hours. The belt will shape your body’s posture in such a way that you can feel the difference even when not using it. The size of the belt can be altered according to your preferences.

It will provide you with targeted support just where you need it so that your body can feel stronger when you wore it. Moreover, it’s very easy to wear – like a backpack.


  • The device comes with various long-term benefits for back support.
  • It has a sizing plan that is versatile and flexible.
  • It’s very easy to wear can be adjusted according to your use case scenario.
  • You can easily obtain relief with it’s targeted support.

7. PrivFit Back Support Brace

Priv Fit Back Support Brace

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This is another back support brace that you can use to correct your body’s posture so that you can gain more confidence, enjoy higher energy levels and also reduce or prevent back pain. The brace is lightweight and it pulls the shoulders back to straighten the spine.

You can easily get a custom fit by adjusting it according to your body. The brace provides a comfortable, soft feel to the spine. The brace will not hurt your armpits or your skin. You can start your process by wearing 30 minutes a day and then gradually increasing it to three hours per day.

Your body’s muscles and bones will be able to align properly due to the brace so that it can help you reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress.


  • The belt is very well-known to correct your body’s posture.
  • It is not only discreet but also lightweight to use.
  • The brace will provide a soft, cushioned support to your body.
  • You can use the device to improve your physical appearance too.

8. Elnova Back Support Corset

Elnova Back Support Corset

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This belt is ideal to be used for lower back pain and osteoporotic pain. The company is ranked at number one when it comes to manufacturing braces for lower back pain. The material that is used here is fully elastic, which offers a very snug fit.

There are four aluminum sheets that are contoured anatomically, which provides additional support. The belt also offers additional support to the spine too. Extra elastic straps are provided for better reinforcement.


  • The belt offers a snug and elastic fit around your waist.
  • Contoured aluminum sheets are used to offer improved support.
  • The belt supports additional straps made from elastic fiber for better reinforcement.

9. Spiffy Sky Back Support Belt

Spiffy Sky Back Support Belt

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In case you have a waist size between 32 and 38 inches, this belt should be your perfect choice. The elastic fabric on the belt along with adjustable straps will be perfect to be used during walking, working, exercising or even just relaxing.

The support can be customized according to your liking. The level or amount of support can be altered just when you want. You can wear the belt during gardening sessions, driving, cleaning, and carrying groceries and the likes. You can even wear a belt while working in front of the computer for long periods.


  • The belt uses good quality elastic fabric along with adjustable straps.
  • You can customize the belt according to your liking.
  • It can be used during any activities during the way.
  • Your upper part of the body will be supported in the best way possible and you will enjoy a better body posture.

10. Shree Krishna Back Support Belt

Shree Krishna Back Support Belt

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This is one of the finest back support belts out there with the use of materials like elastic fabric and neoprene combined with straps that are adjustable. The belt can be used during any activities, as you like.

It will provide you with a custom fit that can support any body size and shape, which can be altered as you like. The product comes with heavy-duty stitching that will last you long enough. You can slip on the belt like a backpack and forget about it, as it’s very comfortable to use it.

The belt uses magnets to keep the belt in its place without moving around. It can be worn comfortably throughout the day without any pinching or rubbing against your skin.


  • Use of high-quality elastic fabric and neoprene in the manufacturing process of the belt.
  • It comes with adjustable straps for a comfortable custom fit.
  • The belt has good quality stitching which will last you longer than expected.
  • It uses magnets for a snug and perfect fit.

Benefits of Back Support Belt and Braces

With the help of back support braces and belts, as prescribed by your physician, can easily promote healing, relief and also help you prevent any bigger issues in the future.

  • With the help of back support belts or braces, you will be able to immobilize your injured areas and therefore help in faster recovery.
  • If you have any areas of weakness after a significant surgery, the belt will help you stabilize that area immediately.
  • When you’ll be doing any heavy lifting, it will reduce the pressure and strain on your spine.
  • The belt or brace will help you in promoting a better body posture and also elongate the spine too.
  • With the help of the brace or belt, you’ll be able to transition between sitting down and standing up in a more comfortable manner.
  • It will help your back pain to be relieved and alleviated, thereby allowing your body to be fit without applying for back surgery.
  • Perform activities and move around, which you couldn’t do otherwise without the brace or the belt.
  • Your spine will be supported throughout the time you’ll be wearing it.

How To Use And Wear Back Support Brace And Belt?

When you’ll be buying a new back support brace or belt, you will be getting a set of instructions with it as well. These instructions will include the method of putting on and fitting the brace or belt, along with the taking off process, cleaning and taking care of it. It’s very essential that you follow the instructions, as there are special belts or braces which will fit the patient’s body and needs. If the product is used incorrectly then your pain and injury could be worsened.

The following steps should be followed when wearing a back support brace or belt

  • First of all, you need to wrap the wings of the belt or brace around both sides of the torso.
  • The two ends of the wings need to connect across the abdomen, like a brassiere.
  • You can then make adjustments to the pressure and tightness, according to your preferences. Make the adjustments in small increments, so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

You should get help from another person when putting on the belt or brace because with an injured back it’ll be impossible for you to wear it yourself. It’s suggested that you wear a t-shirt or shirt under the belt or brace so that any skin irritation can be lessened. You should generally wear a shirt having cotton fabric because the material will be soft and will keep your body comfortable.

Bottom Line

It can be easily seen that adding a back support belt or a brace to your back pain treatment process will prove to be very useful to improve the overall mobility and pain feeling. It’s much better than any other physical therapies, medication or even surgeries. With the help of a support belt or brace like this, you can improve your body’s posture as well.