The people who have given birth to children often require some mandatory items in their bags when they go out. With toddlers or newborn there will be more such items. One of those items which are very helpful for new parents is baby diaper.

It is also called as nappy in some areas. A diaper allows the wearer to urinate/defecate at any place without requiring a toilet. These diapers are designed to absorb the excretions without much hassle to the wearer. As toddlers or newborns urinate/defecate at different times at any place, diapers are very helpful.

They even prevent outer clothing or environment  from soiling or bad odor. There are a variety of baby diapers that are available in the market. Some of the diapers are also used by adults who have incontinence and also in places where they cannot use a toilet.

In this article, we are only seeing about baby diapers. You will know all different things that you need to know about diapers. A guide to what type of diapers to choose, top products available in the market for baby diapers, advantages and disadvantages of using baby diapers, precautions to take, and many more useful information.

So, stay tuned till the end of the article to know all these things and buy a baby diaper which is comfortable to your kid.

A Beginner’s Guide to Baby Diapers

Buying a proper baby diaper is important as it should be comfortable and healthy to baby and some key things need to be considered.

If you keep the below necessary things in your mind, you will buy a perfect diaper suitable and healthy for your baby. So, lets dive in to know the buying guide for baby diapers.

Types of Diapers

You might be wondering whether the type of a diaper is factor to even consider. However, it is a key factor to consider while buying diapers. The types that are available are Disposables – it is a pad which absorbs and is between 2 sheets of non-woven fabric.

They can absorb up to 800 times of their weight in liquid form, disposable underwear – to help the older children to keep them dry if they wet their bed, pull-ups – diapers which are in the form of underwear, cloth diapers – environmental friendly diaper which can be reused, pocket diapers, pre-folded diapers, unfolded diapers. Based on your requirement, you can select from one of these.


You need to be aware of the features the diapers are offering like fasteners which stick, contoured fit which have elastic around waist helping to non-leak, lotion which is present in the liner, stretch sides, wetness indicators and of course style.

Cloth Vs Disposable

If you are a person who likes less hassle and comfortable usage you can select disposable and if you are a person who worry about environmental impact of disposable diapers, you may consider cloth diapers. Of course, cost does matter. Based on the cost, availability and comfort select between these 2 types of diapers.

These are some of the factors that you must keep in mind to select proper diaper for your kid. It is always better to know them before hand and buy them based on your research. Here, we are providing such useful guide which helps you in deciding the best diaper to purchase for your kid to stay healthy and comfortable.

Continue reading to find the top diapers from our research and go ahead and checkout through the links that we provided for your convenience.

Best Buy Baby Diapers Online In India

There are so many baby diaper brands that are available in the market. You need to choose the best one that suits your baby.

Here, we are listing top 10 baby diapers in the market. Consider the buying guide and the below list to make a decision about the type that you are going to choose. Lets go ahead and see the list so that you can decide.

1. Pampers New Diapers Pants

Pampers New Diapers Pants

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The first item in our recommended list is from the famous baby brand, Pampers. These are pants style diapers having new air channels which provides a breathable dryness to your baby and the baby can have a sound and comfortable sleep.

It contains a magic gel that locks wetness keeping your baby dry for about 12 hours. This is an improvised version of pampers brand and allows a comfortable fit designed to be close to the baby’s body. The baby can move comfortably with the flexible band waist.

There is a lotion made of aloe vera which protects the baby skin from the most common problem, diaper rashes and irritation. The top layer is made of cotton like soft material for a very comfortable sleep. Diapers are available in funny graphics and designs to enjoy.

The diapers are available in various sizes from small to XXX-Large size and also comes from 10 unit count till 232 count.

Below are the reasons why you need to purchase Pampers New Diapers pants. Based on your comfort you might want to take them.

  • Breathable dryness
  • Top layer made with cotton like soft material
  • Comes with baby lotion with aloe vera

2. Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers

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The next item in our list is from another popular brand, Huggies. Almost everyone out there are aware of this baby brand. Huggies is known for their creation of items keeping baby’s well-being and comfort in mind.

The diapers are made of cushiony cotton soft material helping your baby’s skin to not get irritated from rashes. The diapers stay dry and hygienic for about 12 hours due to their dry touch sheet. There is the double leak guard which prevents any kind of leakage from the diapers.

These are available in many sizes from Small till XXXL. The diapers can be bought with other combination baby products also. The medium size has a pack of 76 diapers.

Some of the highlighting features about Huggies Wonder Pants are listed below.

  • Popular brand
  • Double leakage protection
  • Extremely stretchable
  • Advanced Dry sheet for maximum absorption

3. Pampers Active Baby New Born Diapers

Pampers Active Baby New Born Diapers

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The 3rd best item in our list is another product from Pampers line. This product is specially made for newborns. Newborns often get skin rashes due to friction and redness. Thus, adapting to diapers also takes time for them and diapers should be in a position to ease their rashes and comfort the area.

Pampers active baby diapers provides this intense care that a newborn requires. They are soft and comfortable even when the baby is having a playtime. The diapers have a fastening tape ensuring the diaper to be in place.

The best part of these diapers is that they have moisturizing Aloe Vera lotion protecting your baby’s skin keeping it soft and nourished. The diapers are made of Absorbent gel material.

SO, the diapers are ultra-thin keeping your baby comfortable. This is a number one choice of doctors. They come in 5 sizes and have a unit count of up to 90.

Some of the best features are:

  • The diapers have an extra dry layer.
  • Soft and stretchable
  • Moisturizing baby lotion
  • Has magic gel to be super absorbing.

4. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

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MamyPoko Pants is yet another popular brand for baby products. The commercials on television are also very famous. These diapers have a special dry absorbent sheet designed. The sheet contains crisscross design which can absorb 7 glasses of urine and can spread it evenly helping the diaper to not get heavy at one place.

They have a special stretchable thigh support preventing the leakage caused through thighs. They can keep your baby dry up to 12 hours with their slim core design. They have breathable cotton like material to keep your baby comfortable. It is very easy to wear. They are available from Small till XXXL size and can have unit count till 123.

MamyPoko Pants is certainly a worthy purchase. Some of the highlights of the product are:

  • Made with crisscross absorbent sheet
  • Stretchable thigh support
  • Available in Disney design
  • Easily worn

5. Supples Baby Diaper Pants

Supples Baby Diaper Pants

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Supples might be a new brand that you have heard but it has enough popularity for their baby diapers. The diapers can be easily removed and pulled-up. They can keep the baby dry up to 12 hours. These diapers are very comforting to baby’s skin as they are made from soft, breathable and non-woven material.

The zig-zag layer on the top helps to spread the liquid uniformly and helps in absorbing liquid widely. For these diapers, the bottom layer is designed with gel magnets which are hydrophilic in nature and absorbs more than normal amount. To prevent leaking, the diapers have triple locked enabled side cuffs.

On top of all these layers, there is an extra blue dispersion layer for the baby to feel dry. They are available from Small to X-Large sizes. The units come with a maximum unit count of 156 as a mega box.

Supples Baby diaper pants are famous for keeping your baby dry and at the same time hygienic. We listed below some important features of these diapers. Go through them and select the product if you like it.

  • Made of soft breathable material
  • Zig-zag top layer
  • Bottom layer with gel magnets
  • Triple locked cuffs on the sides

6. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers

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Himalaya is one of the oldest and popular brands that are available. They started producing baby products and it is a success. If you are a fan of natural products, then Himalaya is surely a brand that you must consider. The diapers are made with anti-rash protection made of Aloe and yashad bhasma.

The diaper itself is soft and is easy to fit in. They work well with sensitive skin. The diapers are made of breathable fabric which allows air circulation and the elastic edges prevents leakage. The diapers come in different sizes from Small till Extra Large and with maximum unit count of 80.

If you have been using Himalaya products and if you love them then you should definitely try these diapers for your baby.

Some of the reasons behind the popularity of this brand’s diapers is listed below. Read them and you can quickly take a decision.

  • Made with natural elements to prevent risk of diaper rashes.
  • Soft design
  • Breathable material for better air circulation
  • Leak proof design

7. Papimo Baby Pants Diapers with Aloe Vera

Papimo Baby Pants Diapers

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The next item from our recommended list of diapers is from Papimo. They have some unique features which will help your baby stay comfortable and healthy. The top layer of the diaper is made of crisscross  design helping to absorb properly in large area and to distribute the liquid evenly.

The additional design of gel magnets in the bottom layer help to keep your baby dry. These are hydrophilic in nature. There is an indicator for wetness so that you can know when to change the diaper. They can be easily pulled up and removed. Aloe vera gel is present in the diaper to lock the moisture and always keep your baby dry.

They also prevent rashes. They can absorb up to 12 hours. They are available in different sizes from new born till X-Large. The medium size is available with 76 diaper count.

Some of the features that caught our eye to recommend this product are given below. Go ahead and read these to make a decision.

  • Made with soft material
  • Indicator for wetness
  • Super lock aloe vera gel
  • Diamond core design
  • Comes with gel magnets

8. Teddyy Baby Easy Small Diaper Pants

Teddyy Baby Easy Small Diaper Pants

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Diapers from Teddyy is the next item from our recommended list. The name itself draws you to buy these diapers. They are very comfortable for the kids and they can move around freely. They are like cloth and are breathable. The diapers are super absorbable with acquisition and distribution layer. It has an elastic which is soft for the baby to feel comfortable as well as move without leakage. The air circulation is great. They are available in a pack of 72.

 Some of the features which are essential for a comfortable diaper are listed below. Go through these and decide on whether to buy these diapers or not.

  • It has elastic for anti-leakage
  • The back sheet is cloth like and breathable

9. Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

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The next item from our list is from Little Angel. The diapers have some best features and you can go ahead and look through this item here. Along with the free movement that the baby requires, it is having 360 degrees soft elastics fitting your baby perfectly.

To evenly distribute the liquid throughout the diaper, there are fluid distribution channels. There is double leak protection to help prevent any leakage. There is also the wetness indicator which shows you when to change the diaper. This is very useful feature for this busy life. The material is made very soft and feels like cotton. They come in 4 different sizes with 84 diaper count. The label also indicates extra dry.

 Some of the features which are essential for a comfortable diaper are listed below. Go through these and decide on whether to buy these diapers or not.

  • 360 degree elastics
  • Material is made with cotton soft like material
  • Protection from leakage
  • Wetness indicator
  • Fluid distribution channel

10. Bella Baby Happy Small Diapers

Bella Baby Happy Small Diapers

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Bella Baby Happy diapers is the last from our item list. They have some unique and great features for your baby to feel happy and comfortable. The diapers are designed to prevent the diaper rashes that generally show up. They used sophisticated methods to keep the baby from diaper rashes.

The diapers have green tea extract which neutralizes the unpleasant smell from the diapers. The green tea is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The diapers contain chlorine free components with skin-friendly technology latex to minimize the diaper rashes.

The elastics are soft and help prevent leakages at the same time providing free movement to baby. The diapers come with wetness indicator for ease of use. There are some symmetrical pictures on the diaper which help to properly fasten the diaper.

There are many features that make Happy products unique and customer friendly. Below are the main features which make this product stand out. You can go through the features, and make a decision on whether to buy this product or not.

  • Chlorine free components to prevent diaper rashes
  • It has elastic tapes to keep the diaper in place
  • Green tea extract to help with bad odor.

Hence, today we listed 10 best diaper products available in the market of our choice. First go through the buying guide, check the list and purchase the items which you found eye-catchy and let us know how they work for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Baby Diapers

Along with knowing about the best products and buying guide, it is always very useful to know about the pros and cons of using Baby diapers. As every product has pros and cons, this product also have some advantages and disadvantages of using it.


  • We never know when the baby is going to urinate or defecate. In such cases, instead of waiting near the baby to see when it is going to excrete is a complex job. The prediction is also difficult. Diapers help to make your job easy.
  • Babies excrete more frequently in a day. When you go out, it is always better to be on a safer zone to not cause hassle to public. Diapers help in causing less havoc and the job becomes easier.
  • The place where the baby plays/sleeps can be kept clean as diapers help you do the job for baby.


  • On an average a baby uses around 6000 diapers. This makes it extremely costly to maintain.
  • The diapers are more likely to cause skin irritations and allergies.
  • Disposable diapers are becoming problem for to-be mothers. The chemicals in them are not good for pregnant ladies.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using baby diapers for your babies. Read these as well, and come to a conclusion on what is more useful, safe and comfortable for your baby and your family.

Precautions to take care while using diapers

After purchasing the baby diapers of your choice, it is very important to take some precautions while using these diapers. Below are some of the precautions that you need to take care if you are going to use the baby diapers for your baby.

  • Babies skin need to be checked thoroughly if it is prone to any skin rashes.
  • Avoid using heavy diapers during daytime. Use gel based diaper or cloth diapers.
  • Allow some breathing time between changing the diapers to be free from chemicals for some time.
  • The baby’s skin need to be cleaned with baby wipes or cloth after removal of each diaper. You can use moisturizer after every use to keep your baby’s skin healthy and smooth.

Cloth Vs Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are very popular and most of them use these compared to the cloth diapers as they are convenient to use and thrown after each use. On the other hand, cloth diapers are reusable and so need to be cleaned after usage.

As convenient as it looks, disposable diapers are harmful to the environment whereas cloth diapers are eco-friendly. Cloth diapers are less expensive than disposable diapers. Disposable diapers absorb more than cloth diaper.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, first go through the advantages and disadvantages of using diapers, then decide between disposable and cloth diapers and then go to the buying guide and from the recommended list, select the items of your choice, compare them and check out items.