The world of driving is a dangerous place. Split-second decisions can either save you or put you in a hospital or worse. People cannot be fully trusted when it comes to driving. You need to be vigilant; you need to keep an eye out not only in the front of your vehicle but the back, left, and right. We have seen many people driving irresponsibly, and some even on a mission to commit insurance frauds. You need to protect not only yourself, your drivers, your fleet, but also the cargo that you are carrying.

The best way to deal with road accident claims is to be proactive. Do not rely on the good nature of people and even your fleet drivers. It’s time you put evidence in front of the claims, so I’m here to introduce you to Dash Cam with GPS tracking for your precious fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles.

Why should you invest in Dual Dash Cam Systems?


Installing our dual dash cam systems in your vehicles is an investment. An investment that will pay you back over time. How? With the dual dash cam systems, you can keep an eye on the road ahead; you can record inside the cabin, you can put a camera in the back as well. The whole journey will be recorded and if the worst happens along the route, you will be having HD video evidence of the entire incident.

This dual dash cam system can keep a video log of the incident; it will even have a recording of the events before the incident, during the incident, and even after the incident scenes.

You can use these recordings for your insurance to determine whose fault it is and know the extent of damage before arriving on the scene.

Advantage 1: Video Proof of the Incident


The most significant advantage of having a dual dash cam system is the High-Definition video proof of the incident. You will be able to see the incident recorded in HD. Our cams record video proof before the incident, during the incident, and after the incident. This footage can be used to determine the cause of the accident and also whose fault was it? You can submit the evidence to the Police in case of a Police case and even to your insurance company for easy resolution of the claim. Recorded footage will help you get rid of any false accusations and claims.

2. Correction of Driving Habits


Our dual dash cam systems are equipped with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS). It can record the exact speed of your truck speed and the driver’s habits. Whether the driver makes any unsafe cuts, drives on the wrong side of the road, or doesn’t wear his or her seatbelt, everything gets recorded along with the place and time. Now your drivers have to drive responsibly and follow all the road and safety guidelines; they know that they are watched and recorded in real-time by the dual dash cam wit

h GPS tracking.

3. Fuel Saving


With a real-time recording of the whole trip, your drivers will not only drive safely, but they also won’t unnecessarily push your fleet of trucks and vehicles. They will not take unapproved roads and will also not make unnecessary stops. This brings in substantial cost savings in terms of fuel consumed and increase your operations’ efficiency. According to HDFleet, with the state-of-the-art dual dash cam with GPS tracking, you can keep your fleet going smoothly from the comfort of your office or home.

4. Real-time Monitoring


Real-time monitoring is another advantage of the dual dash cam system. You can log in to the terminal from anywhere using your Internet Browser and keep an eye on your truck and the driver. You do not have to blindly believe in your driver anymore. Now you can keep an eye on your precious fleet from anywhere, see the driver’s performance in real-time and if you suspect any time, you can call your driver and tell him that you are watching and that he should be careful.

5. Tampering Proof Cloud Storage


These dual dash cam systems record everything in the cloud. Unlike other cams that record on just an SD card, which can be removed by the driver or corrupted forcefully, this system is safe. All the footage of your fleet is saved securely in our 24/7 cloud storage. No one but you with the password has access to the data and there is no chance to steal the evidence physically.

6. Trip History


The great thing about pairing GPS with the latest technologies is that it gives you a trip history database. Since each device records the geographical location of each trip, you can access the history and see exactly where your drivers have been at the exact day and moment.

The greater ability to analyze long halts and each duration of each trip costs a lot of money in this line of work.

Not only that but you also get greater information about each particular trip and any potential conflicts along the way. If you’re not sure about your driver making false claims, then all you need to do is access the trip history database and see exactly where they’ve been.

7. Smart Alerts


Dashcams with GPS is equipped with geographical maps that get updated in real-time. This means that you know exactly if a particular road is blocked, closed, or is going slow due to a recent accident. This is a great advantage in predicting alerts as they come.

The smart alert system also alerts you about anything happening with your vehicle. If there’s a particular issue with the engine, then you will get alerted. The same goes for other parts of the vehicle such as the tires, brakes, etc. By getting dash cams with GPS tracking for your fleet of vehicles, you are making sure that your drivers are safe on the road. Not only that, but you are also protecting yourself in the case of accidents, fraud, and failed deliveries.