After spending hours on workout session and not getting desired results can easily flush your motivation and make you feel depressed. There are the number of people who go on workout sessions and prefer intolerable diet plans to get quicker results but the training of a couple of months gives a little change in the body. In such cases, people stop going to the gym or in a workout session.

Eventually, solutions like fat burner supplements can come in handy and work as a catalyst to burn at a faster rate. Many pharmacy companies are launching their unique formula supplement, and most of them are effective also but should you prefer them? If yes, then which one? To answer these questions, we have this guidepost to cover types of fat burners, the top 10 most loved products, and relevant FAQs.

Let’s begin by pouring some light on the types and knowing how they differ from each other. These details can let you find the perfect product for your specific needs. Not only that, you will save a good amount of money from wasting on the wrong products.

Different Types of Fat Burners

Six types of Fat Burners are easy to find in the market, and you can rely on all these types. The reason that these are different from each other lies in their formula, working method, and few other factors. So, if you choose any of these types, then you will get the best product for your needs.

1. Thermogenic Fat Burners

Loved for their simple design, easy to use method and affordability factor, Thermogenic Fat Burners gained huge popularity in the last decade. Every single dime worth spending on it but have you ever wondered why these are called thermogenic?

Well, using different ingredients to ramp up the metabolic rate and body temperature makes it thermogenic which means that it increases the body temperature and burn fat.

The use of controversial substances makes it this much effective. The common substances are caffeine, Synephrine HCL, and Yohimbe.

2. Appetite Suppressants

Appetite is totally responsible for the overeating habits of people. If someone has a higher appetite rate, then it can decrease the chances of losing weight because you will keep on eating even if you are stuffed. Many psychological factors are responsible for it.

With the consumption of appetite suppressants fat burners, you can control hunger by many times and eating lower food will help to get better control over your fat. The main ingredient is Hoodia which is found among all the fat burners in the same kind.

3. Carb Blockers

Cascade events occur in the human body due to the excess of carb in food which can lead to hunger. Almost every meal you take is stuffed with lots of carbs, even if you don’t want to eat, the consumption rate is still high. By blocking carb from consumption, you can easily get rid of this issue.

Due to this. Carb blockers are getting huge popularity these days. By inhibiting the enzymes which are responsible for the digestion of carb, you can achieve the perfect results in a couple of months. This means that Carb Blockers reduce calorie intake by avoiding carbohydrate consumption.

4. Thyroid Regulating Fat Burners

Our Body Metabolism is totally based on hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. If your body isn’t producing enough hormones, then you may not digest food perfectly, and it can leave fat inside your body. Thus, you start gaining weight slowly.

By choosing thyroid regulating fat burners, you can boost the metabolic rate by helping the thyroid gland produce the same number of hormones. These supplements can easily fix thyroid-related issues, and you get higher potency to work out and reduce weight in the next couple of weeks.

5. Fat Blockers

Fat Blockers are a lot more similar to the carb blocker, and there are a lot more focused on reducing dairy fat in the body. This fat burner can reduce the cholesterol and fat-related issues that are why you can rely on it over others.

There are many ingredients to do the exact work mentioned but the main ingredient to block the digestion of dairy fat is Chitosan. This will also boost metabolism to help with weight loss. You can find significant results with this product.

6. Cortisol Blockers

So, the last one of the list is also a blocker that can provide better results because of cortisol for weight gain, depression, and many other health-related issues. If you prefer this fat burner, then you can find better results for sure.

Using this type of fat burner helps you change the metabolism and reducing the excess eating habits also. However, this type is not that popular because a small measurement can change your metabolic cycle; that’s why being selective is necessary with this type.

Best Buy Fat Burners Online In India

As mentioned before, many companies are trying their best to come up with a reliable product. However, only a few of them are leading the supplement industry from the past couple of years.

The below mentioned are the top 10 fat burners that you can try out:

1. Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss

Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss

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Weight loss capsules are quite popular in the market where you can easily find Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss in the list of best ones. The reason to keep this supplement at first position is Powerful nootropics, and it’s working. Each capsule contains many active ingredients to boost the metabolic rate by many times. Appetite control is necessary for the body, and it offers the same.

Key Features:

  • Higher effective rate as per reviews
  • Affordable choice as compared to others
  • Easily available in India
  • Burn fat to produce energy for the body
  • Keep you energetic even at low calories diet

Apparently, most of the fat burners are the same, but the difference is ineffectiveness. It is highly effective, and most of the buyers have a positive review of it. Even with a low calories diet, you will feel highly energetic because this supplement will burn fat to produce energy for your body. These are a bunch of reasons to choose this product over the selection of others.

2. Sinew Nutrition Natural Fat Burner 5X

Sinew Nutrition Natural Fat Burner

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The second product in this list seems more legit due to the natural ingredients like as Green Tea, CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Coffee & Garcinia Cambogia Extract. All these ingredients are known for the boost in metabolic rate and keeping you energetic. If you think about poor taste, then don’t worry because there are artificial sweeteners added to enhance the taste.

Key Features:

  • Known for five times faster fat burning formula.
  • Pure Vegetarian ingredients, no meat or extracts.
  • Added sweeteners to enhance taste and smell.
  • Suppresses appetite to decrease excess eating habits.
  • It is claimed as the top-notch product by customers also.

These are some basic reasons to buy Sinew Nutrition Natural Fat Burner 5X over other ones. There are 60 capsules of 120mg, and each one is effective enough to burn fat at a faster rate.

For a first-time buyer, this will easily reduce fat, and you can rely on the product due to all the positive reviews from most of the buyers.

3. MusclePharm CLA Core

MusclePharm CLA Core

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If you don’t worry about paying extra for the safe product, then you can’t be wrong with MusclePharm CLA Core which is popular for carb high protein supplement. There are two different sizes available with 90 capsules and 180 capsules packing. It depends upon your consumption rate. There is nothing to worry about regarding the usability because this supplement is certified also. 

Key Features:

  • It is 100% whey protein with fat-burning properties.
  • Whey protein isolate is used as the basic ingredient.
  • Offer more than 180 servings, and the small size is also available.
  • Effective enough to provide results in a couple of weeks.

One good thing is you can expect fast results but getting changes overnight is not possible. Even if any product claim to provide overnight results, then you should beware of such products. Consuming such suspicious products may cause serious health-related issues that’s why you can choose it over others.

4. Health First Thermo Fat Burner

Health First Thermo Fat Burner

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This small container of 60 capsules can serve you the same need which you can expect from the first one, but it is a different type of fat burner. With the thermionic supplement formula, you can expect a better metabolic rate, and it is also controlling your appetite. Such things can help you understand how you will get perfect results. 

Key Features:

  • Thermogenic design to boost the metabolic rate of your body.
  • Start by controlling your hunger with appetite suppressors.
  • Heat through metabolic stimulation help you get higher energy.
  • It is considered as the most effective in the long run.

Whether you want a slim shape body or lower fat in the body, Health First Thermo Fat Burner is a good choice. It is totally a vegetarian supplement, and it can make you get results in two months. Taking the right dose is necessary to avoid getting into an issue.

5. Muscleblaze Fat Burner 910 Mg

Muscleblaze Fat Burner

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Artificial sweeteners can enhance the taste of such supplements, but they also add a little sugar which can decrease the effectiveness. Due to this reason, you can go for Muscleblaze Fat Burner which is unflavored, and you get 90 capsules in one pack. It is loved for the lower price point that’s why you can go for this one. 

Key Features:

  • It comes at an affordable price point.
  • It is totally a vegetarian product.
  • It is made up of green tea and grapefruit extracts.
  • Stimulates the body by boosting the metabolic rate.
  • Provide instant energy for the workout.

Additional tweaks like natural ingredients make it better as compared to the other ones. It suppresses appetite which helps by keeping you stuffed, and you won’t feel hungry. The control over hunger lets you reduce weight way effectively and bodybuilders love it to achieve keen and desired muscle shape.

6. MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

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MuscleTech is surely a reputed brand in the supplement world, and you can find that most of their products are known for effectiveness and negligible side effects. Caffeine anhydrous is used as the base. The extreme boost in energy is common to expect. Bodybuilders prefer it as pre-workout because it helps to do excess workout and burning fat at a faster rate.

Key Features:

  • Provide enormous energy by burning fat which helps in the longer workout session.
  • It is a vegetarian supplement made up of natural and safe ingredients.
  • Just like others, it also pushes your metabolism so that you get desired results.
  • Ingredients like green coffee extract are used in this supplement.

Active women and men can consume this supplement to boost their energy levels during a workout. The effectiveness of this supplement is based on your workout mainly.

You have to focus on a little exercise on a daily basis to achieve the quality results; that’s why don’t consider it if you are not going to focus on the workout.

7. New herbs F8 Ultra Fat Burners

New herbs F8 Ultra Fat Burners

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This product nailed the seventh place in this list due to pure quality and no side effects reports from the consumer. It is a little slow in working, but it works for sure. Just like others, it boosts the metabolic rate, but the different fact is all the natural ingredients. There are Green Coffee, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, CLA, and Chromium as the main ingredients. 

Key Features:

  • Focus on overall health and control appetite for better control over fat.
  • Reduce weight by burning fat in a couple of weeks; that’s why highly reliable.
  • Also, work as an energy booster which focuses on calories from the fat.
  • Free diet consultation offered on the purchase of this supplement.
  • Consuming two pills every day 30/60 minutes before a meal is helpful.

No doubt that everyone wants effective results and easier instruction. With this supplement, you get a complete consultation which can help you get the right dosage. After consuming it for two months, you will find significant changes in the body and a remarkable drop in body weight.

8. Naturyz LEAN CUTZ Fat Burner

Naturyz LEAN CUTZ Fat Burner

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Undoubtedly Thermogenic Fat Burners are widely suggested by doctors to lose weight. If you want real quick results, then you can prefer these and obtain better results. Naturyz Lean Cutz offers better results because the most active ingredient present in this supplement is Acetyl L Carnitine which reduces fat by suppressing appetite and giving a significant increase in metabolic rate. 

Key Features:

  • Made up of 100% Natural and safe ingredients or vegetarians.
  • One Serving last for a small-time but good enough to provide results.
  • Contain some weight management properties to provide energy whenever required.
  • Provide better health by reducing bad cholesterol and blocking fat.

You will be consuming one serving at a time, and it contains 500mg Acetyl L Carnitine, 200mg Caffeine, 250mg Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, chromium, and Green Coffee Bean Extract. The only downside is that it cost a higher amount as compared to the other ones.

9. Sinew Nutrition CLA Fat Burner

Sinew Nutrition CLA Fat Burner

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Have you ever heard about CLA fat burners? Well CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. It is also called dietary supplements or polyunsaturated fatty acids. The active role of this ingredient is in weight management as well as it can help you achieve lean muscle mass. You can get a boost in performance which will help in various manners. 

Key Features:

  • It affects body fat and maintains lean muscle mass.
  • Regular fitness routine with two tablets in a day help in quick results.
  • Work on overall health and reduce weight by burning fat only
  • Cheapest as compared to other CLA fat burners available in the market.

In addition to all the factors, you can buy this fat burner from local stores as well as online that’s why this one is most loved among everyone. As per reviews, it is genuine and losing 10 pounds of weight in two months is possible with the consumption that’s why you can rely on it over other expensive CLAs.

10. Leanhealth Burner Max

Lean health Burner Max

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The last product nailed this list on behalf of lower prices and extract of 95% HCA. Garcinia Cambogia is the main ingredient that makes it a perfect product. For a short burst of time, it is good to go for an affordable price point. The MRP seems pretty expensive, but you can expect a good discount on it. The presence of HCA is responsible for effective working.

Key Features:

  • HCA work as the basic element for weight loss.
  • Promote better metabolism and reduce appetite.
  • Boost your energy and reduce overall health-related issues.
  • Two capsules are enough for one day of dosage.
  • It is a vegetarian supplement to choose from.

Wherever you find the name of the supplement, the risk of side effect strikes harder in everyone’s mind but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With this supplement, you can get safer muscle mass and reduce the excess of fat from the body to attain a lean body in a couple of months.

These are all the popular choices that are listed as per their effectiveness, natural ingredient, vegetarian and affordability factors.

After all these factors, people still have a question in mind whether fat burners work or not? Let’s learn more about this factor.

Do Fat Burners Really Work?

The short answer to this question is Yes, Fat Burners work. As per research, the cause of excess fat is the unstable metabolic rate and uncontrolled appetite. Most of the fat burners are focused on the correction of metabolic rate and reducing appetite to control your hunger.

Scientifically, fat burners are reliable, but these play with your body hormones, so you have to be worried by side effects also, right? Well, the popular supplements are safe because they affect your hormones by a little which enhances overall health and doesn’t cause a single issue.

How To Choose A Right Fat Burner For You?

Choosing the right fat burner is the hitherto daunting task full of numerous choices for a first-time buyer. People with insufficient knowledge end up getting the wrong fat burner, and they face issues lately that’s why you should consult with a doctor before buying any fat burner. After examination, if a doctor suggests buying a fat burner, then you should consider the below-mentioned factors for an informed decision:

  • Always know that what you are expecting from the fat burner. There is a total of six types of fat burners (as mentioned before), and each one offers slightly different results with the fat burn. So, you should know what you need exactly.
  • People who are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants should check out the ingredients if a supplement. If they contain caffeine or stimulants, then you should ignore and go for other types. Stimulants really help with energy level, but if you have an issue with them, then you can avoid.
  • People currently on medicine should not consider supplements until you are totally healthy. The ingredients of supplements and medications can cause side effects and many other issues to your health that’s why be selective in approach.
  • => A quick fat burner is helpful, but it may have some side effects also. Due to this reason, you should know that how much time you want to consume fat burners to get lean muscle mass and effective results.
  • These four factors are necessary to check before paying for fat burners. A first-time buyer should check these factors as well as he should check out every ingredient to get the proper details. Checking reviews about the product can help to obtain the right supplement for your needs.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Loss

Belly fat is one of the biggest concerns which keeps on increasing with age. In order to combat this problem, it is imperative to know the best way for fat loss. It is often seen that people cut down on diet to slim and tone down, but let us look comprehensively in The Dos and Don’ts of Fat Loss.


  • Increasing the quantity of water intake has been scientifically proven to help in cutting down the weight. Increasing water intake helps in augmenting the fluid circulation in the body, thus increasing the digestion and assimilation process within the body.
  • Surviving on proteins and roughage can lead to an excellent strategy for cutting down on extra meat. They help in providing the needed diet which adds nutrition to the body and helps enhances the proper bowel movement. Eating proteins helps in reducing the appetite by more than 50% but increasing the metabolism by 100 calories per day, thus increasing savings on the food intake.
  • Say goodbye to carbs say goodbye to belly fat! Carbs increase the urge for food and thus increases the appetite. If the carb consumption is reduced, the water-weight of the individual reduces at a faster rate.
  • Exercise, exercise and exercise! A disciplined way of living is a morning jog, few crunches and a touch of yoga, that has proven to reduce the weight loss excellently. Aerobic exercises help in opening up the sweat pores of the body, which increases the sweating and helps in accentuating further weight loss.


  • Don’t cut down on your diet! One of the major misconceptions about losing weight is that you need to cut down on your weight. Doctors recommend that cutting down on your weight results in loss of essential and non-essential nutrients and vitamins, which can backfire in making you sick.
  • Don’t consume sugar and sweetener! Sugar gets converted into fructose in the liver, which is biologically converted into fat, which gets stored in the body. It has lead to a reduction in the metabolic activities as well as accumulation of the fat in the liver and abdomen regions.
  • Stop stressing about weight loss! Scientifically proven that the more you stress about the loss in weight, the lesser are your chances of weight loss. Stress reduces the metabolism of the body. As the metabolism of the body reduces, it leads to an increase in fat accumulation.
  • Over-exercising has also been regarded as one of the don’ts when it comes to losing weight. It may lead to harmful wear and tear of the muscles as well as injuries and mechanical damage of the body, which must be avoided at any cost.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations! One of the major hurdles in weight loss is the over-bearing of unrealistic expectations, that can lead to a complete demotivation and failure in the mission of losing weight. It may lead to dropping out of the entire mission of losing weight, hence it is highly recommended to have realistic expectations on weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do fat burners make you hungry?

No, almost every Fat burner contains the ingredient to boost metabolism and suppress appetite which can help reducing hunger.

2.  Are fat burning supplements safe?

Yes if you buy a reputed supplement after taking a proper examination of your body. Make sure to consume the proper dosage to avoid trouble.

3. How Do I Know If My Fat Burner Is Working?

Simply note down your weight on a daily basis and start doing the workout. Better metabolic rate increases constipation and reduces weight. This is the easy method to know but don’t rush for the results.


Needless to mention but everyone wants mesmerizing results overnight which isn’t possible. People gain weight in years, and then they want to rip it off in just a week which leads to the search for a highly effective supplement. Such supplements may work, but they can seriously harm the consumer in various manners. Due to this reason, always consult with the doctor before buying a supplement to burn fat.

As if you want to buy a supplement then check ingredients first and then focus on anything else. This method will help to choose the safest supplement among all others.

The right dosage is the last important factor to consider that’s why you should consult before taking excess or lower dosage which can affect the results in various manners. I Hope, this review post will let you find the perfect supplement.