The shift from the handicraft economy to one dominated by machines made technology an essential part of people’s daily lives. Within the four corners of your house, you use these pieces of equipment to make things easier and better. Even if you’re outside your house, technology is ever so present.

Your kitchen, being the heart of the home, needs these appliances, too. Most of the time, the methods of cooking rely on these tools. Not only that, the outcomes of your dishes can depend on these tools as well. There are times that we feel that we want food similar to what we buy outside and recreate them in the comfort of our own homes. Who wouldn’t want Kolkata’s renowned Kathi rolls or a filling misal pav in their house?

With that said, here is an essential list of kitchen devices in different sizes you definitely must not miss buying:

The Small Ones

Have you ever heard of the saying, small but terrible? Well, these kitchen appliances might be small, but mind you, they certainly aren’t terrible. If anything, they are powerful equipment that can fill your kitchen tables with fresh, tasty, and delicious meals.

Toaster Ovens


Dreaming about perfectly crisp toasts, tasty pizzas, roasted proteins and vegetables, even baked desserts and side dishes are made true with toaster ovens. One such dish you can come up with toaster ovens are roasted potatoes. Just put some clean potatoes in a deep baking pan and spices and you’re done!

They might be smaller than your regular-sized ovens, but there is just so much more they can offer. On top of that, they are convenient, practical, and budget-friendly. If you have a hard time selecting one, check out to help you choose the best type of toaster oven for you and your kitchen.

Slow Cooker


Also known as a crockpot, this countertop cooking device is ideal for busy parents who still need to prepare food by the time they get home from work. From its name, they allow you to cook low and slow or simmer food all day or all night, without compromising the taste of your home-cooked dish.

With this appliance, you don’t have to worry about being forgetful and busy as it grants you to come home to a still warm and delicious meal. Using a slow cooker makes your chicken tender and juicy, perfect for chicken tikka masala and curry.

Coffee Maker


Although a lot of Indians prefer tea, you can’t deny the fact that a huge population also enjoys coffee. A coffee maker helps quench that thirst for coffee. This appliance makes brewing coffee a lot easier, faster, and more satisfying.

Aside from the usual roti, dosas, and idlis, coffee is also a perfect partner for breakfast. Most coffee lovers prefer to drink them in between parts of their day. You can even see them at work in your office or hotel rooms.

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee before starting their day? Who doesn’t love to drink coffee after a tiring working day, anyway? In fact, who doesn’t enjoy coffee ever? When it’s a drink that helps everyone with everything, we all can agree that coffee is one of the best drinks ever made.

Fun fact: Recent studies suggest that those who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, heart, kidney, and other leading diseases common in women.



When you think about blenders, you instantly associate them with smoothies. They, however, serve other purposes far more than that. They are commonly used to grind fresh fruits and vegetables, added with milk and other sweetening ingredients to make milkshakes, but they could also be for mixing sauces, juices, and soups.

Having this small cooking appliance is genuinely one for the books (err, kitchen).

Electric Grill


If your family loves to go outdoors, this one is just the right equipment for you. You can use them for open-air grilling, but they are also suitable for indoors as they do not produce much smoke and are easy to clean and use.

Additionally, they are safer and more convenient than grilling in an open flame.

The Big Ones

Along with the devices mentioned above, these big ones are the most crucial appliances that must be found in your cooking space. They serve as the definition, highlight, and ‘main course’ of the kitchen.



These up to date appliances give you a 2-in-1 benefit. Ranges are a combination of a stove and an oven and are the latest trend that dominates the kitchen home. Buying this saves space, money, time, and effort.

There are different types of ranges:

  1. Gas Range

This type uses gas to fuel the stove and allows you to cook with precise heat. It also lets you see the flame and make quick heating adjustments.

  1. Electric Range

This is operated by electricity and is preferred by homeowners due to its smooth top stoves, which are easier to clean, and the oven for baking. They often come with extra features, too. However, they are not as precise in terms of heating levels as their gas counterparts.

  1. Dual Fuel Range

As suggested, they combine the best features of a gas stove for precise cooking and an electric oven for even baking.



Aside from stoves and ovens, one of the main highlights of the kitchen is the refrigerator. This is where food is stored, and kept cold, which slows down bacterial growth to preserve it longer. This way, it remains fresh the next time you want to eat it.

You might also want to heat them using a microwave or your toaster ovens.



Washing dishes has never been more manageable and more fun without dishwashers. Instead of manually putting soap, cleansing them with water, then putting them on the dish rack, this machine does pretty much all the work. What you only need to do is load the dishes, add detergent, set the timer, and then turn it on. Easy-peasy.

Water Dispenser


Water is also an essential supply we cannot live without. We need to stay hydrated in order to function well. Water dispensers provide access to safe and clean drinking water and have advanced filtering, cooling, and heating water features.


Filling your kitchen with these common appliances help you become more productive. Although some might think that more appliances mean more clutter, having just the essentials won’t be as messy. Aside from that, these tools look good and provide aesthetics that can make your home look even more impressive. They may come in different sizes but all of which are essential and beneficial for homeowners like you.