An anal fistula is the connection that runs into the anus, in the skin that is surrounding the anus. It leads to infection that can’t get treated on its own. One must consult a doctor that can cure the fistula. Surgery is the only solution to treat the problem of anal fistula.

It is caused when the fluid made by glands inside one’s anus gets clogged. It leads to bacterial build-up that leads to the cause of abscess. If abscess is not treated on time, it makes a hole in the skin somewhere around the hole of your anus so surgery is needed so that the gunk present inside of it can be drained.

The fistula thus works as a channel that joins the glands to the opening. Hence fistula is caused due to abscess, but in rare situations, it could also be the result of TB or because of diseases transmitted sexually.


The individual who is suffering from fistula may experiences symptoms like pain, redness, and swelling around the anus. If these symptoms are present one must consult a doctor as soon as possible to get relief from the fistula.

There could be other severe symptoms such as one may experience bleeding, or experience pain while urinating or during bowel movement, fever is also common symptom in severe condition and sometimes might experience liquid coming out from the hole near the anus that is of foul smell. These symptoms must not be ignored at any cost, and one must call the doctor before the situation becomes more severe.

In case of consulting the doctor, the doctor examine by asking questions related to the patients past illness to get the clear understanding of individual medical history and the patient have to undergo the physical exam if the doctor think that all these symptoms are because of fistula. There are different types of fistula that can be experienced by different people. Some fistulas get easily found, while some are not.

The doctor will look for symptoms like oozing liquid or bleeding near the anus. The doctor might also send you to a colon specialist for more elaborate testing. In some situation where there are difficult to find, one might also require a colonoscopy. Under this test, the doctor will insert the tube that have a camera on it into your anus to find the fistula. The person will be unconscious during the whole procedure.


There are no medicines that can treat fistula. The only course of treating the fistula is through surgery. The procedure can occur in the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital, wherever the patient is comfortable. There are different courses of treatment for a different type of fistula.

For the fistula that is not severe, the doctor will simply cut open the skin that is around the connection. To close the fistula, the doctors have to use the plug. In case of a more severe fistula, the doctor inserts a tube inside the opening to drain all the fluid that is infected. It is an important procedure until and unless the fluid is not drained off, the surgery cannot be performed. It is a long procedure that can go for a number of weeks.


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