There are times when you get bored with the old kitchen design and want to see something new and different.

According to ResearchGate, the kitchen has the highest demand as to the renewal of the house’s space.

So if you want to take your kitchen to the next level, then changing the kitchen cabinet design is always a good idea. Plus, a kitchen remodel allows you to modernize your kitchen, make it more interesting and also more appealing.

Here you have some ideas that might help with your kitchen remodel even if you don’t have a lot of money!

1. Replace the old cabinets with new ones

It’s a very good idea to remove old kitchen cabinets and replace them if possible.

Also, research done by NCBI claims that your kitchen situation can actually have an effect on your health.

Go with a new kitchen cabinet design if you can. Maybe even change the kitchen cabinet colors.

The idea is to remove the old cabinets and just replace them with something better.

Ideally, you want to go with a modern approach and improved visuals or functionality. Check the kitchen cabinet prices and compare them with your needs.

Good kitchen cabinets don’t have to be expensive so that you will find something within your budget without worries.

You could also paint the old cabinets if you want, that still helps a lot. Just pick the best kitchen cabinet colors. Repainting helps save money, which makes it a great remodeling idea.


We recommend you to update your cooking area with a tile backsplash. This makes your kitchen more visually appealing.

And on top of that, you have great design choices, lots of room for improvement and you can even create your design pattern.

Once you pick the right kitchen cabinet materials and start changing cabinets, think about adding a tile backsplash too. It’s inexpensive and brings in a great visual flair to the entire process.

2. Update some appliances

Ideally, you want to go with the best appliances you can find for the money.

If you have some old appliances, using modern ones always makes a lot of sense. And thankfully you can sell the old stuff and use that money, plus a bit extra, to get some amazing results.

You can use this approach, especially if you want to make your kitchen modern and more functional.

3. Reface cabinets


If you don’t want to replace cabinets, refacing them will work just fine.

Refacing is one of the least expensive kitchen cabinets ideas out there. It’s interesting, easy to explore, and it delivers plenty of options all the time.

Thanks to cabinet refacing you get a better look for a really low price.

4. Maximize the space

A good kitchen remodel doesn’t necessarily require you to add stuff. Minimalism is key here. If your kitchen is full of clutter, then it might be a good idea to remove some items you barely use.

A good option would be to eliminate some storage space if your kitchen barely gets any use. And instead, you can add some appliances.

5. Add a tiny bar


We noticed that a lot of people choose to have a tiny bar set in their kitchen.

You can add it to a remote side of your kitchen if you want. But the main idea is to make it more interesting and appealing for yourself.

It works great because it becomes immersive and distinctive at the same time. Add some spirits, snacks, and bar equipment; then you will have everything ready to go without any issues.

6. Make the most out of those underused corners

What you can do there is to add a small place where you can sit, like a kitchen bar, for a change.

The kitchen size is pivotal here. But usually, you can add a multipurpose nook that you can use to work or just enjoy the coffee you want.

Accessories are everything here; you can add plump pillows and many others.

Try to focus on making your kitchen express who you are and what you enjoy. Even if it feels hard to do that at first, as you commit to this idea, you will like the results a lot.

7. Open shelving


Open shelving is less expensive than most regular shelves since there’s less material to be used there.

The good thing is that you have great access to all the features you want, you can cook a lot faster.

You can use the idea to create the illusion of expanded space. You can display some plates, mugs and so on, while also having access to them on the spot.

8. Change the countertop material

You can still find granite countertops on a budget. Or you can go with many other affordable materials.

Countertops are not exactly the most expensive out there; it all comes down to studying the market before you pull the trigger.

If you can add accessories made out of stainless steel, that will give your kitchen a stellar visual appeal.

9. Add some plants to your kitchen


This is very inexpensive, but it makes your kitchen more immersive and interesting.

You can change the cabinets and give them wooden accents. If you have a low budget, you can bring the outdoors inside with numerous plants and natural accents.

Eco-friendly accents are the best in your kitchen, and they do stand out big time.

10. Sliding doors

Buying a sliding door for your kitchen will help a lot. Your pantry is more accessible, and these doors themselves are not super expensive.

They bring in a good functionality for their cost, and if you still have some money left for your kitchen remodel, using them makes a lot of sense.



There are many methods you can use to improve your kitchens’ visual appeal.

It’s a very good idea to replace your cabinets or reface them. According to you can even find professional carpenters and kitchen designers that will bring you amazing kitchen cabinet ideas and designs at a very good price, while still being able to retain your budget. Make the most out of such amazing opportunities and make your kitchen great again!