Does your day begin with that golden slice buttered evenly or smeared with jam? A touch of a button can offer you this healthy and easy to prepare breakfast in a jiffy. Yes, we are talking about a toaster.

Originally known as the eclipse toaster invented by Alan MacMasters in 1893, the electric toaster has come a long way. Today, you will find different types of toasters depending on their features,  size, and material. Countertop toaster ovens and convection toaster ovens are multipurpose toasters which can bake you brownies and cookies, too.

However, the grilled sandwich toasters and pop up toasters rule the scene as they are the most convenient kitchen appliances for a quick, on the go breakfast. Today, let us review the top five pop up toasters available in India.

1. Philips Daily Collection HD 2584/60 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster with Bun Warmer

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Daily Collection toaster HD 2584 from Philips is a stylish looking 2 slice pop up toaster in desert green color. Its cool wall exteriors and compact design make it a smart choice for your kitchen countertop.

This toaster with 830-watt power offers eight browning options and two large variable slots for different sizes of slices of bread. It is a self-centering feature is ideal for even browning on both sides.

And you just need to press the Cancel button in case of wrong selection of browning option. The integrated bun warming rack is a plus for heating rolls, buns, and pastries. You can even defrost frozen bread using the defrost function. Reheat your toast anytime with reheat option.

This lightweight and easy to clean toaster is laced with safety features such as auto shut off feature in case of short circuit. However, some customers may find 33 inches long power cord a bit short.

Out of eight browning options, only five are useful, beyond that toasts are totally burnt. Rotating knob is a little stiff while rotating counterclockwise.

2. Black + Decker BXTO0202IN 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster with Bun Warmer

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Black & Decker BXTO0202IN 2 slice pop up toaster is not only durable but also looks good on your kitchen counter. It is a powerful toaster with the power of 870 watts which operates on 220-240 volts.

It may be slightly on the higher side of energy consumption, but it serves you the most important meal of the day without any delay. It comes with all the important features such as reheat, defrost, cancel and auto shut off.

Six levels of electronic browning controls and inbuilt bun warmer offers a variety of choices to start your day with. Now, you can start your day with a crisp, golden brown toast or evenly heated croissant. Easy to clean crumb tray and auto pop up function keeps your mornings hassle-free.

One drawback of this pop-up toaster is that it does not come with the dust cover. However, 2 years warranty and onsite service compensate for the same.

3. Prestige PPTPKB 800 Watt 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster

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Prestige PPTPKB 800 Watt 2 slice pop up toaster with anti-slip feet is next in my list. Plastic housing and neat design in the black finish make it an irresistible accessory for your kitchen.

Manufactured in the People’s Republic of China and imported by the Prestige TTK, this popup toaster does its job perfectly. Whether it is browning, toasting or warming, it is easy to operate and convenient to clean.

Self-adjusting centering and 3 browning options give you perfectly toasted bread as per your choice. 6 Levels of temperature control not only makes it easy to choose between golden browning, medium browning or dark browning, but it is also energy saving.

Cord winding option is a plus of this 2 slice pop up toaster. It saves space and looks neat. However, not having a dust cover is one drawback of this pop-up toaster.

4. Morphy Richards AT-401 4-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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If you are a big family who likes crisp golden brown toasts for the breakfast, Morphy Richards AT 401 4 slice pop up toaster is the right choice. It pops up 4 slices of bread perfectly toasted in 30 seconds.

If you are in a hurry and want to have a quick breakfast Morphy Richards AT 401 is your perfect mate. You can also activate a single slot if you need to toast only 2 slices of bread and save energy. Wide slots of this toaster make it easy to accommodate any size of pieces of bread.

Hi-lift feature of this pop-up toaster easily ejects even small size pieces of bread. Variable browning options make the toaster versatile in terms of color and crispiness. Plastic cladding and anti-skid feet are some of the cool features of this attractive looking toaster.

1400 watts power, auto shut off function and 2 years warranty are some of the plus points.

5. American Micronic AMI-TSS2-150Dx 4-Slice Imported Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster

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Here is one more option for a 4 slice pop up toaster. American Micronic 2 in 1 pop up toaster with a high-quality stainless steel body is now available in India.

This sturdy and durable appliance is properly insulated. As a result, it is safe and cool to touch. It also has other safety features such as auto shut off. 7 adjustable browning options and Cancel function give you the liberty to experiment with your early morning breakfast.

Its 1600 watt power capacity makes it possible to pop up 4 evenly toasted, crispbreads in no time. You can also opt to toast only 2 slices and save energy. One disadvantage of this product is that it comes with 16 Amp plug which may not fit in the normal socket. Otherwise, it is easy to operate, good quality product for your kitchen.

As we all are aware, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we may not have sufficient time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning. Pop up toaster gives us an option to prepare quick and healthy breakfast within minutes.

Sliding crumb tray keeps the kitchen clean and various features of modern pop up toasters keep the process easy and hassle-free.