If you have fallen into a routine drill and mundane living; where you can make enough time to work on your diet and nutrition. Times when your bank balances are high but health-wise you don’t see yourself wealthy. Don’t give yourself a hard time, most people have at one point or another. It’s not a billion-dollar industry for no reason.

At this point we all fall and feel restless; don’t know who and what to believe when it comes to nutrition or overall living healthier. Looking at a whole wellness approach, you learn, read, watch, and purely intend to achieve your set goal. However, do you find setting these goals that you just can’t stick with?

Well, instead of getting frustrated, it might be more productive to look into finding one-on-one counseling or nutrition coaching!

Take our cricket team for an example, now their success is no doubt due to their restless efforts, but it’s also in part due to on-going mentoring and guidance they receive from their coaches. Having a coach is extremely accountable and powerful. Here are some of the best nutrition experts in Bangalore:

Roshni Sanghvi

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Roshni is among the top vegan nutritionists in the country. Her high- carb plant-based approach is popular among individuals not only looking for short term ‘fast’ results but long term lifestyle modification. Having her masters in Clinical Psychology and internationally certified as a sports nutritionist and transformation specialist, Roshni’s niche is morbid obesity and disease reversal. Her Facebook page and youtube are filled with snot bids from client results to her approach to fitness. She does not believe in under-eating or calories counting, but rather developing a healthy eating pattern and hormonal balance to lose weight. For more information, visit RoshniSanghvi.com

Ryan Fernandes

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Ryan has a certificate in nutrigenomics and is a celebrity sports nutritionist. He is also the founder of Qua nutrition, and if you are serious about your sport, his page is worth checking out. Ryan has a team of nutritionists working under him to help you get closer to your goals. He believes that there needs to be a balance in nutrition and this will differ from person to person. He is also a certified performance nutrition expert and works with many athletes and celebrities.

Nafeesa Imteyaz

Source: practo.com

She has changed many impossible possibilities in many people’s life. She is specialized in life cycle nutrition and sports nutrition. Eat to meet long term goals, not short term satisfaction.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best. FIRST EAT RIGHT serves you with a diet that meets the Recommended Dietary Allowance of each nutrient, with your daily routine eating habit, combined with the physical activity and it is not only the diet that matters, a dietitian who is experienced and practiced in various medical fields, a good listener, motivator and a supporter will help you in achieving our goals in a right way.

Address – #66. HMT Layout, R T Nagar, Opp. Chaitanya Hospital, Behind Police Station. Bangalore, Karnataka. 560032

Sushma Jaiswal

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She is a dietitian in Bangalore with a rich experience of 30+ years. She holds the work experience of international organizations. Her diet services cure the patients suffering from Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer, Anemia, etc. Currently, she is working at Swasthya Nutrition, Marathahalli.

Address – Swasthya Nutrition, H-902, Rohan Vasantha, NR Spice Garden, Marathahalli Bridge, Bangalore.

Daisy Rani Rao

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She is the best dietitian in Bangalore. Dr. Rao holds the experience of more than 35 years. She is an active member of the Indian Medical Association. Presently, she is working at the Vibrant Life Medical & Wellness Clinic in Kalkere.

Address – Vibrant Life Medical & Wellness Clinic, Kalkere, Bangalore.

Nutrition is now an integral part of our life. And one of the secrets for a lifetime of fitness and health is having a nutrition expert as your emergency contact.

B’lorians get the get to feed their emergency contact first!

A well-planned exercise routine is of no use unless you have a good meal plan to back the same up with. They say abs are made in the kitchen and this is quite true. Most people do not understand the importance of nutrition when it comes to building a physique or disease prevention.

Investing in the right nutritionist is the key and multiple factors need to be considered for the same such as:

  • Is your nutritionist giving you a temporary diet plan or helping you with lifestyle modification.
  • Does the plan provided by the nutritionist fit in your budget?
  • Is the nutritionist available to solve your queries when required?
  • How often do you have a follow-up session with your consultant? Will they be handling your case directly or pass it along to a staff member?
  • Will your nutritionist put you on an extremely calorically restricted diet which will affect your metabolism?

Do consider the above factors before choosing a specialist to help you with your nutrition plan. Not having a plan or trying to copy/ paste someone else’s plan off Google can lead to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. A nutrition plan needs to be extremely customized and specific to your goals and lifestyle. The plan must consider your work stress, food preferences, the time you have to cook, availability of ingredients, and multiple other factors.

Having a plan which is extremely restricted or complicated to follow will only leave you with more stress than before. Discuss these factors with your specialist before investing your money.

That being said, do understand that signing up for a nutritionist even when you do not have a short term health goal like muscle gain or fat loss is a huge investment and not an expense. It is not wise to wait and have a disease when the doctor finally gives you an ultimatum to work on your nutrition. Investing in an expert to help you understand your eating habits and work on improving them is a wise idea.