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Today, a lot of us suffer from lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Talking about high blood pressure, it can be really dangerous as this is a time when your heart is pumping blood at constantly high pressure. The fact is that a lot of people suffer from high blood pressure but it goes undetected because most of the people do not monitor their blood pressure.

Also, blood pressure is known to be a silent killer and this is because most of the time, high blood pressure would not have any symptoms. Sometimes, the person might experience mild headaches but that can go unnoticed as well.

Moreover, blood pressure can also lead to serious issues like multiple organ failure. High blood pressure remains to be one of the leading causes of failed kidneys as well. Apart from this, high blood pressure can also lead to strokes, heart attacks, and other such issues.

The fact is that it is very easy to manage high blood pressure at an early stage as it requires very limited lifestyle changes. One such thing that can also help you in managing high blood pressure is monitoring your blood pressure.

Good thing is that you do not have to visit the doctor to monitor or to measure your blood pressure. You can do this at home with the help of the digital blood pressure machine and they are also very easy to operate. It just takes a push of a button to monitor the blood pressure using machines at home.

You can take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by monitoring the blood pressure of your family members and you can consult your doctor whenever you notice an outlier.

To help you, we have listed some of the best blood pressure monitors available in the market which can help you in the management of blood pressure.n

Types of BP Monitors

There are different types of BP machines available for you to measure the blood pressure and the two types are digital and the android one. Below is more information about both types of BP monitor

  • Digital BP Monitors – They are very easy to use as they are electronic ones. All you need is a couple of batteries and the BP machine. You can put on the armband and press the start button. The rest of the things are done by the BP monitor and you get the reading on the phone along with the pulse rate.
  • Aneroid BP Monitor – Aneroid BP Monitor is the analog ones and they can be a little tricky to use. You need to have a stethoscope to use the aneroid BP monitor. It takes a little time to understand how to use the BP monitor and for home use, we would recommend you opt for the digital BP monitor only.

We have seen different kinds of BP monitor now, let us now look at the best BP monitors available in India. These are the top 10 rated BP Monitors in India available right now.

Best Buy BP Machine Online in India

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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The first product on our list is from Omron and this is a fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor which also comes with wireless connectivity. The device not only measures your blood pressure and pulse rate but it also syncs up the reading with your phone with the help of the Omron Connect app.

The BP monitor also comes with IntelliSense technology which actually aids in taking the BP reading with easy. It controls the inflation and deflation of the armband which is certainly required to get an accurate reading.

The good part about this BP monitor is that it is able to detect irregularities in the heartbeat and apart from this, the machine is also able to detect body movements. The brand offers a warranty of 5 years on this product and apart from this, the brand also provides lifetime support. If you are looking for a blood pressure monitor that is accurate then this could be the perfect choice for you.

Customer Reports
Dr. Mayank

I ordered 4 such machines and gifted them to my relatives, as I’m a doctor I compared it’s reading with a mercury sphygmomanometer, I was surprised by Omron accuracy, it gives wrong reading only when the cuff is not properly tied, the tightness of cuff should be such that it allows not more than and not less than 2 fingertips, the tube should be on the inner side of the arm and lower border of the cuff should be at least 2 cm above the elbow joint crease.

Malik Boby

Good as per the mentioned quality. The buildup quality of BP Measuring Machine is good and it’s come with 5 years warranty so no need to worry. And in last there nothing which may create malfunctioning in the future. Best for home and even can be used for clinical purposes. It comes with an AA size battery, so no need to worry for the first time and even you can use a DC adapter and in that case no need to place a battery. Operation is simple and it measures BP and pulse rate. Even you can scan the reading for your reference using OMRON App. Overall good product.

2. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 120 Classic BP Monitor

HealthSense Heart

Buy From Amazon

Next on our list is a machine from HealthSense. This BP monitor is also loaded with features. Unlike other BP monitors, this can also be used with the help of a USB charging source. You can connect the USB cable to a laptop, power bank or even to an adapter and the machine would function.

One thing that people need to take care of before using this machine is that the batteries should be unplugged if you are planning to use a USB source. Apart from that, you also get a large cuff with this BP monitor. The cuff can fit in arms of 22 to 42 cm in circumference.

The BP monitor from HealthSense also has a memory function and the 2 user memories can store up to 120 readings each. The large LCD makes it easy for people to read the monitor and it is also a perfect monitor for elderly people. You get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this product.

Customer Reports

My grandma whose blood pressure is mostly in the normal-high normal region complained of dizziness and I immediately tested her BP using this monitor and the reading was 190/100. We immediately took her to the emergency hospital where the doctor confirmed the reading and gave her a Lasix injection which brought down the reading in a few minutes. We possibly averted an emergency situation, thanks to the accurate reading of this monitor.


A very competent Digital blood pressure monitor at an attractive price. The display is very clear with an excellent viewing angle. The operator’s manual is clear and concise and the unit is very easy to use. The cuff is cleverly designed as it is pre-formed into a hollow cylinder which makes it extremely easy to fit on yourself or on another person and then secure with the Velcro strip. This feature avoids the usual pitfall of many BP monitor that incorrect cuff placement or wrong cuff tightness reduce accuracy. The device has the further feature of indicator showing that the subject is moving excessively thus impeding accuracy during measurement.

3. Dr. Trust USA Digital Smart Dual Language Talking BP Monitor

Dr. Trust USA Digital Smart Dual Language Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

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Dr. Trust is another reliable brand which manufactures BP monitor. The unique selling point of this BP monitor is that it is a talking machine that tells you if your BP is normal/high or low. This machine is ideal for people with visual impairment as voice support can help you in getting the results easily.

This machine also supports dual power support and you can either use 4 batteries or a USB power source to use the machines.

The BP monitor from Dr. Trust also detects irregular heart rate and it also has an LED indicator to give an idea about the BP reading. Talking about the warranty, you get a warranty of 5 years with this product which is certainly something that eliminates the risk of the machine developing a fault.

Customer Reports
Devendra Paratwar

Very easy to use. Even I am not from a medical background, didn’t need to read the user guide even for the first time. And voice assistance is very helpful for my parents to make reading even without spects. It was recommended by 2 doctors to me. I will definitely recommend others.


As a doctor, I preferred all to use this and the readings are accurate as I personally using this for my father.

4. Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic BP Monitor

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for a BP monitor that can also help you in interpreting the readings then Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 is the perfect one for you. The BP monitor not only measures your blood pressure but it also has a WHO-based blood pressure indicator which would tell you if your BP is normal or if it is high. Apart from this, the bp monitor also takes the reading three times and averages out to give you an accurate reading.

This BP monitor comes with a storage function as well and it can help you in storing a total of 120 readings without any issue. This BP monitor makes it easy to measure the BP as it has one-touch control and in addition to this, the BP monitor also detects irregular heartbeat which is certainly required in the BP monitors.

Customer Reports

After-sales support is the best I have seen to date. Homegrown product, extremely reliable, best to buy. I am using their Glucometer 03 as well, had 02 earlier. Best and easy to use products.

Amazon Customer

I would like to say that the device is good, but the user should watch a few videos on how to tie the handcuff first. The most important part is the protocols to fit the handcuff, machine location and finally, the person should be relaxed during testing. Then this machine will give proper readings. But still using an interval of 10 minutes you should check the blood pressure 3 times then confirm the correct blood pressure. Remember that blood pressure is not constant in the body it varies with respect to food and mood of the person.

5. Omron HEM-7130 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7130 Blood Pressure Monitor

Buy From Amazon

This is the second product from Omron on our list and it is much more advanced than the product listed above. Since there are a lot more features here, you also have to pay a little premium for this BP monitor. The features that are added to this model from Omron include a Blood Pressure Level Indicator which displays the level of BP on the LCD screen.

Apart from this, the BP monitor tracks irregular heartbeats which can help you in early diagnosis of heart disease. The BP monitor also has a memory function that can store 60 results.

This monitor also comes with a Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp and you also get a 5-year warranty with this product. Generally, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty but it comes with an extended warranty. This BP monitor also features an IntelliSense function which is basically to help in inflation of the cuff and easy measurement of the BP.

Customer Reports

As everyone become health-conscious, so this blood pressure monitor really helps to monitor the blood pressure regularly and plan their diet. This is my third blood pressure monitor in our family. Also it is very easy to handle and understand the readings. It is a kinda of first aid, to check our pressure at home. Really worth for money.

Piyush Dingore

The product is trusted and recommended by most doctors. It truly is accurate and easy to use. It’s extremely portable and can store the day of the last 60 readings which is quite helpful. Also, it can give you the average of the last three readings for a precise result. Overall the product is at its best and is available for the lowest price on Amazon.

6. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic BP Monitor

Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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This is the second product from Dr. Morepen on our list and it is also very affordable. The product comes with a basic BP measurement function but at the same time, you can measure heartbeat with the help of the blood pressure monitor. The BP monitor also has a high low indicator which flashes as per your BP reading. Just like other BP monitors, this machine can also detect irregular heart rates.

This BP monitor is also highly accurate and it comes with a measurement accuracy of +/- 3 mmHg. In addition to the features listed above, this BP monitor can average out 3 readings to give you accurate results and it also has a memory function to store 120 readings for 2 users. You can certainly consider this product if you are looking for something affordable, basic and reliable. The power source for this BP monitor is 4 AA batteries.

Customer Reports
Avinash V. Bagal

I am using this product for my mother. She is suffering from high bp. As it is not possible to carry her to any doctor on an alternate day basis, I go for this product with a second opinion of my doctor. This is easy to use product & shows the bp reading very close to the actual as of the doctor’s bp apparatus. Now I can keep a watch on my mother’s bp on daily basis with this product. I am happy with this product.

Aanand Keerthy

Don’t know about the accuracy but I think it’s fine. It is very easy to use. Wrap it around your hand and push the button. That’s it. Stores previous values too. Don’t know how long the battery lasts.

7. Dr. Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth BP Monitor

Dr. Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect

Buy From Amazon

Next on our list is a BP monitor from Dr. Trust. This is one of the most advanced BP monitor which comes with multiple features. To begin with, this BP monitor supports Bluetooth connectivity which makes it possible for you to sync the data with the phone.

In addition to this, this is also a talking BP monitor that declares your BP results via audio. You can also use this BP monitor with a micro USB cable and hence you can measure your BP without batteries as well.

Another feature of this BP monitor is that it comes with colored backlight indicators. If your BP is normal then the backlight will turn green, if it is slightly high then it will turn yellow and in case of extremely high BP, the backlight will turn red. You also get a 5-year warranty with this BP monitor from Dr. Trust.

Customer Reports
Raj S

It’s a good machine and easy to use. One thing, if u want it to connect it to Bluetooth, u have to enable the location also. Enable the location and enter the app. The app automatically switches on the Bluetooth but it unable to enable the location so it refuses to connect. Also, u can add more than just two users via the app, compared to that of the machine. U have to take the measurements using the app if u want to memorize it for different users.

Kannan Rangarajan

Good quality. The readings taken are reliable. I am much satisfied with this. I cross-checked with the manual device. But the cons are. 1. The length of the rubber tube is too short. Very often It pulls down the device. To avoid a fall, one should never attempt to fasten the armrest with the device attached to it. Fasten the arm belt first and then attach the device through a rubber tube. Otherwise, u may end up with damaging ur device. One more thing, they could have supplied a suitable power adapter along with the device. Bcoz I find it difficult to choose a compatible mobile charger.

8. Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor

Buy From Amazon

The next BP monitor on our list is also from Omron. This is a very basic model and it comes with no additional feature. It is perfect for people who want a no-fuss Blood Pressure Monitor. The monitor supports memory function for the last reading taken by you and in addition to this, it also detects irregular heartbeat.

The warranty offered by the brand on this monitor is also 5 years. You just need to register your product to get this 5 years extended warranty. The device uses 4 AA batteries as a power source and the batteries last for a long duration so you do not have to replace the batteries every now and then.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the Omron HEM – 8712 comes with a body movement detector as well which tells you if there is a lot of movement which can result in wrong readings.

Customer Reports

I have taken do this for my mama and it is fabulous.

Sissy Easow

Good, so far we hope to see more early.

9. Health Sense Automatic Talking BP Monitor

Health Sense BP100 Heart Mate Classic Fully Automatic

Buy From Amazon

On number 9, we have a BP monitor from Health Sense and this is a talking BP machine. Talking about the power source, this BP machine features a dual power source. You can either use 4 AA batteries to use the BP monitor or you can use a USB power source. The talking function is perfect for elderly people if they find it difficult to read the results on the display.

The memory function of this BP monitor can store 90 records for a user and it supports 2 different users. The BP monitor also comes with a 1-year warranty which includes a collect and return policy. The manufacturer is responsible to collect and return the BP machine.

The BP monitor also has a built-in alarm which is something unusual and unique. The display of this BP monitor is very large and it displays the reading in large font with a high contrast ratio.  This is another factor that makes it easy to take the readings.

Lastly, the BP monitor takes an average of 3 consecutive readings to ensure that there is no error induced while measuring the BP.

Customer Reports

My grandma whose blood pressure is mostly in the normal-high normal region complained of dizziness and I immediately tested her BP using this monitor and the reading was 190/100. We immediately took her to the emergency hospital where the doctor confirmed the reading and gave her a Lasix injection which brought down the reading in a few minutes. We possibly averted an emergency situation, thanks to the accurate reading of this monitor.


My experience with this machine has so far been excellent. I have so far used it only in the battery mode, but the DC power mode using a USB charger, is what attracts me particularly. I have been wanting to modify my OSIM machine to work with a DC adapter replacing the batteries but this machine now saves me the bother.

10. Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Buy From Amazon

If you are not happy with all the digital products and if you need an Aneroid Blood Pressure monitor then you can opt for this one. This manual BP monitor comes with a chrome-plated brass air release valve and in addition to this, it has a measurement pin that works very accurately. The cuff is made of a latex-free material and all this comes with a stethoscope which eliminates the need of purchasing the stethoscope separately.

In terms of the warranty, this product carries a 2-year warranty and the product is replaced in case of any defect. Just that the pipe or the cuff should not be punctured. This BP monitor is specifically for the people who do not wish to have an error in their readings.

Customer Reports
Joy Karmakar

1.Best in this budget,
2.better than those digital ones which shows wrong readings when battery went low,
3.made by one of the biggest brand in medical instruments(Rossmax, made in Taiwan),
4. Stethoscopes is also quite good unless u are a professional.
5. 2 years warranty!

PK Sharma

I purchased it in March 2018. Item is of good quality and accurate, I compared it with Mercury one and electronic device. It reads the same as doctor’s Mercury sphygmomanometer. Easy to use, though air releasing screw is somewhat hard to operate. Those who are complaining about stethoscope they should read the manual before usage. Correct placement of tube over artery and stethoscope is a must for correct reading. Overall better than an electronic sphygmomanometer any time. Most doctors are still using Mercury based sphygmomanometer because of accuracy, this is at par with that.

How to Choose the Best BP Monitor Machine for You

BP Monitors Buying Guide
You have already looked at the best BP monitors available for you. If you are still not sure regarding the BP monitor that you should buy then you must go ahead and check out this Buying Guide for the BP Monitor.

Type of BP Monitor

The first thing that you need to decide is the type of BP monitor you want. There are basically two types available. One of them is the digital one and the second is the aneroid one. We would recommend you to opt for the digital ones as they are easy to use.

Memory Function

Ensure that the BP monitor has a memory function. This can help you in comparing your reading with the last reading. Some of the BP monitors can store more than 100 readings which is certainly a great advantage for you. Some of the BP monitors can also help you in transferring the reading to the computer.


Check out the review of the BP monitor. This can be difficult using a google search but you can find a lot of reviews via online sites like Amazon. Navigate to the product page and you will see genuine reviews that are listed by the actual users. You can easily check out the long term reviews as well.

Cuff Size

You need to check the cuff size that you are getting with the BP monitor. Most of the time, you will get a medium or a large cuff size but it still makes sense to check the cuff size so that you can replace it if it doesn’t fit your arm.


Check for the warranty as well. Some of the manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty. It is not possible to calibrate the blood pressure machine all by yourself so having a warranty can help you if your BP machine is out of calibration or if it develops a defect over the period of usage.


You can also find wireless BP machines in the market. These machines can be synched up with your phone using Bluetooth and they can then transfer the readings to your phone. The advantage is that these machines can easily help you in tracking the BP over a long period of time.

Additional Features

You can also check out for the additional features that you get with the BP monitor. This can be like the adjustable LCD brightness or a talking BP monitor function. They are mostly nice to have features and you can check what is being offered by the product you are planning to buy.


Also, check the cost of the BP monitor and we would recommend you to check the cost with online retailers as well because they usually offer great discounts on the product.

This was the buying guide for the BP Monitor machines. While it is important to measure BP regularly, it is also very important to read your blood pressure correctly. In the section below, there is an interpretation chart for the BP readings

Blood Pressure Level Chart

You can refer to a blood pressure chart if you are trying to understand the blood pressure reading that you get from the Blood Pressure Monitor. Here is a chart that you can refer to if you are trying to understand if your blood pressure is high or not

Category Systolic mm HG (Upper BP Number)   Diastolic mm HG (Lower BP Number)
Normal < 120 And < 80
Elevated 120 – 129 And < 80
Hypertension Stage 1 / High Blood Pressure 130 – 139 Or 80 – 89
Hypertension Stage 2 / High Blood Pressure > 139 Or > 90
Hypertensive Crisis > 180 or > 120

This was the chart that can help you to understand the blood pressure. If your blood pressure is in the normal range then you do not have to worry about anything but if your blood pressure is in the elevated range then you need to consult your doctor to manage it or else it will develop into Hypertension Stage 1 or Stage 2.

In case you suffer from stage 1 hypertension then you would be suggested lifestyle changes and along with the lifestyle changes, there are chances that the doctor may prescribe you medicine to control your blood pressure as well. This is also applicable for stage 2 hypertension however, the medication would be greater than stage 1 hypertension.

Read Also: How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Quickly

Lastly, if you notice that your blood pressure is in the hypertensive crisis stage then you need immediate medical attention. Visit your doctor immediately and do not drive or do not get involved in any task that requires concentration. It is highly advisable to contact the emergency services immediately.

How to Use a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

It is very easy to measure blood pressure using a digital blood pressure monitor. To measure the blood pressure, follow the steps listed below

  • Start by putting the cuff on to your arm. Do not plug the cuff into the BP machines yet.
  • Once you have secured the cuff, go ahead and plug the cuff to the Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • Now, turn on the BP Monitor and press to start button. This instruction may differ from one machine to another so follow it as per your manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Once you have measured the BP reading, we would recommend you to take 2 to 3 measurements to average out the error and get an accurate reading.

Now, you can remove the arm cuff and store it in a dry place. This is how you can measure the blood pressure. You can go ahead and write down your blood pressure readings or you can rely on the memory function that is a part of the BP machine.

Mistakes To Avoid While Checking BP at home

These days people check the blood pressure at home with the use of a machine. It is more convenient to use but people still tend to make some mistakes while measuring blood pressure. Here is a list of few things you need to care for while checking the blood pressure at home and some common mistakes you need to avoid.

Tips for checking blood pressure at home:

  • Pick a scheduled time and gets relaxed before measuring it.
  • Make three measurements and take the average of the last two measurements.
  • Avoid taking the readings early in the morning as the blood pressure levels in the morning are usually very high.
  • Always be consistent with your readings and look to take the blood pressure readings at the same time slot every time.

Those are the tips for checking the blood pressure levels at home. Now here are the common mistakes that you can avoid.

  • Never be full bladder – Always empty your bladders before you go for the blood pressure measurement. A full bladder can add over 10-15 points on the reading.
  • Unsupported back or feet – If you have poor support when you’re sitting while doing the measure, then your points will increase by 6-10 points. So make sure you are seated on a chair and have your back supported and your feet flat.
  • Never leave your arm unsupported – If you leave your arm hanging on the side or you hold a book or something then that way also your blood pressure level can grow up to 10 points higher than normal.
  • Never sit with crossed legs – You should not sit with crossed legs while going for a blood pressure measurement. If you happen to sit with crossed legs then the reading will show a reading 2-8 points.
  • You should not talk – You should talk while measuring the blood pressure like answering the questions or talking on the phones.

Automatic BP vs Manual BP Machine: Which is Better?

For the homeowners, who aren’t too keen to rush to the doctors just for a routine BP checkup, the BP machines are great to have at home. However, it is always questionable whether you should opt for the automatic or manual machine for yourself. In this section, we will be comparing the automatic and manual BP machines so that you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

1. Design

The first major difference between the automatic and manual BP machine is the design. Unlike the usual BP machine that you have seen in the clinics, the automatic BP machines are easier to use and compact in design, which makes them relatively more convenient to use. So, if you were looking for a portable and easy to use BP monitor, the automatic machine would be a better choice for you.

2. Accuracy

The next point on which we can compare the manual and automatic BP machines is the accuracy. Although the manual machines have been used for many years, the automatic BP machines are more advanced and accurate than their counterparts. By using the new measuring techniques and better precision you can easily look for the most accurate results in a few minutes.

So, if you have accuracy and efficiency in mind, the best choice to go with is the Automatic BP monitors.

3. Accuracydurability and Maintenance

The next big thing on which we can compare the manual and automatic BP machines is the durability and maintenance. This can be considered as the only point where the manual BP machines score better than the automatic machine.

The compact and more delicate automatic BP machines are hard to maintain and can easily be ruined by slight rough handling. The delicate circuits and machinery make it tough and expensive to manage the device. On the other hand, manual BP machines have relatively cheaper maintenance and can work for years without any performance issues.

4. Value For Money

The last thing to compare between the automatic and manual BP machine is the value for money. With relatively better functionality, better features and more accuracy than the manual BP machine, the automatic BP monitors provide relatively better value for money than the manual BP  monitors.

So, if you were looking for a better choice that has better functions, better usability and higher efficiency, we will suggest you go with the Automatic BP monitors or machines.

Digital BP Monitor Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the key features of the Digital BP monitor is its simple mode of operation. Also, these monitors are indeed best for home use if you’re taking the BP readings on your own. The digital readings are shown on the screen by making use of the electronic pressure sensors that are used to calculate the blood pressure.

Owning a Digital BP monitor can enable you to save your valuable time. It will save you the fees that you have to pay to physicians to keep track of your blood pressure. Some blood pressure monitors are designed to have dual power sources which include solar and battery cells.

There exist two different kinds of blood pressure monitors:

  • Full-automatic BP monitors: This kind of blood pressure monitor uses an electric pump to pump up the cuff. Full-automatic BP monitors are easy to use and expect minimum level inputs from your side. Just as the cuff is put on the upper arm and the device is turned on, it automatically starts to generate results.
  • Semi-automatic BP monitors: In this type of BP monitor, you should inflate the cuff on your own by using the bulb with your hand. Right after inflation, it starts to deflate the cuff on its own and then the device begins to generate readings.

Advantages of Digital BP monitor

A Digital BP monitor uses complex technologies along with an automated mechanism to measure the blood pressure. A few of them can save your blood pressure data on the monitor’s memory, thereby allowing you to keep track of your blood pressure records.

Digital BP monitors will help you measure your blood pressure regularly. This feature alone stores info regarding how your blood pressure levels vary on a timely basis and help you overcome any blood pressure issues quickly. Likewise, you can take the required counteractive measures to make sure that things are under control.

Digital BP monitors are handy and close-packed with simple operating methods.

This kind of BP monitor decreases to the barest minimum chances of human error because the most crucial operations are automatic. This feature makes digital blood pressure monitors the best choice for checking the blood pressure levels regularly.

Disadvantages of Digital BP monitor

One main downfall of making use of a Digital BP monitor is that they happen to be extremely sensitive as well as expensive.

This type of BP monitors are quite delicate and also necessitate cautious handling. For the majority of digital blood pressure monitors, the manufacturer will offer their service generally since repairing them is not easy.

No machine is 100% efficient and this is the case BP monitors as well. Even highly advanced devices can provide incorrect data sometimes with certain people. Therefore, one must measure blood pressure regularly with standard BP monitors found in the hospital.


Some things must be taken into consideration while choosing a Digital BP monitor such as ease of usage, multiple readings, accuracy, connectivity, and ergonomics. Even if they happen to be quite expensive, they are nevertheless worth your due diligence and also necessary to make sure that you get the best possible device for your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Use a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor?

  • It is very easy to use a digital blood pressure monitor. You just need to put the cuff on your arm and initialize the machine. You will then get the BP reading automatically. For the detailed instructions, follow the section above.

2. How accurate are blood pressure monitors?

  • The blood pressure monitors are pretty accurate and you can actually follow them for your daily readings. However, just like any other digital equipment, there is a certain error that is induced with digital blood pressure monitors. To eliminate the error, you can go ahead and take the average readings of 2 or 3 attempts. Most of the BP monitor would also define the error percentage induces in each reading.

3. Which arm to measure blood pressure right or left?

  • Most of the machines let you use any arm to measure blood pressure. If there is a special requirement then the machines would have that mentioned. One recommendation is that you must use the same arm every time to take the reading or else there could be a difference in the reading.

4. How long should you wait between blood pressure readings?

  • It actually depends on the reason. If you are measuring the blood pressure again to average out the error then you can wait for 2 to 5 minutes but if you wish to know about the number of times that you should measure your blood pressure in a day then you can go ahead and measure the blood pressure once in every 2 to 3 hours. This will give you the readings across the day.

5. Can a tight blood pressure cuff cause a high reading?

  • If the cuff is tight then most of the digital machines would give you an error and they will not be able to measure the blood pressure. However, this is true that tight blood pressure cuff may induce error as well. It is recommended to have a fit of the cuff and do not fasten it too tight or too loose.

Final Words

These are the best BP monitors in India and we have also tried to answer all your questions. You can check out the buying guide before you order the BP machine and in addition to this, ensure that you have also checked the frequently asked questions.

Try checking out the price of the BP monitor online as you can get a very good deal if you are purchasing it online from Amazon.

So, don’t miss some other models:

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