It is a well-known fact that getting enough sleep after a busy day is essential to improve productivity, well-being and maintain optimum physical and mental health status.

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder characterized by lack of sleep; difficulty falling and staying asleep. This disorder takes its toll on millions of individuals worldwide; adults, adolescents and kids alike.

Not getting enough sleep can be attributed to quite a wide range of factors which includes the following:

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Lighting alters sleep-wake cycles. You should consider switching to a dark/dim light for your room during bedtime as it is recommended for good night sleep.


Noise in this context entails good and bad noise. Bad noise such as loud music, honks, machine sounds are deterrents to getting a night of good sleep; they are disturbing sounds that can alter sleep patterns. However, good noise like white noise should be encouraged during sleeping hours.


A stimulant that can be found in tea and coffee. It helps improve alertness at the expense of disrupting sleep cycles. This shouldn’t be consumed a few hours to bedtime.


Alcohol has a harmful effect on sleep as it impairs sleep quality. It causes a loss in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.


Some medications are capable of disrupting sleep cycles to a large extent and should be avoided or used with caution.

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Other factors like stress, diet, and temperature, i.e. how hot or cold your body is during sleep & biological factors can all affect sleep quality. Quite a large number of people find it challenging to maintain healthy sleeping habits and seek the aid of insomnia applications to help them achieve that while also tracking their sleep-wake cycles. You can get into how temperature affects your sleep quality or learn more about what should be the ideal sleep temperature by visiting this blog post.

We did a detailed rundown of our favorite insomnia apps on Android-based on the usage, accessibility, and review of users. These apps come with features that will help improve your sleep quality.

Sleep Sounds-Relax & Sleep, Relaxing Sounds

This app aids those suffering from insomnia & difficulty in falling asleep. It doesn’t require a mobile data connection & possesses a unique, simple and beautiful design. With this app, you can play soothing sounds to meditate, schedule a sleep timer, access mixes of sound to keep you relaxed and focused.

Relax Melodies-Sleep Sounds to calm and Meditate

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One of the best insomnia apps to help you achieve an enjoyable bedtime experience. It features an extensive collection of right brainwaves, natures sounds, music and breathing techniques to ensure that you get that quality sleep you so much desire.

Sleepo-Relaxing Sounds, Sleep

Sleepo provides you with relaxing sounds, meditation sounds and the best collection of high definition sounds for relaxation, sleep, meditation or modes to help you concentrate. It does not require an internet connection to operate and use its top-notch features. This app guarantees you a beautiful sleep experience on each usage.

Sleep Cycle

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Sleep tracking, sleep statistics and relaxation app all rolled up in one. Sleep Cycle is your sure bet, download this app if you desire a sound sleep daily and the ability to track your sleeping patterns. This application analyses sleeping modes, displays sleep data at a glance and presents you with an option to back up the statistics for later viewing/accessibility.

Headspace-Meditation & Sleep

Developed by Headspace Inc., this insomnia app improves sleep habits. It features especially crafted modes for health, physical & sleep meditations. You are assured of thorough guidance on how to enhance relaxation and sleeping experience, manage stress levels with diverse relaxation techniques embedded in this app.

 Sleep Well Hypnosis-Insomnia & Sleeping Sounds

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Get that beauty sleep you desire with this amazing app. It features:


An excellent sleep hypnosis audio session by a certified hypnotherapist.

An efficient sleep booster with sounds of nature to aid you to relax and induce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state for a night of deep sleep.

Soothing background music to unwind and fall asleep faster.


 Relax & Sleep Well-Hypnosis and Meditation

An expert insomnia app by a renowned hypnotherapist, this app contains hypnotic vocal techniques to help you relax.

 Pzizz-Sleep, Nap, Focus

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Get high-quality sleep at nights and awesome naps during the day with this app as your guide. The app comes preloaded with various sleep modules, music mixes and stellar sound effects that will help calm your mind to ensure that you fall asleep fast.

Sleep Sound Free-Relax Music, White Noise

This application allows users to create their mixes for meditation, good sleep and relaxation. Features nature soothing sounds that will help subdue unwarranted noises, custom bedtime reminders, and sleep timer for monitoring sleeping patterns.


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Not getting enough? Need to unwind after a hectic day at work? Your best bet is to download Calm, recommended by top medical professionals for people struggling with insomnia. Lots of nature sounds to choose from for your sleep and relaxation needs.