Are you wondering how people manage to stay happy all the time? Is it possible and is there any proof that there are legitimate ways to make yourself and keep yourself happy? In this article, we will show you the best ways to help you stay happy.

Exercise more


A lot of studies have confirmed this one. Exercising releases a lot of feel-good endorphins so that you are always in a good mood after a workout or a simple walk in the park. You have probably never met a person that is in a bad mood after or during a workout. The University of Toronto analyzed 30 research studies and the conclusion was that extensive physical activities can help to keep the depression at bay.

The most prominent study out of those 30 was the one where three groups of people in depression are put on different regimes to help them with their problems. One group was put on an anti-depressants regime, the second one on a daily exercise regime and the last group a combination of the two. All three groups proved to be happier in the end, but that happiness did not last.

A few months later, the group who was treated with the exercise regime, had a relapse rate of just 10%. The other two groups have relapse rates ranging from 40% to 30%, so about a third of the groups was depressed again.

Positive thinking affects your happiness

Positive thinking raises your energy level, productivity, and creativity by as much as 40%. The secret is to start using positive as soon as possible, rather than when you are rich and happy.

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Forget your negative thoughts


A lot of people are simply overwhelmed by their negative thoughts and they have real issues in getting rid of them. The University of Madrid study found that writing down these thoughts on a piece of paper was very effective. The University recommends that you either throw them in the trash, burn them or tear them up.

The fact of destroying them physically will help you in reducing their effect. Psychologists suggest that you should do this on a regular basis.

Treasure your experience

A psychologist at Cornell University has done a lot of research as to why it is much better to treasure your pleasant and memorable experiences rather than the material things we possess or buy. There are a lot of reasons for this as outlined in his study he published in the Journal of Personality. Comparing possessions and looking at objects better than your after a purchase can be quite demoralizing and ruin the initial pleasure.

TReatusing experiences do not have such an effect on people. They are special to us, belong to us and can provide longer-lasting happiness. We should always aim to experience new things and visit new places.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep


When you do not get enough sleep, your negativity may take over. This has been proven over and over by researches through their countless experiments. So make sure that you get enough sleep every single day to stay happy.