Since the invention of the sewing machine, various improvements have been made to make the working process more convenient. With the passage of time, different technologies have been implemented in the industry for better productivity.

It’s necessary for the advancement of society and making an effort put by workers more valuable. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the advanced technologies used in sewing machines.

If you don’t know, there are primarily three types of sewing machine mechanical, electronics, and computerized; where electronic models are in trend as its simple to use and reduce the effort put by workers whereas the computerized machines are more advanced ones that are used by professional industries for highest precision and accuracy.

Latest Technologies Used in Sewing Machines

Pedal less sewing


During the work on parts that are complex and critical, a lot of time is needed by the operators of the machine to get control at the foot pedals. Moreover, it is difficult for an injured or disabled person to use foot pedals.

So, with the advancement in technologies, various providers offer sewing paddle less version. The advantage of using these is that stitching can be done at a constant speed.
You do not need to move your hands and feet at the same time.

Your foot need not be kept on the machine all the time, you can move them freely. You can also stitch while you are standing.

Changing settings using the android phone

Continuous adjustments are to be made on the settings, based on the garment style used by the operator. If the settings are changed manually in each of the machines, a lot of time will be required. It’s the feature that you’ll not find in every machine, but it should be there in smart ones.

Voice guide in sewing machines

A breakdown can occur. When an issue happens, the line supervisor is to be informed by the operator, and then the supervisor informs the mechanic for solving the problem.

As suggested by BestBuyReview, in many cases, the operator is not aware of the potential reason for the breakdown. Voice guide can give notification to the operator about malfunctions of a machine like leakage of oil or break down.

Sewing machines with USB port

Copy of the settings like the length of stitch and stitching speed can easily be done from one unit to the other with the help of a USB port. This USB port can also be used for charging phones or other purposes.

Real-time monitoring


Monitoring the sewing machines by mobiles or tablets can be done easily in any part of the world by linking all those to a server. With this network, the production line status can be monitored in real-time. Moreover, any malfunctions which may happen in the course of production can be detected

Vision Sewing

Vision sewing is one of the best features found in some advanced models. With this option, stitches can be made easily. In vision sewing, objects and fabric need to be placed on the machine; a photo of the setup is taken by the camera.

The area of the applied item is defined by the system by analyzing the picture, and a stitch pattern is generated automatically. Vision sewing does not require almost any skill of the operator, and everything is done much faster. This way series of numbers or letters can be sewed in a single move.

Modular Machines

The modular sewing machine has room to change and fit components for adjusting to the requirements of the future. This made the models flexible, eliminating the requirement of buying new models when the demand for fitting in new components arises.

Digital Feed System


An increase in productivity is an important factor in this industry. With this increase in production, labor costs are also increased. So due to this rise in costs, advanced models are needed. For the improvement in productivity and reduction of labor costs, digital feed systemin sewing machines plays an essential role.


In this article, I have discussed some advanced technologies in sewing machines. For perfect stitching, the above technologies are essential. So, whenever you buy a sewing machine, check out its features. Comment below if you have any queries.