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We all have certain types of medical equipment at home. The most common ones include a thermometer, a Blood Pressure Monitor and a Glucometer. You also add an Oximeter to your first aid kit as this can help you in measuring the oxygen saturation level.

Breathing disorders are not rare today and this is major because of air pollution. This impacts the efficiency of the lungs and it can also lead to several breathing disorders. Overall, the impact of this can be reduced by SpO2 levels. They can be fatal and this along with irregular pulse rate can even lead to death.

The oximeter can quickly help you in detecting the falling SpO2 levels and it also measures the heart rate. If you notice a sudden fall in SpO2 level then you can take the person to the hospital and you can also administer oxygen while you are on the way.

The oximeter can also be useful when you are traveling to high altitude areas like Leh and Ladakh. They can help you in quickly measuring the oxygen level and you can get first aid depending on this. The Oximeter can also help you in the early detection of some of the heart and lung diseases. Let us read more about oximeter.

How Does a Pulse Oximeter work?

The Oximeter works on a simple function which basically measures the light absorption in the blood. The fact is that there is a difference between the light absorption capabilities of oxygenated blood and the deoxygenated blood. The Oximeter basically measures the change in this light absorption and it is then converted into a readable reading which is then displayed on the screen. This difference in light absorption helps in the measurement of the SpO2 level.

The one end on the Oximeter emits light and the other end detects the light. This is the basic working principle of Oximeter. The good part is that it is a non-invasive way to measure the SpO2 levels. In addition to this, the Oximeter also measures the heart rate.

Different Types of Pulse Oximeters

There are three basic types of oximeters available in the market. You can find the details about all three of them below.

  • Finger Pulse Oximeter – This is the first type of Oximeter in our list and they are usually very compact. You can mount this on the fingertip and you can mount it on any of the fingers. They are highly portable and in addition to this, you can quickly measure the SpO2 levels with the help of this Oximeter. The screen is a part of this Oximeter and it quickly measures the oxygen levels in the blood. Today, they gained a lot of popularity because of the accuracy and because of the compactness. You can find these at homes and these are also very common in hospitals now. Doctors prefer using these types of Oximeter as they are quick to give readings. This type of Oximeter is also very affordable.
  • Handheld Oximeter – These are the second type of Oximeter available in the market. They are sort of expensive and they are only used by hospitals and other medical institutes. These devices are highly sophisticated and in these devices, the screen is in the form of a handheld device. The functionality of this Oximeter is not just restricted to measuring the heart rate and SpO2 levels. They can measure much more and this can be required information during the diagnostics. Also, the clip is very versatile here. It is not necessary to attach the clip to the finger, you can also attach the clip to the toe in case of an emergency.
  • Paediatric Pulse Oximeter – These Oximeters are also referred to as Fetal Pulse Oximeter. These are used to check the SpO2 levels of the child. They do not have a finger clamp since the finger of the infant is very small and it can be a task to check the readings. Instead, these oximeters have a probe that can be used to measure the SpO2 levels by simply touching the probe to the head of the baby. Most of the fetal oximeters can also check the levels for the unborn baby as the probe can be inserted into the birth canal to get the reading. This helps the doctor in knowing the kind of complications that the baby can come across and they can be ready in advance.

These are the different types of Oximeter available in the market. If you are planning to purchase one then you can opt for Finger Pulse Oximeter. These are easily available in the market and in the section below, we have listed some of the best Oximeter available in India. Here is the list of best pulse oximeters in India:

Best Buy Pulse Oximeters Online in India

1. Dr. Trust (USA) Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Dr Trust (USA) Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

Dr. Trust is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to medical equipment. The brand also manufactures oximeters and hence the first one on our list is from Dr. Trust. This one comes in a simple design that is loaded with features.

Talking about the features, it not just tells you about the SPO2 levels in the blood but it also tells you about the respirator index and pulse rate. The oximeter is completely waterproof which is an added advantage. If the levels fall below a certain limit then there is also an alarm alert for that. You can set this limit for which you want the alarm.

Talking about the perfusion index, Dr. Trust claims that it has a perfusion index of as low as 0.2% which there are several brands that come with a perfusion index of 0.6%. It is always better to have a lower perfusion index.

The oximeter also comes with a function to rotate the function and it gives you an accurate reading even when the hand is not stable. Also, this oximeter can be used for babies as well.

Last but not least, you get a warranty of 1 year on this product which is certainly helpful. If you purchase this from Amazon and if you register the product then you get an additional 6 months of warranty.

Customer Reports

Easy to use and feature-rich oximeter. Shows %SpO2, Lung Rate/min, Pulse Rate, Pulse Intensity and battery level on the display along with a graph. The display can be flipped 90 deg to any orientation making it very convenient to use.


Good product. It seems reasonably accurate. AAA Battery life is less & also it is non-rechargeable. The product has 8 different multi-directional display modes. The display uses yellow and blue dual OLED with a large font. The product has an anti-shaking mechanism allowing reasonable movement without the device falling. Alarm-sound can be heard if the parameter such as pulse rate goes out of the normal limits. The device also claims that it is water-resistant. The device is portable and has a lanyard(cord) to hang around the neck. The product comes with a digital thermometer which is working fine up till now.

2. Dr. Trust (USA) Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Dr Trust (USA) Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

The second oximeter on our list is also from Dr. Trust. This oximeter is similar to the one mentioned above but it is a cheaper version and hence a couple of functionalities are not available. You might not even need those functionalities.

The oximeter can measure SPO2 and Pulse rate. The readings are displayed on the big LCD display. Just like the first oximeter, you can also set up the alarm for low SPO2 and pulse rate. The trigger can be modified and you can set this up as per your preference.

As mentioned earlier, all oximeters from Dr. Trust have a low perfusion index of just 0.2 % and this means that the oximeter will be able to detect even the weakest pulse strength.

This model also has a screen rotation and memory function. It makes it easy for you to reach the screen. In addition to this, another benefit here is that the oximeter can deliver an accurate reading even when you are moving your hand.

A lot of people have concerns if the oximeter can be used on a child’s finger, the good part is that it can be used. This oximeter is water-resistant as well. The warranty offered on this oximeter is 1 year and it can be extended by another 6 months by registering the product after the purchase.

Customer Reports

I am a physician. I had a previous pulse oximeter which I bought locally 5 years ago for Rs. 2500/-. Apparently, they are not certified. So, I as very happy when I could get this USFDA certified product for half the price and it is working even better.


Body light but strong. Accurate tested it with Nellcor oximeter. Sound loud enough. High & Alarm can be changed. Spo2 from 30 to 100. The pulse from 30 to 250.Excellent product for the price Rs.1299 comes with a free digital thermometer. oximeter with a beep and adjustable alarm available at this price. However, if you’re looking for a sturdy oximeter buy Nellcor for RS 40,000. Really I would prefer to buy 40 of these finger ones and use them continuously on a patient.

3. HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 900 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 900 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for some other brand apart from Dr. Trust then you must check out the oximeter from HealthSense. This oximeter has a very simple design and it comes with red led display which quickly grabs your attention.

The oximeter uses technology to give you a reading in just 8 seconds and it also features an anti-motion technology. It is known that this particular model can be used to measure the SpO2 and it can also use to measure the pulse rate. On top of the screen, you will also find a battery indicator.

Another feature of HealthSense oximeter is that the finger chamber is hypoallergic which ensures that there is no risk to sensitive patients.

This oximeter is highly reliable and at the same time, it features one-button operation. You just need to clamp this on the finger and press the button to get the reading. Talking about the warranty, the warranty on this product is 1 year.

The oximeter can measure the SpO2 levels between 70% and 100% and the range for pulse rate is 25 bpm to 250 bpm. The power source of this oximeter is 2 AAA batteries.

Customer Reports
Moiz Borker

I purchased it for my mom to monitor her oxygen level in the comfort of the home. Must say this pulse oximeter is very handy and easy to use. It came with two AAA batteries and a lanyard. To start the oximeter you just have to push a button and it will light up the screen. Within seconds it will display SpO2 & pulse rate along with perfusion index & plethysmograph. The readings are very accurate. I have used it every day and it works consistently with no problems. Good thing is that itself turns off after no use to save battery. Would recommend.


The product is good, accurate, compact & useful. But the price is overhyped. You will get others at a very competitive price, but considering the fact that they provide a 1-year warranty & online warranty registration as soon as u made a purchase, this can be trusted. A very helpful device now a day.
Note: doctor advice is final in all cases, they will guide be better. You can just check whether everything is fine or not by readings but the doc is the first n last choice.

4. Dr. Morepen PO04 Pulse Oximeter

Dr Morepen PO04 Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

The next product on our list is from Dr. Morepen and this is yet another reliable oximeter available in the market. It is available at a great discount on Amazon. There is no compromise on quality with this oximeter.

Talking about the features, the oximeter can measure SpO2 levels and it also measures the heart rate of the patient. All this information is displayed on a 2 color LED screen which can get you fast reading. There are 6 display modes available in oximeter and it also comes with auto power-off feature.

It should be noted that the oximeter from Dr. Morepen is safe to be used for babies and adults.

The power source of this oximeter is 2 AAA batteries which can be inserted at the backside of the oximeter. In addition to this, the oximeter consumes very little power which means that the batteries are going to last really long.

There is a battery indicator on the top right corner of the screen which tells you when to replace the battery. It also comes with an alarm that gets triggered when the SpO2 and heart rate are not in a safe range. You also get a 1-year warranty on the product which protects you from any issue with the oximeter.

Customer Reports
Rahul Singh

A very useful device for my wife, since we are in Africa sometimes small and basic info related to health care works wonders. She is a doctor a pediatrician this device comes in very handy.

Sundeep from Bangalore

I purchased the Dr. Morepen PO02 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for my child. The device is simple to use as it just clips on to the finger. However, for children, it is a bit difficult to use. It is difficult to keep a child still and if they wiggle their finger the display just shows “Finger Out”.

5. Santamedical Generation Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Santa medical Generation Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

On number 5, we have an oximeter from Santa Medical and this oximeter is quite sturdy in terms of design and usage. It is known that this oximeter can measure the SpO2 and it also measures the heart rate which are 2 most important criteria to be monitored.

In addition to this, the oximeter also displays the information in the form of the graph on the dual-color OLED Display. This product has been recently upgraded and it now supports quick reading as well. The reading is very accurate and hence they are highly reliable as well.  This OLED Display is also rotatable and it changes the alignment as per your need.

In the pack, you get a LAN Yard and you also get a storage box where you can conveniently and safely store the oximeter. Just like another oximeter, there is also a battery level indicator here and it also comes with an auto-off option.

The power is turned off it is not being used for 10 seconds. The power source for this oximeter from Santa Medical is 2 AAA batteries and the company also offers a warranty of 1 year on the product which covers replacement in case of an issue with the oximeter.

Customer Reports
JM Correia

Great design, features, large bright display and easy to use. Compared almost perfectly with reading at Dr”s visit. The storage case and lanyard were nice accessories and well made too.


It seems these devices are all very similar, put together from same components by different parties to make up for the variations you see in the Amazon store. This one works great, and the folks behind it seem to be very attentive to customer needs.

6. Choicemmed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Choicemmed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

On number 6, we have an oximeter from Choicemmed. This is another reliable brand and the model of this oximeter is MD300C1D. This oximeter is very compact and it offers quite basic functionality.

Talking about the types of reading, you can measure SpO2 and pulse rate with the help of this oximeter and it also displays a bar graph near the heart rate display. There is also a batter in dilatory on top of the screen which tells you when to replace the battery. Apart from this, the device is so simple that it can be used at home as well without any training.

The finger chamber of this oximeter is so versatile that you can use this oximeter for adults and you can also use this oximeter for children and infants. The large LCD display quickly displays all the information.

The device consumes very little battery and it also has an auto-off mechanism that turns off the oximeter just after 1 minute of ideal time. The measurement range for SpO2 here is between 70% and 100%. For the pulse rate, the measurement range is between 30bpm and 250 bpm. Overall, the product is reliable and accurate. You can order this and you will certainly not face any issue with oximeter.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

The oximeter works great. It takes approximately 8 secs to detect reading. Works well on adults and little children as well. I had read a review that the product registration link did not work. Yes, it does not work, the Choicemmed website has the option to register which can be made use of here.


Nice product that does what it is supposed to do. Deducting one star as it did not come with a carry pouch as some of the Hicks models have in the box.

7. Newnik PX701 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Newnik PX701 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Buy From Amazon

This is the last oximeter on our list and this one is particularly from Newnik. This product comes with several unique features which again includes a lot of functionality apart from simply measuring the SpO2 levels and heart rate.

Talking about the additional functionality, this comes with an audio-visual alarm that can simply alert you if the vitals are beyond the safe range. The range set here for SpO2 is 90% and the range set here for Pulse is between 50 bpm to 120 bpm.

You also get auto on/off feature and in addition to all the features listed above, the oximeter is water-resistant. The oximeter is highly accurate and it also gives the readings very quickly. The readings are also displayed in the form of a graph which offers a quick reference to the past reading as well.

All the information is displayed on a bright OLED Display and this display is also full of features. For example, the display consumes very little power and at the same time, it also rotates as per your need which really makes it easy to read the information.

The oximeter also uses anti-motion artifice which basically helps you in getting a reading even when the hand is not stable. This oximeter from Newnik also comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Customer Reports

Received this product on time. The packaging was great! No damage. Included all the items listed in the product description. I tested the product and it worked great!. No Issue. I rate it as a strong buy and excellent value.


This oximeter functions really good. It shows the accurate amount of oxygen in blood along with this the pulse and heartbeat graph is also displayed. Purchasing this product is the value of money and it comes with a one-year warranty. It is a pocket-friendly device and works on two AAA batteries which is easily available in the market. I found this product very helpful for me and this is my honest review for the product after using it for a number of days. I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to purchase an oxygen meter for them.

How to Choose the Right One?

There are certain features that you must look at while buying the Pulse Oximeter. Apart from that, you must also check some other criteria. Here is a buying guide for purchasing a finger pulse Oximeter.

1. Accuracy

The first thing to check is that the Oximeter should be accurate. Check the error percentage and also check the perfusion index of the Oximeter. Remember that it is better to have a lower Perfusion Index.

2. Alarm and Warning System

Check for the types of warning systems that Oximeter has. Almost all Oximeter comes with an audio-visual warning system and ensures that this is not missing. Some of them have levels pre-set to trigger the warning while others have customizable warning limits. It is better to opt for customizable

3. Portability

Check for the portability of the Oximeter. Ensure that it is lightweight and it is also easy to carry. Most of the brands offer a pouch or a case to store the pulse meter. It is of great use as it protects the Oximeter from any sort of damage. You can also check if the Oximeter is water-resistant.

4. Screen

The next thing to check is the screen size and the type of screen. Opt for a colored screen and check if the screen comes with an auto-rotate functionality. This feature makes it very easy to take the readings. Also, the screen should be bright and large enough to take the readings

5. Warranty

Check for the warranty offered by the brand. The standard is a 1-year warranty but you can also find some of the Oximeters that come with a warranty for 1.5 years. It is certainly a good idea to opt for the product which offers a longer warranty

6. Cost &Brand

You must also check for the brand. Ensure that you do not opt for a locally manufactured Oximeter. Instead, opt for a brand that has high customer satisfaction and a good reputation. You can also check the cost of the Oximeter and it should be in your budget. You can get good deals on Amazon and other such websites.

7. Reviews

Check for the reviews and do not fall for the paid reviews. Check the genuine reviews of the users. You can find these genuine reviews on e-commerce sites and you can check for the reviews given by the verified purchases.

How to use a Finger Pulse Oximeter

It is very easy to use Finger Pulse Oximeter. Here is the step by step procedure to use Oximeter.

  • Turn on the Oximeter with the help of the power button
  • Place the Oximeter on the finger of the patient. It is a self-closing clamp. Ensure that the sensor is placed above the fingernail.
  • Wait for the oximeter to get the reading. Most of the Oximeters will get you a reading within 10 seconds. Avoid much of movement during this time.
  • Once the reading is displayed on the screen, check the SpO2 levels and also check the heart rate.
  • If you would like to monitor for a longer time then leave the Oximeter on the fingertip in on state itself. It will keep checking the
  • After checking the reading, simply remove the Oximeter and turn off the power. A lot of Oximeters comes with the auto-off feature as well.

Pulse Oximeters: Advantages and Limitations

Benefits or Advantages of Pulse Oximeters:

The pulse oximeter is helpful for those people who have any disease related to oxygen levels in the blood. Low levels or superior saturation of oxygen in the blood can cause several illnesses in the human body. Pulse oxymeters are useful for people with blood diseases and oxygen saturation conditions.

Too many people have problems in sleeping. Here, with the help of a pulse, oximeter, doctors can collect information about blood level and oxygen levels. 

  • The pulse oximeter can also give feedback about the respiratory system of the human body.
  • To assess the effectiveness of physical activity to individuals with cardiovascular or breathing problems, certain physicians use pulse oximetry. To perform stress tests on a patient, the doctor can use pulse oximeter in this scenario also.
  • In particularly vulnerable persons, several hospitals also use pulse oximeters. In the case of neonatal intensive care, babies may carry pulse oximeters. That can alert nurses to a decrease throughout oxygen saturation.
  • A doctor can use Pulse oximeter to collect information or readings of newborn baby’s blood and oxygen levels.
  • Doctors can use this device for coma patients to monitor their blood and oxygen levels.
  • If anyone is suffering from anesthesia, then pulse oximeter can monitor the level of oxygen over time.
  • As we know that, if anyone is addicted to drugs, then pulse oximeter can capture the severe changes in their blood and oxygen levels.

Limitations of Pulse Oximeters:

Pulse oximetry technology is noninvasive and does not cause serious threats. Many people may experience minor irritation, including redness of the skin and responsiveness.   

  • If the pulse is changing or as per the conditions of the patient, then doctors can not get correct readings by the pulse oximeters.
  • If anyone has carbon monoxide poisoning, then pulse oximeter can’t capture it. A doctor can’t gather information or readings of carbon monoxide in the blood.
  • Also, a physician or a doctor can’t detect the levels of bilirubin pigment in the blood.
  • Pulse oximeters can’t detect the levels of lipids in blood plasma.
  • If anyone wants to use pulse oximeter and intends to get correct readings through it, for this, they need suitable conditions for it. The pulse oximeter can show wrong interpretation by affecting from sunlight or any other color. Even nail polish can cause incorrect readings in the pulse oximeter.
  • In the winters, if anyone wants to check the oxygen saturation in blood, then it isn’t straightforward to do. If anyone has cold hands can interrupt the readings of the pulse oximeter.

Bottom Line

An oximeter is a really important part of the medical kit. The cost of the Oximeter has drastically come down in recent times. You can check the price of these Oximeters on websites like Amazon as they are available at a great discount. You find several models that are priced between Rs 1200 to Rs 1700 after the discount. If you purchase Oximeter from Amazon then some of the manufacturers also provide you with an additional warranty.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, browse for the best Oximeter available in India and purchase one for your family.

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