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Hot water bottles are really popular and they also have a very high utility. They are useful during muscle injury and they are also useful during menstruation as they can provide a lot of relief from the pain. Traditionally, people use rubber bottle which can be filled with hot water and then used as per your needs.

Today, technology has improved this outdated traditional hot water bag as well. You can now find electric hot water bags that have the same effect as of the hot water bag but the only difference here is that these bags can heat the water himself with the help of electricity.

These electric hot water bags are much better than the traditional bags so you can also go ahead and replace the old bags with the new ones. To help you with the purchase, we have listed the top 10 electric hot water bags available in India.

How does electric hot water bag work?

There are two types of electric hot water bag available in India and one of these are filled with gel while others can be filled with water. The ones which are filled with gel come filled with a heating element that heats the gel as and when it is connected to the electricity. The gel gets heated quickly and the gel has a high heat dissipation. This can stay heated for longer and the bags are puncture-proof as well.

Talking about the second type of bags, these can be filled with water. You can fill cold water with the help of a nozzle that is supplied with the bag. Once this is done, you can then go ahead and plug in the bag to the electricity. This starts heating the water because of the heating element. After the use, you can drain the water or you can choose to keep the water for multiple uses.

Most of these bags come with an auto cut feature which cuts off the electric supply to the heating element when the temperature exceeds the threshold. This was the basic working principle of the electric hot water bags and both of them are totally safe for use. A lot of people prefer gel bags when compared to water bags. You can now check out the list of best electric hot water bags in India.

Best Buy Electric Hot Water Bags Online in India

1. VEU Electric Gel Bottle Pouch Massager Hot Water Bag

VEU Electric Gel Bottle Pouch Massager Hot Water Bag

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The first bag on the list is from VEU and it is one of the best-selling hot water bags in the market. Talking about this bag, it is filled with a gel that can be heated with the application of electricity. The gel is very heat efficient. You just need to heat the bag for 5 to 10 minutes and with just this much of heating, you will get a heat time of 120 minutes.

The time can vary but 120 minutes is the maximum time. The heating time actually varies between 60 minutes to 120 minutes as it is dependent on several factors.

The dimensions of the bag are 25 cm x 16 cm. In the package, you will also get a cord that is close to 65 cm in the length. There are multiple patterns and colors available in the product.

Customer Reports
Manish Garg

I am very happy with my purchase I received my package today. It heats up very quickly and also gives relief in chilling winters. You would love to have such a product. I recommend it to all the people out there looking for a good quality hot bag. It’s lovely.

Sachin Agarwal

The product is nice and heats quickly. Value for money. Build from good quality. My parents liked it very much. Recommended to all. Free product given is of good quality as well. Thumbs up for such a great product. Thnx.

2. Thermocare Gel Electric Warm Bag Multi-Color


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Next on our list is Thermocare Gel Electric Warm bag from Thermocare and it is also one of the best products available in the market. The heating bag is manufactured by thermoplastic industries which is known for quality products. The fabric is also made of very soft material so you do not have to worry about rashes while using the hot water bag.

As per the product specification, it takes about 10 minutes to reach the maximum temperature for the bag and with these 10 minutes of heating, you can get the operating time of 3 hours but again, this heated time is dependent on several factors.

This bag is also filled with gel. The auto cut feature makes this bag one of the best choice as it also helps you in avoiding any accident because of overheating. This product is also available in different colors.

Customer Reports

This is the fifth electric gel bag I’m buying for a relative. All thanks to the 5 minute charge and ready for 1.5 hours of heating. Throw away your hot water bags because its too much efforts heating the water and then filing the bag etc etc. Consumes water electricity and efforts. Buy this cheap yet so effective gel bag. Its wonderful specially for the elderly.

Sourish Ghosh

It heats up real quick, so its a bliss for my parents for their arthritic pain and also for the winter season. No more heating water again and again, just plug in and done. Have to be very careful though, as it takes hardly one or two minutes to heat up and it may escalate very fast. No leaking, no loose parts, and durable material. The cord is detachable, so no hanging cord problem from the pad.

3. Asbob® Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad Hot Bottle Pouch

Asbob® Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad

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On number 3, we have an electric hot water bottle from Asbob. This bag is also filled with gel and it is also made of very high-quality material. As per the instructions available, the charging time for the bag is 5 to 15 minutes and this charge time provides you with a warm time of 1 to 3 hours depending on the weather conditions. The good part about this bag filled from the gel is that it helps you in getting rid of the hassle of heating water and filling it in water.

The pouch is filled and it is a leak-proof bag that provides you with the guarantee that it would not leak even when you are using it under the blanket. The bag is also having a red light that tells you if the bag is being heated or not. During the auto cut-off, the red light gets turned off automatically which acts as an indicator.

Customer Reports
Swati Mittal

I really liked it as it was so convenient to heat and use whenever you want. But it only worked for a week and then leaked. Such awesome customer service, they quickly acted after seeing my review and sent me a replacement. Wow experience.


Amazing product, heats up quickly and retains heat for a fair amount of time. Worth the price.

4. SHOPTOSHOP Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad

SHOPTOSHOP Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad

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The next product is from ShoptoShop and this bag is also similar to other products available on our list. The bag comes filled with gel and this gel is packed in strong leak-proof fabric which provides you with a heat time of 2 to 4 hours of heat time depending on external factors and usage.

The general heating time of this bag remains to be between 3 to 10 minutes after which the thermostat cuts off to avoid overheating.

The maximum temperature that this bag can reach is around 75 degrees and it is hot enough to treat sprains and other muscle injuries. You can also use it for joint pain and boils. Talking about the size, the bag has dimensions of 10 inches by 7 inches and it weighs about 1.5 Kg.

This is quite portable and hence you can even take it to the airport with you if you need any sort of heating treatment for relief from pain.

Customer Reports

Best product for pain relief and for elder people. It gets heated in just 3 mins and ready to use. There is no water inside to fill or change. It’s gel so it’s time saving.


It is a very useful product when you are in pain. It provides instant relief.

5. TECHICON Electric Warm Gel Bag with Auto Cut

TECHICON Electric Warm Gel Bag

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This is another bag on our list which is manufactured by Techicon and the bag is also a gel-filled bag. The bag is of high quality and the gel is also sealed in a pouch which is very strong and durable. Apart from this, the bag can just be plugged into electricity and the gel will heat automatically. You do not have to bear the pain of filling the water into the bag.

The product is available in different colors and pattern but you need to know that there is no choice available. You get the product based on availability. The cord that is supplied with the bag is also of very high quality.

Apart from all the details listed above, the bag comes with an auto cut feature which is again of great advantage as it mitigates the risk of fire or any other accident. The charge time for this bag is also between 5 to 10 minutes and the heat time offered by the bag is close to 120 minutes.

Customer Reports

This is my go to bag whenever there is pain on any part of my body. Best solution for period cramps. Girls go get it!

Amazon Customer

The product is good . The bag stays hot even with 5 mins of heating. It remains hot for quite some time depending on hoe long it was heated. Not to be heated for more than 10 mins.

6. Wazdorf Electrothermal Hot Water Bag

Wazdorf Electro thermal Hot Water Bag

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Moving on to the next product, it is from Wazdorf and this bag is also filled with a heating gel that can be heated by plugging it into electric supply. The bag is a great substitute for traditional hot water bottles as there is no risk of spillage while you are using the bag and in addition to this, there is no hassle of heating the water and filling it in the bag.

The charge time of the bag is 5 to 10 minutes whereas the bag offers a heat time of around 2 hours.

Ensure that you keep the bag flat on the surface while you are heating the bag. This will start the healing process and once you plug in the charger, the red indicator light will lit up. The light will be turned off automatically during the cut-off.  You can purchase this hot water bag if you are looking for something that has a very high quality.

Customer Reports

This hot water bag helped me alot for my back pain, easily charging just 10 minutes and heat is very longlasting upto 3 to 4 hours I also use it for my knees. It’s very easy to use no worrying about water leakages easily I keep it on my back and sleep . We are getting at the best price. The best deal.


The product is very compact and very effective. A little weight as it contains thermionic fluid but easy to carry. Coming to the effectiveness, the products gets heated in a quick span of time like 2 to 4 mins and the heating last for 30 to 45 mins very easily. Very effective on muscle sprains and I totally recommend it!

7. Shreeji Ethnic Electrothermal Hot Water

Shreeji Ethnic Electro thermal Hot Water

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This bag is a little different from others available in the list. The material used for the bag is a little different it is much softer when you compare it with other products available in the market. The bag has a charge time which varies between 5 to 10 minutes and the heating element is automatically turned off once the maximum temperature is reached.

The bag is electrically efficient and it is very useful if you wish to treat sports injuries, arthritis, sore neck, backache, muscular pains or any other type of pain. It is especially helpful during stomach cramps as well. The size of the bag is 25 cm by 16 cm and hence it is very portable as well. You can easily carry this water bag with you and charge it even during the travel.

Customer Reports

Very good quality product. Fantastic product that packed nicely without any damaged content lovely that has to be buyed.


Superb quality product. It’s really good in this price. Affordable price. I like this.

8. Piesome Electric Hot Water Bag

DENSITY COLLECTION Nylon Electric Heater Hot Water Bag

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On number 8, we have a product from Density Collection. This bag is also having gel-filled inside it so you do not need to fill it with any water. This makes it very convenient to use. The charge time for this hot water bottle varies between 8 to 10 minutes and the heat time varies between 60 to 90 minutes, apart from this, the bag is CQC certification passed along with CE and GS certification.

The bag is totally safe to use and it is available in multiple colors as well. The fabric used is of high quality and it has a PVC lining which improves the quality of the bag as well. Talking about the fabric, it uses 6 different layers that are fused into each other and hence there is no chance or puncture or leak in the bag. By default, the indicator and auto cut feature is also available.

Customer Reports
Nikkie Gargi

The product is just like the one shown in the photo….it’s very useful especially during periods , for cramps, for cold wheather, fever, back pain etc. The bag remains hot for a reasonable amount of time.


This is such a good product for managing pain. It takes just a few minutes to heat up and the heat stays for a long time. It’s very convenient to use and comfortable too. There is no fear of spilling as the bag is tightly sealed. So it’s very convenient to use in bed.

9. Rylan Electrothermal Hot Water Bag

Rylan Electro thermal Hot Water Bag

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Next is a hot water bag from Rylan. Just like other bags, it is also filled with gel and it comes with a high-quality power cord that can be used to heat the gel. The charge time as per the manufacturer can vary between 5 to 10 minutes. With this charging time, you get a heat time of around 120 minutes. This can’t be exact as it is dependent on several other external factors as well.

The gel used is of high quality and it is encased in a high-quality fabric that is leak-proof even after prolonged use. It is totally safe to use the bag you would not face any issue during the regular use.

There are also many attractive patterns available in the bag. In terms of the size, the bag has a size of 25 cm by 16 cm which makes it quite portable. The length of the cord is 65 cm which is long enough to easily connect it with the socket.

Customer Reports

Its really good hot water bag with gel inside and due to that special gel inside it holds beats for longer time. It gets heat really quick with in 10 min and then that heat last around 3 hours. For your safety it Comes with auto cut which cutoff its power when it gets full heated.


Extremely easy to use and quick mode of getting relax from pain. Loved the material used for the bag as it feels premium , the charger provided does the job well. You need charge for hardly 6-7 mins and you are good to go. Loved the product totally!

10. DreamKraft ‘Elanor’ Electric Rechargeable Heating Gel Bottle Pouch

DreamKraft 'Elanor' Electric Rechargeable Heating Gel Bottle

Buy From Amazon

The last product on our list is from Dreamkraft and the best part about the product is that you get many different patterns in this model. The charge time, just like the other bags is between 5 to 10 minutes and the heating time offered is around 60 minutes. As you know, this bag is also filled with gel so there is no need to use the water in this bag either.

You can use this bag for heat therapy for various issues like joint pains, body pain or you can even use it to provide heat for yourself during the cold weather. Since it runs on electricity, there is no issue with filling the water and draining the water. Opting for this product is safe and you will surely be able to enjoy your purchase.

Customer Reports
Ashutosh Patel

You can use for knee joint, your back, shoulder, your muscles very easy to use, and I don’t find any negative points of this product,
Menu plugin for a making it hot don’t be tensed how much time it will automatically turn off when a cause higher on the temperature otherwise you can touch and feel there how much you want temperature very easy to use just go for it go go go for it thank you.

Amazon Customer

It gets hot in just 4 mins of heating. One star less because at 5th min all the lights of my room starts blinking till the time I switch off this bags charging. It remains hot for more than an hour.

How to Choose the Electric Hot Water Bag?

There are so many bags available in the market that you can easily get confused about which one to buy. In such a case, you can refer to the buying guide so that you are able to choose the best electric hot water bag for yourself. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while making this purchase.

1. Type of Bag

The first thing you need to check while buying the electric hot water bag is the type of bag it is. You can choose between a water-filled or a gel-filled bag. If you ask us for your opinion then you need to know that the gel-based bags are much better than the water-filled bag.

They are long-lasting and they also provide heat for a longer period of time. They are a little expensive than the water-filled bag but the cost variance is minimal.

2. Fabric

The second thing that you need to consider while buying the electric hot water bag is the fabric. Ensure that the fabric is made of good quality and in addition to this, you need to ensure that the bag is also puncture-proof.

Most of the time, you will find one single option for the fabric used but ensure that it is of high quality.

3. Auto Cut Feature

It is really essential to have an auto cut feature. This feature cuts the thermostat after the bag reaches a particular temperature. This ensures that the bag is not overheated and this also cuts the risk of fire hazard by multiple times.

While buying the electric hot water bag, ensure that the bag comes with the auto cut feature, if this feature is absent then do not consider that hot water bag for purchase.

4. Color

This is an optional thing to consider because it doesn’t impact the functionality in any way. You can choose the color that you like. Most of the brand offers the electric hot water bag in multiple colors and in multiple patterns. Most of the fabrics are stain proof so you do not have to worry about soiling the bag or staining the bag.

5. Cost

This is quite an important feature and we say this because we don’t want you to buy anything which is overpriced for no reason. There are chances that you will find these bags in the local market for unreasonably high prices and in such a case, it is worth checking out the price of the hot water bag on Amazon as you will be able to get the bag for a much cheaper price.

6. Reviews

the Last thing that you need to check while purchasing these electric hot water bag is the reviews. The best place to check the review is Amazon or other online sites that provide you with reviews of the real customers. This way you can see if any particular model has a high failure rate. This would help you with the final decision of choosing the right electric bag for yourself.

How to Use Electric Hot Water Bag?

It is quite easy to use the electric hot water bag. It is much easier than using the traditional hot water bags that you need to fill with water. You can follow the instructions listed below see how you can use the electric hot water bag.

  • If your bag is the one which needs to be filled with water then first connect the filler nozzle to 1-liter bottle and fill in the bag with the cold water.
  • If your bag is the one which is filled with gel then you can skip the step listed above. Now, go ahead and plug in the adapter to the socket and plug in the other end to the electric water bag.
  • Switch on the power supply and leave it for a few seconds. Wait for the bag to reach the desired temperature.
  • Remove the plug now and use the hot water bag as per your needs. If the bag has lost the heat after the use then reheat it if you need to use it again.
  • After the use, store the bag back and just ensure that the bag is not very hot while storing it. If in case you are using the water bag then you can drain the water but again, you can retain the water for multiple uses before changing the water.

The advantage of these bags here is that you do not have to reheat the water and pour in the hot water in the bag. This helps you in preventing multiple accidents which can be caused by the boiling hot water. There is no doubt about the fact that

Bottom Line

This was all about the best electric hot water bags available in India. You can easily find them in the local market but there is going to be a price difference. If you wish to get the same product at a cheaper price then we recommend you to check the price on Amazon.

If you are still doubtful about using these electric hot water bags then do not worry as they are totally free to use and you will fall in love with them soon after the first use.

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