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Typically a balanced diet should include a lot of protein. This not only helps in the development of muscles but it also helps in cutting down the fat storage in your body. Whey protein absolutely becomes important if you are going to the gym. Today, there are several brands of whey protein available in the market but do you know which one of them is the best brand for you?

Well, in this article, we have covered up a lot of aspects of whey protein. We have listed the different types of protein available in the market because that becomes the first and the foremost selection criteria for you. We have also listed the best whey protein available in the market and towards the end; we have a buying guide as well as a usage guide for the protein.

So, let us now start by looking at various types of whey protein available in the market.

Different Types of Whey Protein

types of proteins


There are many different types of whey protein available in the market and below is a short description of each of those.

  • Isolate Whey Protein – Isolate Whey Protein is one of the best options available for you as they are the purest form of the protein available in the market. There is the minimal presence of carbs in isolate protein and there is also a minimum amount of fat present in these types of protein. For the cost perspective, Isolates are a little expensive because of the purity. Isolate Whey Protein is the most suitable form of protein for the people who are on the Keto Diet because of the absence of the Carbohydrates in the protein.
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein – If you have difficulty in digestion the regular protein then you can opt for a hydrolyzed protein as well. The protein is also quite amazing in purity and they are easier to digest because they are broken down in small chains.This hydrolyzed protein can also be a little expensive.
  • Concentrate Whey Protein – the Last type of protein in our list is the concentrate whey protein. This type of protein has relatively less concentration of protein and more concentration of fat and carbohydrates. It is not an ideal choice for someone who is on a Keto diet but this type of protein is quite affordable. If you are looking for something in budget then you can surely opt for concentrate whey protein.

These are the different types of protein available in the market. Let us now look at the best protein supplements without side effects in the next section..

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Best Buy Whey Protein Online in India

Below is the list of best whey protein powders in India this year.

1. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition

Buy From Amazon

The first one on our list is a whey protein from Optimum Nutrition. It is really a good brand and the good part is that you can choose from 12 flavours that are available for you to purchase. Each scoop of protein is 30.4 grams and scoop has 24 grams of protein, 1 grams fat and 3 gram carbohydrates. These contents may vary a little from one flavour to another.

The protein also contains 5.5 gram of naturally occurring BCAAs and these can be really helpful in terms of muscle building. Another thing that might interest you is that it is a 100% veg protein so event he vegetarians can consume this without any issue. The best flavour in this is cookies and cream, double rich chocolate, mocha cappuccino and extreme milk chocolate. This is certainly one of the best proteins available in the market.

Customer Reports

Thanks Cloudtail & Amazon for giving this genuine product. It’s very hard to buy orignal protein supplements online, as you will never know till you get it. This is fully authentic as it has a scratch code which can be validated on the link for authenticity. I have been using it for quite some time and the protein just works wonders. A must buy for anyone who needs a pure protein addition in diet. Great for increasing muscle mass and reducing fat if taken properly with regular exercise.

Sam Tim

This whey protein from ON on of the top brands in U.S like muscle tech provides muscle growth, which could be consumed pre and post work out, good for beginners and intermediate gym goers, I could find significant difference in my core muscle and lean muscle growth, remember this ain’t a magic supplement, Ur food intake is equally important. I took the choice of whey ON because it suits my budget, big player in market, better transparency, no side effects and effective. Remember you would need to be on continuous bwork out pattern inorder to see muscle growth, hit the gym every once in 2 or 3 days.

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2. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein

Buy From Amazon

Next on our list is the protein from AS-IT-IS Nutrition. This whey protein is an unsweetened and unflavoured version. It is perfect for the people who wish to consume something which is not sweet and who does not like many flavours. This is also a 100% veg protein and you can certainly consume this milk-based protein. The protein is USA Made whey which is being marketed by a Bangalore based company.

Each serving size of this whey is 30 grams and each scoop contains 24 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of carbs and 1.5 gram of fat. The scoop also contains BCAA along with some of the other amino acids as well. The protein is made of really high-quality ingredients and there is no soy in the protein as well. Apart from this, you can get a pack of 250 grams and 5 KG as well which basically depends on your consumption and needs.

Customer Reports
Akash Tomar

Best protein in the market and at much reasonable price. Using it from a month and getting good results and gains. The only issue is with the taste but u will used to it in a week or two. Believe me u will not regret buying it. Highly recommended.

Sujay Langade

After a deep research about this supplement, I ordered it in the last week of November 2018. I started using it for a month and saw the difference. I started to gain lean muscles easily and it also gave me strength. I take it twice in a day, half scoop in the morning and other half in the evening(post workout). It’s really helpful for those people who don’t eat non-veg food daily or for people who are vegetarian.

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3. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar

Buy From Amazon

Next product on our list is whey from Ultimate Nutrition. Just like Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition is also one of the best companies available in India for whey protein. Each scoop size of this protein is 30 grams in quantity and each scoop contains 1 gram of fat along with 2 gram of carbohydrates and 25 gram of protein.

This protein from Ultimate Nutrition is also a 100% vegetarian protein which is another advantage of the product. A container of 5.28 lbs. contains almost 80 scoops. Do not worry if you do not like Chocolate Crème as you get 9 different flavour options in this whey.

The good flavours are Cookie and Cream, Cocoa Mocha, Chocolate Crème and Delicious Raspberry. There is a different size of packing available in this protein as well so you can again order it as per your usage.

Customer Reports

One of the best whey protein at this price. U can see the results with the help of your regular workouts. Guys believe me I got some good results and muscles growth is nicely visible. Bravoooooo. It’s absolutely ultimate.

Amazon Customer

I have used choclate creme twice but this tastes so good and leaves less froth. Mixability is also good.

4. Sinew Nutrition Instantised Whey Protein

Sinew Nutrition Instantised Whey Protein

Buy From Amazon

If you are tired of trying different flavours and if you are still not able to find a good protein for yourself whose flavour you like then you may want to try this product from Sinew Nutrition. This is another brand which offers unflavoured protein whey.

Each serving has a volume of about 30 grams and in addition to this, each serving provides you with 23.7 gram of protein, 1.5 gram of carbs and 2.4 grams of fats. You can opt for this protein as this has a low amount of carbs present in it. It is also a vegetarian product which is made of milk-based products only.

In terms of packing, it is available in 1 Kg pack as well as 2 Kg pack. The best part about buying an unflavoured protein is that you can even use it to bake or to make a fruit shake.

Customer Reports

I have tried lots of brands in Whey protein, but it put a whole in your pocket. Sinew is Whey is a great deal. I bought the 360g packet to test it and I was satisfied so I purchased the 2kg. I have been using it for more than a month and the results have been great.


This raw whey protein is 100% genuine no doubt in it. At this price, it is a very good option if you’re tight on your budget.

1. The whey powder mixes completely in water and there’s no settling of grains.
2. They provide you with a unique code so that you can verify if your product is genuine or not.
3. It has 23.7g of protein in a 30g scoop which you hardly get in any other brand at this price.

1. As it is unflavored, it tastes very bad which might make it uneasy to gulp down.

5. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard

Buy From Amazon

The next product on out is also from optimum nutrition but the difference is that it is a different flavour. Rest all the things are the same. Just like the flavour listed above, it is also a vegetarian product and each scoop of this protein is also around 30 grams. These 30 grams of whey powder can be further broken down into s 24 grams of protein, 1 grams fat and 3 gram carbohydrates.

It is not an ideal choice for someone who is on Keto Diet but it is quite an ideal diet for someone who is on a low carb diet. Overall, the quality of any whey from Optimum Nutrition is quite amazing. It causes no harm to the body and it also comes with a double seal so as to ensure that you get the genuine product without any contamination.

This protein from ON is available in different packs and you can also opt for hydro whey from ON if you wish to get something better for yourself.

Customer Reports

Have tried all the chocolate variants offered by ON. Double Rich Chocolate is the best flavour. In the non-chocolate flavours, Strawberry was also excellent. Apart from a great profile, this is less sweeter than other offerings in the market. However this is not a problem at all – tastes delicious when mixed with banana + milk. Chocolate tastes natural without any artificial flavoring aftertaste.


It’s original but if you’re a beginner then don’t drink 1 scope in one take. May you have Dagistive problem or may not after drinking so much protin you may get weakness or constipation, so mix 1 scope & drink slowly within an hour but if you don’t face any problem then take it full after post workout.

6. Muscle Blaze Raw Whey Protein Powder

Muscle Blaze Raw Whey Protein

Buy From Amazon

Another brand to make an entry on the list of top 10 whey proteins in India is Muscle Blaze. This protein from Muscle Blaze is again an unflavoured version and it is also a 100% veg variant for the protein lovers. One scoop of Muscle Blaze Ray Whey is of 30 grams and each scoop has 24 grams of protein along with 2.1 gram of carbohydrate and 1.95 gram of fat.

There is a different type of packing available in Muscle Blaze Whey. You can opt for a 1 Kg Pouch or you can opt for a 2 Kg Jar or you can even opt for 4 Kg bucket. The bucket is the most economical in terms of price per scoop but purchase as per your usage. This protein also has some added enzymes which aid the digestion of the protein and it also helps in quick absorption of protein.

Customer Reports
Moksh P.

It was hard to adapt to in the beginning, but now things are alright. I have seen fantastic results and I would totally recommend it to beginners, I know it coz I was one too when I had started using it.

Kunal S.

The product is very good no doubt at all. Muscleblaze is a fantastic company. But if you can afford some more carbs into your lean physique I’d recommend Muscleblaze Whey energy. It has an almost same price but what it has more- a chocolate flavour (raw whey flavour isn’t that cool), a multivitamin blend to boost immunity, digestive enzymes which will help your protein buddies to digest and absorb easily.

7. Muscle Blaze Whey Gold 100% Whey Protein Isolate

Muscle Blaze Whey Gold

Buy From Amazon

If you are following a Keto Diet and if you are looking for something which is much better than just regular whey then you can opt for this Isolate Whey Protein from Muscle Blaze. This is one of the most affordable isolates available in the market and talking about the scoop of protein, each scoop contains 30 grams of whey.

Each scoop has 25 gram of protein with 1.6 gram of carb and only 0.46 gram of fats. The difference between this protein and the one listed above is that this protein has 1 gram more protein in each scoop with less carbs and less of fats. It is an ideal choice for the people who are following a Keto Diet. Also, this is a 100% veg protein.

Customer Reports
K.H Agarwal

Been using it over 3-4 months
1. Cheap
2. Taste good
3. Seeing result in 2-3 months
4. Indian brand


I believe it is a quality product. It is light on stomach and does not produce flatulence. Mixes well. It is effective in muscle repair and recovery. A good product at this price which is giving expected results for me.

8. Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein

Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein

Buy From Amazon

This is the second product from Sinew in our list and it is really different from the product that has been listed above. So, what makes this product different? Well, you would have come across friends who would find it difficult to digest whey. For them, it can be a perfect choice because this whey from Sinew Nutrition contains special digestive enzymes which not only help in quick digestion of the protein but they also help in easy absorption of protein.

Once again, the scoop of this protein is also 30 grams and each scoop contains 23.8 gram of protein along with 2.1 gram of carbs and 1.4 gram of fats. Each serving also has 5.3 gram of BCAA and 4.18 grams of glutamine.

All these ingredients are very helpful for people who are trying to lose weight. Lastly, this is also the chocolate flavour for the people who love Sinew Nutrition but who do not like unflavoured whey. You can also opt for other flavours like Coffee and Vanilla.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

This is my first protein supplement. I bought this because it was within budget, the protein per scoop was adequate. Initially I got lumps while stirring with spoon, now just used an ordinary bottle and Shaked and there is no lump. Tastes good. The support is quiet responsive, if you have any doubts you can call the support number of them. I will definitely buy.

Vishnu P.

Product quality comparable with brands like ON, Ultimate Nutrition, etc. The recent information I got to know is they are importing whey from European and American where European is said to be highest quality and this blend gives very good quality of protein and good mixability and digestability. On the whole a good product at optimum price.

9. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Powder

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein

Buy From Amazon

If you are not really bothered about the cost of the whey then you can go ahead and purchase Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey as well. The serving size of each scoop of this protein is 36 gram and each scoop contains 2 gram of fat, 3 gram of carbs and 25 grams of protein. The scoop also has 5.5 gram of BCAAs and 2.7 gram of Leucine.

It is one of the best concentrate whey which has a very high quality. Also, the protein is available in 5 different flavours which are café mocha, rich chocolate, chocolate fudge, strawberry blast and gourmet vanilla. You can also choose the size of the bucket as it is available in 2.07 lbs., 5 lbs. and 5.78 lbs.lastly, this is also a 100% veg protein.

Customer Reports
Sandeep Thilakan

Excellent protein powder. Genuine product with a good 1.5 years for expiry. Efficiently delivered by Amazon within 24 hours. I doubt that some of the negative reviews for health supplements on amazon have been written by other resellers selling fake/overpriced products who don’t stand a chance against cloudtail’s aggressive pricing.

Anand Singh

Got a good deal on it from amazon and timely delivery. The taste was good and not too much or too less compared to many other brands.

10. Isopure Low Carb 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Buy From Amazon

If you looking for an isolate and if you are still not able to find something that meets your requirements they go ahead and check out this protein from Isopure.  This is also a 100% veg protein. Each scoop of this protein is 31 gram in volume and each scoop offers 25 gram of protein along with 1.5 gram of carb and 2 gram of fat. You also get a dose of 5 grams of BCAA with every serving.

Two of the best flavours available in these brands are Dutch Chocolate and Toasted Coconut. You can’t try them both and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the result. This isolate protein can help you in losing weight if you combine it with the right diet and training.

Customer Reports
Shubham Jain

This is the best protein one can consume but little expensive it is but worth it, if you take regularly this protein and do excercise on daily basis , trust me you will feel the difference in your energy.


Tastes awesome, easy on stomach as it is lactose free and 100% genuine distributed by unlimited nutrition. Thanks primarc pecan retail and would consider buying again.

How to Choose a Right Whey Protein for You

There are certain factors that you need to consider while purchasing whey protein. Here is information about these factors

1. Type of Protein

Consider the type of protein that you are consuming. We have already listed the types of protein available in the market. Isolates are the best because of the purity but you can also opt for hydrolyzed protein. If nothing works out for you then you can also go ahead and get concentrated whey.

2. Vegan Protein

Most of the whey is derived from milk but there are some which contain egg white as well. Check for the type of protein that you want. If you are lactose intolerant then you can also go ahead and buy pea protein. That is a vegan friendly protein.

3. Content

Check for the other contents of protein. Check how much fat and carbohydrates does the protein contains. You can also opt for the protein which comes with BCAA and creatinine but again, it’s more of a personal choice. We would recommend you to go for a normal whey without any supplements.

4. Protein per Scoop

Check for the amount of protein per scoop. Also, check for the volume of 1 scoop as well. Ideally, most of the good brands would have a protein scoop of around 30 grams but it can be as less as 25 grams as well.

5. Flavour

There are many different flavours available in protein. If you are not sure about which one to opt for then you can go for a chocolate flavour. That would be the safest bet. You can also check out other generalized flavours like cookie and cream, mocha or vanilla.

6. Number of Scoops

Check out for the total number of scoops available in the protein bag. This will also help you in understanding that how much will your box last and you will have a buffer period to reorder your protein so that you do not skip your diet as well.

7. Source

Check where you are buying the protein from. The market is flooded with fake products and hence you to ensure that you purchase the protein from a reliable source. You can also check out the top sellers on Amazon for purchasing protein as they will never offer you a fake product.

8. Cost

Check for the cost of protein as well. This is another important thing to consider as you will need to check if the protein falls in your budget. Most of the protein s can be really expensive and hence ensure that what you select falls in your budget.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Below are the health benefits of using whey protein:

Muscle Growth

Usually with aging, muscle mass declines naturally. This leads to fat gain and increases risk of many diseases. This can be slowly prevented by doing strength training and having a diet which is protein rich/ protein supplements.

The effective protein source can be said to be whey which contains branched-chain amino acid called leucine. Leucine is top for growth-promoting. Therefore, whey protein is very effective for the muscle loss age related problem. Whey has shown much better results compared to soy or casein.


Many people especially when they are aging, suffer with high blood pressure which in turn causes heart disease. After conducting some research, dairy whey protein have positive effects on blood pressure and heart health. Researchers came to a conclusion that whey protein may improve vascular function and blood pressure in obese individuals.

Type 2 Diabetes

Another chronic disease that is affecting people is the high blood sugar and decreased function of insulin. Insulin is responsible to stimulate uptake of blood sugar to cells and maintaining healthy sugars. High protein food help to maintain sugar levels and insulin.

Compared to egg whites or fish, whey protein is said to have many effects. It is even used as a substitute to diabetic drugs like sulfonylurea. Therefore, whey protein is very effective at moderating your sugar levels especially type 2 diabetic patients. It is recommended to take whey protein before or along with high-carb meals.


Inflammation is yet another disease that people are suffering with. Short-term inflammation may be a thing but chronic inflammation can be very harmful. The inflammation is caused by increased levels of C-reactive protein(CRP) in the blood levels. Whey protein in high doses can reduce these levels of C-reactive protein which in turn helps reduce inflammation.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If chronic inflammation results in the lining of digestive tract, it causes a condition called inflammatory bowel disease. It may be otherwise called as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Whey proteins may have shown some beneficial effects on inflammatory bowel disease.

Weight loss

When you start taking high protein food in your diet, you will definitely educe weight by suppressing appetite, maintaining muscle mass, boosting metabolism. Compared to other protein types, whey protein have shown greater effects on weight loss.


Blood consists of two types of cholesterol, a good one and a bad one. The bad cholesterol is LDL cholesterol and can become a risk factor for heart disease. Even though, there is no proper evidence, it is concluded that long-term intake of whey protein in high doses may lower your LDL cholesterol level.

Antioxidant defences

Antioxidants are very important for our body that act against oxidation in the body helping you to fight against chronic diseases. Among them, the most important antioxidant is the glutathione which is naturally produced by your body. This production depends on the supply of amino acids like cysteine. High-cysteine is present in whey protein which strengthens the body’s antioxidant defences by promoting formation of glutathione.

Protein Powder Do’s and Don’ts

There are certain dos and don’ts associated with protein powder so let us now have a look at some of these important points.

  • Do not over consume the protein. The recommended dosage of protein is 0.8 gram per kg of body weight. This means, if you have a weight of 50 kg then you need to consume 40 grams of protein on a daily basis.
  • If you are bored with regular protein then you can make a shake using some milk and dry fruits as well but do not load up too many ingredients in the whey protein shake. The best is to consume it with water only.
  • Avoid buying cheap proteins as there will be a compromise on the quality. Buy the ones with trusted and reliable brands. It is also best to opt for isolate protein.
  • Do not copy the diet of others and make your own diet. Based on your dietary requirements, decide how much protein you will need.
  • Do not consume all the scoops at once. Have some gap and do not consume the protein immediately after the meal. It is best to consume a scoop within 1 hour of workout.
  • Have at least 3 to 5 litres of water per day if you are going to opt for whey protein as your body would need a lot of water to synthesize the protein.

How to Use Whey Protein For Good Result

Knowing the right amount of whey protein which must be consumed should be known. Knowing the right consumption requirements of the body shall help in maintaining the metabolic balance of the body. Let us have look at different ways in which whey protein can be used:

  • Take the shake way: The wonderful start to your day can be in the form of protein shakes. Whey proteins can be mixed along with ingredients like water, flavours and build your own favourite flavoured smoothie. Milk or soy can also be added to make the protein shake more nutritious. In a summer day, enjoy a chilled protein shake to metabolize your body
  • Whey as breakfast: The breakfast needs to be rich and healthy, that increases the stamina of the body. Add desired quantity of whey protein to your oatmeal during the breakfast and enjoy a palatable and healthy breakfast to start your day with.
  • Pre and Post workout: Workouts are the best ways to keep your muscles active. But, does it only require workout to lead a healthy life? I guess, no! Workouts, coupled with whey shakes, both before and after the workouts are helpful for sustenance. To have a long-lasting effect of the workouts, add a glass of warm water with whey protein, which helps in giving strength to the muscle fibre, pre and post-workout.
  • Last meal should be the whey meal: The last meal of the day, after a day of complete exhaustion must be the perfect potion to replenish the wear and tear of the muscles. Whey protein, added to the last meal, helps in enhancing the metabolism and increases the activity for the next day.
  • Protein shake before a meal: Don’t you think protein shake helps in removing a lot of health issues and changes your mood too? We suggest you enjoy a whey shake before you begin your day. It helps in switching on the biological clock, hence making you active for the entire day.

Opting for liquid whey over powdered whey is the right way to add protein to your diet. The liquid form is the most original form of whey, thus making it highly efficient and increasing the metabolism of the body. It is easier to add in any meal and is a great substitute for water or tea. Though it tastes bland, it keeps you healthy.

Whey Protein FAQs


1. Can whey protein make you gain weight?

  • It actually depends on your diet if your protein can make you gain weight. If your calorie intake is more than the calorie consumption then you will end up gaining weight but if your calorie consumption is less than your expenditure then you will be able to lose weight. So, it basically depends on your diet. So, you can use protein powder for weight gain if you are taking a high calorie diet.

2. Does whey protein burn belly fat?

  • Spot fat reduction is a myth. A good balanced diet with quantified nutrition can help you in burning the fat but it depends on the body where it burns the fat from. Overall, the protein can help you in reducing the weight if you take a good calorie deficit diet.

3. How many proteins shakes a day?

  • Most of the protein shakes recommends a total of 2 scoops per day and it can be harmful to consume protein more than 2 shakes a day. It should also be noted that the protein shake should be accompanied with a good amount of water on a daily basis. Also, you need to maintain some amount of time between the two scoops as it gets difficult for the body to absorb the protein.

4. Is whey protein a steroid?

  • No, the whey protein is not a steroid because it doesn’t contain any kind of growth hormone.  This is a myth and there is no amount of steroid present in whey protein until you purchase the one with added steroids or growth hormones.


This was all the possible information about whey protein and it is not compulsory to visit a gym if you want to consume whey.

You can even start consuming whey protein for quantified nutrition even if you are not going to the gym. For better results, you can surely visit the gym and consume whey as a post or pre-workout drink.

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