As we already know, cryptocurrency is the most volatile currency. It is subject to change every few seconds. People who invest or trade with cryptocurrency would like to know the updates daily. Even beginners would like to keep updated with the trends and learn about the market dynamics. But regular news outlets and media only report the surface of it all. But cryptocurrency is something deeper and more intense. How do you then acquire in-depth knowledge and information about cryptocurrency?

While one way of it is to read books, you can listen to top podcasts about cryptocurrency trading and witness experts talking about the changes, trends, and technicalities involved. This gives you a clear idea of what is happening and why in the crypto market. All these podcasts are by far the best and topmost podcasts on cryptocurrency. You can totally rely upon them if you are looking for knowledgeable sources for crypto information.

Besides books and podcasts, there are other sources too to keep you updated and educated with crypto information. They are crypto blogs. Although there are numerous of them, only very few of them deal with in-depth information and comprehensive knowledge. One of them is If you are already searching for such sources, head over to their website without any delay.

Top 6 podcasts about crypto trading

1. The crypto conversation


There are a ton of podcasts, shows, and blogs on crypto predictions, speculations, and analysis. But if you are looking for something more insightful and useful in the long run, The crypto conversation is for you. This Andy Picker’s podcast doesn’t just give you an analysis but instead equips you with adequate and appropriate knowledge about the crypto world so that you can anticipate, predict, and make your own decisions regarding the future crypto prospects.

While Andy Picker hosts the show for you, he usually invites someone with extensive knowledge in the crypto field as a guest to spread the knowledge. You can even take notes and refer to it back. That’s how comprehensive or useful Andy’s crypto podcast is.

2. Moon or bust


The lack of a news bulletin or daily comprehensive updates on the crypto market has always been felt. This show is specifically designed to fill in that gap. This podcast is divided into four sections to serve different purposes. While the first section covers crypto headlines, the second section goes on to interview any guest who is especially an expert in the crypto market. It then goes on to explain any particular or new crypto term or practice, or technique in the crypto world. The podcast also covers an informative session about how to buy or mine crypto coins.

For crypto-curious humans, this podcast is the best choice. With 3 hosts, the show is filled with information and knowledge. Even the guests invited to the show are extremely knowledgeable and experts in the field. So you get exclusive content from this podcast.

3. Unchained


Are you looking for a podcast hosted by someone who already deals with crypto in some form or the other? Unchained is for you. This audio show is hosted by a blockchain and crypto journalist, Laura Shin. She has been extensively dealing with crypto for years now. She, therefore, is a quick go-to for any crypto-related suggestions because Laura is herself extremely updated about every news in the crypto market.

The podcast is a weekly show that comes for an hour long. The show also invites leading players in the industry as guests sometimes. The tales of guests revolve around their investment experiences that provide authentic knowledge for the audience, which can be found nowhere.

4. BTC Audible


You must be wondering why you must listen to a podcast instead of reading a book. This podcast resolves all your doubts. This is one of the best podcasts ever on cryptocurrency and the technicalities involved in it. If you listen to it, you will be way more mature in dealing with your investments and crypto trading situations.

If you find cryptocurrency concepts to be difficult, this show hosted by Guy Swann breaks everything down to you in the simplest way possible. If you are a beginner, this is the best show for you.

5. Zero-Knowledge


If you are interested in more technical issues than actual investments and trading, Zero-Knowledge is specifically designed for you. From security, privacy, and all the other micro-aspects of cryptocurrencies to giving you updates in this particular dimension of the crypto market, zero-knowledge is what you need for micro details and micro specialization in the field.

The show hosted by Anna Rose invites guests who are like-minded and experts in the crypto market. The conversations in this show are informative, data-backed, analytic, and educational in nature.

6. What bitcoin dad


How about listening to crypto experts all across the world? What bitcoin dad makes happen. The host Peter McCormack talks to all the crypto experts across the globe, including journalists, investors, traders, CEOs, and market analysts. Hence, you can seek all expert knowledge on this show. You can also tune into this show to experience what is happening across the globe in the crypto marketing world.


That brings us to the end of some wonderful and informational podcasts about crypto trading. Listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to get things in a simple way into your head in 2024. These are the top 6 podcasts about crypto trading to listen to in 2024. Be it for learning or keeping yourself updated, or seeking expert opinion, these are the best podcasts you could find on the internet about crypto. They deal with not just trading but investments, market dynamics, and all the factors involved in the crypto market.

If you follow these podcasts, you are all set to obtain a lot of knowledge required for your crypto experience from these audio content. However, these are just a few. You can find more of them. Bitcoin-code helps you with a live trading experience with the latest updates about price fluctuations and other crypto-related real-time data.