Cryptocurrencies in India are gaining momentum, and traders there are becoming increasingly interested in them. Of course, Bitcoin always comes first, but it cannot be said that others are underestimated. In fact, cryptocurrency mining and trading can be said to be one of the most popular night activities in India. People there in a very short period of time have become open to the options offered by the decentralized financial system, and the interest is growing every day.

Many Indians claim that what they earn through cryptocurrencies is much more than their salary. The number of traders is incredibly large, but it continues to grow. The biggest growth in the

Indian crypto market occurred in the past year after the residents became interested and became aware of the latest trends in financing. And not only this country, but almost the whole world is more and more interested in cryptocurrencies, and things go far beyond Bitcoin, which for many is already an uninteresting currency.

All this has led to the need to develop better and more stable trading platforms, which will be available either worldwide, or locally, or will cover a certain part of the world. With its security, advanced trading system, and no additional transaction costs an example of such a platform is

Why do people in India love cryptocurrencies?

Every new concept is interesting. For a long time, there were no regulations for this market in this country. The decentralization of cryptocurrencies instills new confidence in the methods of transactions, as well as in the fact that money does not necessarily have to be controlled by banks. Cryptocurrencies have a market value equal to that of the rest of the world. Of course, the value is not constant, and that makes things even more risky and exciting.

Large quantities of cryptocurrencies are traded in India, both domestically and internationally. Of course, it is quite expected that Bitcoin is the most traded currency on the market, and in this list, we will mention the other currencies that are popular in this country.

1. Bitcoin


There is no need to talk much about this. We all already know that Bitcoin holds the top of the list of cryptocurrencies around the world because it already has a digital currency rating of trust. The value is very variable, but the concept is what traders and miners are loyal to. Many who in the past bought Bitcoin at a low price, today can exchange it for thousands of dollars and become really rich, solving many of the financial problems they face. Some even call it gold in the crypto world and are probably quite right.

2. Dogecoin


It used to be a viral meme, so it served as a basis for building and developing a cryptocurrency, which appeared a long time ago but gained attractiveness in the last 2-3 years. Tens of thousands of Dogecoins are mined every minute, and their quantity is not limited. These are small investments, which are at the same time quite interesting and changeable. The price is much lower than the popular cryptocurrencies, but those who understand it think that the time of Dogecoin is yet to come.

3. Tether


This currency is pegged to the US dollar and is known to be stable, with little chance of major change over time. Its low but stable value makes it a common choice for beginners in trading. The resulting tokens can be resold for other crypto exchanges.

4. Ethereum


This is the second most popular cryptocurrency, which works on the principle of decentralized applications. In doing so, the user is usually protected from fraudulent attempts, as long as he uses relevant trading and trading platforms. This cryptocurrency occupies about 20% of the entire market, and interest in it is growing proportionally, both in India and around the world. It’s always good to know that the coins are named Ethers, and the network protocol is known as Ethereum, but most people don’t make a difference until they get deeper into it.

5. Shiba Inu


This crypto token is named after a breed of a Japanese dog, and it can be noticed that it attracts the attention of the public, although the value is far from satisfactorily high. The exchange initial value was quite low, but as time goes on, this cryptocurrency is undergoing some changes. Its development is quite uncertain because, like any other, it is impossible to predict how things will go. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and in India, Shiba Inu was donated in the amount of one million dollars to the Covid-19 funds.

6. Litecoin


No list of popular cryptocurrencies can pass without this. They followed the example of Bitcoin, and the currency itself hides a huge potential to stand side by side with it, to be together with gold and silver in the crypto market. Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin runs much faster and generates multiple blocks in the same unit of time. For now, it is in the sixth place of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, so it is not a coincidence that we have chosen the sixth position in our text for it.

Closing remarks

Of course, these are not all cryptocurrencies that are popular in India. WazirX, Tron, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, and many others are also worth mentioning, but we really don’t have more place to do that right now.

Interest in this market is not limited to the Americas or India but exists even where the use of cryptocurrencies is prohibited or otherwise restricted. Many people are interested in faster and more efficient transactions around the world.

The risk with these currencies will always be present, but some experts believe that if their use is regulated and normalized, they will be no different from traditional currencies.

Of course, progress will continue, and the situation will change every day. The crypto market is a serious business, but it is for those who know how to take risks. Others may wait or not engage in such a challenge at all.