One second seems like a really small time period, but do you know that it doesn’t pass that fast as it seems? If you try to measure how many words you can say in one second, it can be two or three smaller or one bigger, and still have some milliseconds left. Probably you’ve seen that in sports results when running, swimming, or skating, smaller parts of the second can make a huge difference in results.

In some online tasks or games, you may need to be more accurate, but also faster with your clicking. According to Clicktest, the split-seconds can lead to a better score, so you really need to master this one if you want to be better than your friends or other competitors. Luckily, there are a lot of click-per-second meters available online, and they measure the clicking rate. Then, the system will calculate the average rate, so you can know where you are or if you need to improve yourself, to become a better clicker, no matter what the purpose is.

If you remember that clicking cookie game from a few years ago, you probably also remember the struggle to outreach your friends by simply clicking on it, while you are passing different levels of a number of clicks. But, it also can make a difference if you are using your mouse, the touchpad on your laptop, or the left and right buttons on it.

Here are a few tips that can be useful. We are sure you already know some of them, but anyway, there is nothing wrong with repeating the things we are aware of, just to be sure you are doing it right.

Practicing is crucial


Just like every other activity, improving your clicking rate is also a matter of practicing. There are a lot of games that can help you bring your technique to perfection. Sometimes it’s your hand that is doing all those things, as a reflex, without being controlled by the brain. Also, you can watch online tutorials, and follow their instructions. You will end up getting better at what you do, and who knows, maybe one day this skill be essential for you to qualify better than someone else at work.

Use your mouse

Even when you are working on your laptop, it’s always better to use your mouse to improve the clicking rate. As you probably know, it’s much harder to perform faster using the trackpad of your laptop. Many gamers who use laptops, actually choose to use a mouse with them, so they can be better with their clicking. This is most common among gamers, who really need to react faster, so they can win the game.

Choose a gaming mouse


Even if you aren’t a gambler, you may need to be really fast when clicking. It’s pretty known that gaming mouse features are much better than the standard models. They are designed to be faster, and you can easily use them with your laptop, as we suggested in the previous paragraph. Also, they are more comfortable for your hand, because mostly they are made to be ergonomic, and help you position the arm nicely, which will improve your reaction time. So, we can also say that…

Positioning is everything

Your hand must be completely relaxed over the muscles, and you need to relieve all the tension in the muscles and joints. You need to be gentle, because if you are too violent and you put too much pressure, you can only cause damage, without getting better at clicking. The best clickers know how to control their hand without giving a lot of thought to that. If you give yourself enough time to rethink your actions, you may ruin your result.

Don’t rethink your actions


Our minds can play a dirty trick to us. Just think about how many times you wanted to do something so badly, and then you gave a second thought to the whole thing, and never getting what you wanted. In most cases, the first thing that comes to our mind is usually the best solution to the issue we may have. And yes, it applies to clicking too. React faster, and you will improve your clicking rate with that.

The best technique is very simple

You have to learn not to move the hand too far away from the mouse, so you can move faster. Some experienced gamers or any other type of active clickers usually keep their finger on the button. Light clicking is one of the skills you have to adopt because hard pressure can slow down the mouse. Use your whole hand, put over it nicely. Don’t use the same hand for scrolling, because that may also take a lot of time and make your score bad. Your other hand should be free. And that’s all you need.

In some cases, “cheats” are allowed


There are free auto clickers available online, and in some cases, you can use them. But, don’t overdo that, because it’s still considered cheating. It can only be a nice boost when you need it, but don’t let some online bot take over your actions. No matter what’s the purpose of your clicking, you need to do that and be honest with yourself if you need to work on your skills, to improve the rate.

Play practicing games

There are a lot of them available online. It shouldn’t be a game at all – there are online tests for your clicking rates. It’s on you to find the best one, with the most accurate results, so you can clearly know where you are now, and where do you want to get.

Many people need to learn how to click faster with their mouse and improve their click per second rate with that. It seems like an unusual skill, but for some activities, it’s essential to keep the click up with the others. Just follow these tips and recommendations, and of course, work on that to become better.