Slots are one of the most popular gambling games out there. It’s rather easy to learn and it’s based both on luck and skill. There are things you can do to increase your odds and make sure you get the most out of using a slot machine.

Anyone can learn how to do it, the key is to know how the machines work and to prepare for the game. This doesn’t mean that if you follow these tricks you’ll end up winning all the time, but it does help.

How do the Slot Machines Work?

Knowing how the slot machines work won’t tell you how to win at slots, but it’s an important first step towards that goal. That’s because, for the most part, there’s no pattern in how slot machines work. They are based on a random number generator, and this is nicely explained on AskGamblers website, one of the leading authority sites on the topic.

Players are always looking for a pattern that will help them predict the results of a game of slots and therefore make it easy for them to bet on it. However, there’s no such pattern, and looking for one won’t help you.

What’s the Return To Player?


It’s important to inform yourself about what your chances actually are and how are the odds stacked in favor of the casino. For the most part, you should start by figuring out what the return to player is. That is a statistic that indicates how much of the money you spend on a game will return to you, as a player.

It’s presented in a form of a percentage – so your return to player can be 95 percent for instance. This means that on every $100 you spend on a game, you’ll get $95 back. As you may notice, you’ll always end up spending more than you get.


Volatility is another important feature to look for and to investigate before playing a game of slot. It’s about how random the game is, meaning how often can your “luck” change. It’s something to have in mind if you plan to make a strategy that will plan for the long term and a large number of individual bets.

There are online reviews that can help you figure out which slot machine has what volatility rating and therefore which one suits your needs. Keep in mind that more volatile games have higher payouts and those that are safer also bring in smaller winnings. There are sites like SBS where you can find trusted and reliable reviews on the best online slot games.


Casinos offer bonuses as a way to reward loyal players and to help the new ones get their handle on the game by trying it out a bit before they can really get into it. It’s important that you include these bonuses into your plans and use them.

Sometimes bonuses can even multiply your winnings and help you score big. It’s important to note that they are coming with terms and conditions and that there are complicated rules as to how and when to withdraw them, so stay informed about these.

What Kind of Slots Are Out There?


There are a few different kinds of slots that you should be aware of the difference and advantages of each of them in order to better understand which slot game suits your needs the most. The three basic types of slots are:

-Classic slots – They have five pay lines at the most and a very simple paytable to follow. The payouts aren’t huge but the return to the player is rather high.

-Video slots – These slots have much more pay lines, anywhere from five to one hundred. They also offer a variety of different bonus games and additional features.

Progressive slots – These slot machines are amongst the most popular games out there. Really big jackpots are rather rare, but for the rest of the game, the return to player is about 94 percent.

Choosing the Game, You Like Playing

We’ve talked about the measurable qualities the game should have, but there’s also something to it that couldn’t be measured. It’s about choosing the game you like and that you would enjoy. That should be a part of your decision process as well.

Playing slot games that you enjoy will also make it easier when it comes to betting and creating a strategy. Don’t hesitate to choose such a game even if it doesn’t have the best stats out there.

Knowing When To Quit

One of the most important plans to make when it comes to trying to win at slot games is to know when to quit. That’s not really about the slot game itself, but about your own ability to resist temptation. It’s best to choose the sum you’re willing to lose and to stick to quitting once you reach that amount.

The amounts can vary and it depends on how much of a high roller you are, but the basic rule is the same – it’s all about sticking to the plan you’ve set for yourself.

There’s no point in Chasing Your Losses

Many players decide to chase their losses, falsely believing that they are bound to win at a game if they’ve lost a few before that. It’s a mistake to believe so since there’s no pattern in how the games, based on a random number generator will turn out.

Once you notice that you’re increasing your bets in order to get back what you’ve lost, it’s probably a good time to quit. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing much more than you otherwise have to.

To Sum Up


Slots are a popular game and one that you can earn quite a lot from if you know how to plan your game and choose the best slot machine for you. This should be done based on the statistics that you can easily find online.

At the same time, you should also have personal plans when it comes to what game to choose and when to stop playing. You should choose the games you enjoy and have a cut-off point that you’ve chosen for yourself.