A lot of people own a website nowadays, and most of them are doing business or promoting something through it. Since the Internet is being overly “crowded” with tons of new websites being made each day, people started finding ways to stay on top of the search results that the search engine provides.

SEO, or also known as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best, if not the best way to increase visibility, exposure and overall popularity of your website. A lot of big organizations, companies and even people that own smaller personal businesses are getting involved into SEO strategies in order to stay on top of their game.

However, the world of SEO is pretty complex and there are many methods of getting better search results for your website, but today we are focusing on one of the latest and also most useful SEO trends, tracking keyword popularity. Here’s what you need to know.


Tracking Keyword Popularity – SEO Strategy

Each day something new is popular on the Internet, and a lot of people who specialize in Search Engine Optimization are using this to their advantage. By using a website such as Serpreme, you are able to search a certain keyword and check the current ranking place of it.

One of the great tools which can help you is the keyword rank checker by SearchEngineReports.net. Now, you might be wondering how this information can be used to increase the exposure or visibility of your website.

Well, it is very simple. By constantly tracking what the most popular keywords are on the Internet, you will be able to write content that includes most of them, and this will greatly increase the chances of someone stumbling upon your article and website, which automatically means more visitors and in most cases more revenue.

Of course, there are many other SEO strategies besides Tracking Keyword Popularity, but currently, this is one of the most used methods, so if you really want to see some results for your website, make sure that you implement it in your SEO kit.

Why is SEO so important?

We’re constantly talking about how to optimize your website better, but we never really mentioned why it is so important, which might be a little confusing for those who are a bit new to the entire SEO thing.

So imagine you own a website and you are selling a product on it. It doesn’t matter if it is your product or the product of someone who you’re working for as a salesman or marketing agent, doesn’t matter.


Your main goal is to obviously sell more of the given product. Well, since we live in a world where almost everything is already invented, chances are that there is a product that is really similar or even exactly like the one you’re trying to sell, and if you are new to SEO or haven’t done any optimizing for your website at all, even bigger chances are that the other product will always come up first in the search results.

And this clearly means that more people, if not all, will buy that product instead of yours, which means that you are directly losing money due to the lack of optimization for your website. But in a case when your product will come up first, more people will buy yours instead, and you will earn much more.

A very successful and wise marketing agent once said: “You can have the best product in the world, but with the lack of marketing knowledge you won’t achieve anything, whereas I can make the worst product seem like it’s the greatest, and make it the best seller on the entire market with the proper marketing strategy.”