Investing time in carrying out due diligence helps you to get great deals while buying used cars. You should consult professional agencies like for getting the PPSR check of the car which you plan to buy. This can be done by providing the VIN number or registration number of the car and paying an affordable fee.

Ensuring your car is important as it provides you peace of mind from any accidents and the damages which result thereof. You should do proper background research for buying the best insurance policy for your used car. The following tips will help you find a good insurance policy for your used car:

Explore Different Insurance Companies


The first step towards buying a good insurance policy for your used car is to explore the different insurance companies. You should get a premium quotation from at least 3 different insurance companies.

Comparing the insurance premiums will provide you a good understanding of what you will be likely to pay for insuring your used car. You can collect the premium quotation online also. If you need a more customized quotation, you can reach out to the insurance agents in your locality.

Compare the Policy Features and Discounts

Once you have received the insurance premium quotation from multiple insurance companies, it is time to understand the finer points. It is important to remember that the premium amount should never be the sole criterion for choosing the insurance policy.

You should check on other things like the claim settlement ratio of the service provider, terms and conditions of the policy, any major exclusions, reviews of other customers in submitting and getting claims, etc. There is no point in buying a cheaper insurance policy and not getting the claim when you need it.

Decide Which Type of Policy is Best Suited for You


An important consideration while buying insurance for your used car is to decide which type of policy is best suited for you. If your car is valuable and essential to your livelihood, then you can consider buying a comprehensive insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance provides the most premium coverage and protects you against damage to your own car, other’s car, and car theft. However, if your car is getting old then a comprehensive insurance policy may not be suitable for you.

A good insurance policy will have you covered in the worst case and you will not be left saddled with repair expenses or debt in the case of an accident.

Explore Other Ways of Reducing the Premium

You can explore other ways of reducing the insurance premium. You must maintain a good credit score as it can translate to a lower insurance premium for you. If you have multiple cars, then you should consider buying the insurance policy from the same service provider for getting discounts.

If your car is fitted with security features like an anti-theft system, immobilizers, etc., it can reduce your insurance premium. If you can afford to pay a part of the insurance claim by paying the deductible, you will get a rebate in the insurance premium too.