Few car lovers could tell when the Civic first saw the light of day, especially if we tell you how we just witnessed the presentation of the tenth generation in a row. That is back in 1973, which, as we have seen today, marked the beginning of the era of Honda’s longest-running model.

This model is well-liked all over the world, and it is the same situation in India. If you are looking for a new car, check AutoFun, and if you are still not sure why Honda Civic is so popular, here are some of the reasons:

1. Growth dimensions

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The new Civic is 130 millimeters longer in the five-door version, and 30 millimeters wider if we compare it with the previous ninth generation. The massiveness of the popular model was certainly different since the new model is 20 millimeters lower. That gives a great sports look to a vehicle and increases dynamism and spaciousness.

2. Spaciousness as a trump card

The increase in dimensions certainly had to be reflected in the spaciousness of the vehicle’s cabin, especially in the rear seat. The Japanese did that part very well, and so they got a car that already slightly stands out from the compact class. The luggage space remained almost identical in capacity to its predecessor, increased by only one liter of volume – 478 liters in the five-door version, but that is more than enough for the average family.

3. Emphasized look

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Describing the design in a way that is best to bring the final rating when you see the Civic live is leaving a lot of question marks overhead. Honda offers vehicle decoration with accessories such as a spoiler on the tailgate, rear lower, but also a front spoiler and side sills. Many people don’t like this form of excessive tuning. But the good thing is the possibility of choosing the calmer version without tuning, and this model can grant everyone’s wish.

4. Driving experience

You will find the ideal seating position for driving after a few seconds of adjusting the seat. So, Honda still has an extraordinary feeling in which everything is about the driver. The experience on the steering wheel itself is simple in practice, and yet so precise in dynamic driving. It is interesting to point out the leather steering wheel full of seams that offers a great feel in your hands. While Honda leans towards a sporty flair, comfort in this story is also not in the least neglected. We would say that the right balance between all driving items is affected.

5. Lights

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One of the more striking details on the new Civic is the lights. It is unquestionably a recognizable identity on the roads because of the full LED technology. Those lights are much different from classic halogen light circuits. It may cost a little more, but it is astonishing detail that everyone likes. The lights provide excellent visibility, so night driving is no longer a problem.

6. Engines

There are currently only two VTEC engines on offer. It is a petrol three-cylinder 1.0 and four-cylinder 1.5-liter assembly with 129 and 182 hp, respectively. In practice, they seem lively, especially if we remember the engines from the last generation (1.8 VTEC and 142 hp, op.a). Both engines are currently available in a five-door version, while the four-door Civic only comes with more powerful turbo petrol. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong, since both engines are powerful enough to guarantee you a great ride.

7. CVT transmission

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The impression that has been with us for a long time when it comes to this gearbox, Honda has improved a bit. CVT transmission contributes to lower consumption than would be the case with a standard automatic transmission. In parallel with the CVT transmission, Honda also offers a 6-speed precisely measured manual transmission. It is up to you to decide which one you like more since there is no wrong option. Both of them are good in their way, and the only question is what suits you more.

8. Crowded technology

Honda CONNECT is a new 7.7 touch screen entertainment system. The big news for this age of smartphones is that the Civic, for the first time, brings a system for wireless charging of mobile phones. Of course, there are also many driving assistance systems. First of them is the CMBS system, which reports the danger of a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian in front of you, and many will surely like the system for detecting signs, avoiding crashes, as well as monitoring the lane and blind spots. A novelty in Honda is the adaptive cruise control, which takes over the maintenance of the speed of the vehicle in front of you.

9. Security

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All the analyzes of Japanese engineers say that the Honda compact will become the owner of a maximum of 5 stars for safety in the event of a traffic accident. That is great for new drivers, but also experienced ones since the security is something crucial in every drive. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful, but it can help you a lot to remain safe.

10. Solid value for money

A combination of equipment and the quality of the car with a great price is always a winning factor. Honda is secretly hoping for such an effect, with an affordable starting price. The price-quality ratio is exceptional, and you certainly won’t go wrong if you choose Honda. The powerful engine and excellent equipment guarantee a pleasant and safe ride.

It is not easy to stay in a market for 40 years, especially with the same model, but Honda is still doing it. That’s a great indicator of why this car is so good. Its popularity does not decline with age, and it can even be said to grow. The Honda Civic follows trends and adapts to customer requirements, so we can probably expect more models in the future. The fact is that only good things last, and that is why this model is so popular all over the world. And if you add an affordable price to that, then there is no reason not to opt for it.