Table could not be displayed. India is the country of colors and diversity. You will be able to see that well through the range of flowers that include some that are found from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Cuttack to Attock. The spring and summer flowers found in India deserve a special mention since, after the long and cold winter, they bring amazing colors, as well as vibes to the country.

Hence, whether you are someone looking to decorate your living room with a wonderful bouquet or you are a gardener looking for beautiful flowers to decorate your lawn, here are some flowers that will add beauty, scent, and colors to your life:

1. Marigold


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This is quite a common flower, however, it is one of the most loved flowers in India. The color of the flower could be different from golden to yellow. In India, people usually use it for wedding floral decorations, as well as religious ceremonies.

It is also used in medicine since it keeps various pests away and surprisingly, it is also used as a food coloring agent. If you want to keep the annoying bugs and rodents away, this is the perfect, natural way to do so.

2. Lotus


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If you have a pond or stream in your garden, this delicate water plant will take the beauty level of your garden to another level. The bright pink and white colors of the lotus-like shade and they are the most important item in Hindu religious ceremonies.

A person who receives a bouquet with lotuses in it will gain wealth and prosperity. The lotus is also the national flower of India and the petals will open at dawn and close during the afternoon. By the evening, the flowers will be completely closed.

3. Hibiscus



The delicate and beautiful hibiscus flowers are the signature flowers of regions that are subtropical. If you look closely, you will be able to find tropical paintings that have women with this flower braided in their hair.

This flower can take up a lot of space, so it is best if you plant them somewhere where they have a lot of sunlight, as well as room to grow and prosper. This plant has blooming season year after year so you will not have to worry about replanting it or keeping the seeds.

4. Lilies



You should not be deceived by the delicate and fragile look of this flower since it puts up a real fight and manages to withstand extreme weather conditions. During winter, these flowers will wither, however, its bulbs will remain alive but dormant.

These bulbs will give you beautiful flowers next season. They are commonly used in wedding bouquets and offer a wide range of colors as well as scent to your bouquet. If you want to see some beautifully made bouquets with lilies, click here.

5. Zinnia


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Zinnia comes in a wide range of colors and the best part about them? You do not need to be an expert to plant them in your garden. They will grow directly from the seed so there will be no reason for you to go through the slow process of defrosting them.

They are a late summer flower and its wonderful fragrance will attract butterflies to your garden.

6. Dahlias


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Dahlias are summer flower that will brighten up your garden or home with its beautiful tones. These flowers come in different colors and sizes, which makes them perfect for your garden or bouquets that you might want to make.


These were the most popular flowers in India, commonly used in wedding bouquets or d├ęcor, as well as to decorate the gardens of people who enjoy planting flowers.