In this article, we are going to discuss 3 Best COC Private Servers 2024. Clash of Clans is the most famous game all over the world and people play it for fun and entertainment.

But, many of the players find it boring due to its boring update, resource, etc. If you are having trouble to enjoy this game, then you should definitely keep reading.

Let’s take a look at 3 Best COC Private Servers

1. Clash of Magic Server

It is another informal Clash of Clans Private Servers. It is additionally in the class of the best servers for this game. Be that as it may, it has some additional and extraordinary highlights like boundless mods and so on. Conflict of Magic Apk is most popular in the market for private servers as it gives everything with no expense.

Four kinds of servers are accessible over the web in the market of Clash of Clans Private Servers. These four sorts of servers are the following:

  • Clash of Magic S1
  • Clash of Magic S2
  • Clash of Magic S3
  • Clash of Magic S4

According to TheClashMods, you can download any server effectively. S1 and S2 private servers give free mods, pearls, gold and other assets such as custom structure, boundless troops and so on free of charge.

Clash of Clans


Features of Magic Private Server

  • You can construct custom saints, structures as indicated by your want by utilizing this private server. You can give the forces of one troop to another and change the idea of the structure with one another and can blend it.
  • You can purchase every one of the things like structures, legends and so forth by the opening.
  • Each private server is different while Clash of Magic is mainly mainstream since it gives you an alternate kind of server and different types are mentioned above. Everybody can download the server they find the most engaging.
  • Amazing! The most imperative thing is that the structure time is zero.
  • Clash of enchantment private servers can be accessed via different gadgets.

2. Clash of Dreams

Conflict of dreams is a new outsider which has Clash of Clans Private Servers to give the office of boundless assets and diversion to the general population. The significant thing in this server is that it is much more dominant.

Because of this feature, the server is quick, meaning that more people can join and play freely without any lags. These servers are not upheld with structure at the base, and they depend on the town corridor.

They are accessible for Android and can be downloaded on iPhone as iOS adaptation.


  • It has a Christmas topic named as “Snowfall”
  • It was refreshed and re-launched in December 2017 when another element called Ice Wizard has included.
  • In a similar rendition talked about above has X Mas’ Firecracker.
  • In a similar rendition of December 2018, Gold Xmas Tree is incorporated into this form.
  • Some uncommon occasions, tracks, and troops are included in December 2017 rendition.
Clash of Clans


3. Clash of Lights Private Server

It’s another astounding stuff for you! On the off chance that different servers are not according to your own liking, and that is fine because this might be the server your look for.

It has some unexpected highlights in comparison to other private servers of Clash of Clans diversion. Conflict of Lights Private server takes a shot at the C# emulator. It has variants mentioned underneath:

  • Clash of Lights Private Server 1
  • Clash of Lights Private Server 2
  • Clash of Lights Private Server 3
  • Clash of Lights Private Server 4

There are some minor contrasts between these two renditions. The second form has some additional highlights.


I hope after reading this article, COC will no longer be boring for you, despite the latest update.