Mobile gaming earned a sweet spot in the past year, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It boomed when most of the industries suffered hugely. The industry saw a surge in usage as people were bound to stay at home as per government rules. People loved playing various kinds of games as they could get rid of the harsh reality of the world and could indulge in a different one altogether.

It provides an opportunity to escape facts and get involved in something that makes you feel better.
As per a study, it is said that people in India were spending around seven hours a week on games. And the number of hours shot up by 53% as the lockdown began. People were bored and just needed something to engage their minds.

Per Forbes, the entire fantasy sports world has a huge prospect in India. People here are really interested in games and if you are one of them, here are the top 5 games that should be on your phone! Each one gives you a different type of thrill and experience. All of them are adventurous.

Here are some of the games to look out for. They undoubtedly ruled the screens for quite some time now.

MPL Chess Play


This is being played by people of all ages and genders. This is interesting for people who like Chess and want to play it in the virtual world as well.

Other than the fact that it is 100% secure and has 4 crores+ users, it provides excellent gameplay. You can now enjoy the game while staying in the comfort of your house. The best part is that you can get in touch with fellow chess lovers. You can compete with them and even learn from their unique strategies.

As they say, there is no end to learning. You can even play ‘Speed Chess’, which is a shorter version of the traditional format of chess. The only difference from the physical format is that there is a tie limit for making your move.

You can download the app and play it easily. The rules are easy to understand too. Do your research well so that you can win and relish every step of the amazing game. You can register for free as well. To know more about chess game online play, click here

Call of Duty


This is an excellent game in the gaming world.

It is a shooting game that has gained immense popularity in the country. When Activision launched the game, people were thrilled as it is free and great fun. You would surely love the online multiplayer modes. NDTV has its ranking for the Call of Duty games that you can check online.

Ludo King


Ludo – the very basic game in Indian households. We have so many childhood memories related to it, don’t we? Ludo King is an online version that massively gained popularity in 2024. It was launched in 2016. It is one of the most installed mobile games in April.

We were quite surprised by the immense love it got. People even called in their friends for playing the game – it provided the right platform to stay connected to near and dear ones while staying indoors. It is a free-to-play app, which made it even more famous. The transition of this basic traditional game to the screen is quite praiseworthy.

It broke all records and was being enjoyed by all and sundry.

Pokemon Go


We have all played this game at some point in time or the other, right? However, 2024 has been the year where it has been played the most.

Pokemon Go allowed people to breathe and spend their leisure time in peace. It is a global gaming sensation where you can discover Pokémon as they roam around the world.

It has always been popular but 2024 was indeed a great year for it.

The game witnessed a revenue boom of around 31.5%.

Garena Free Fire


This is again a great game to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Notably, it grew to become one of the most grossing games in his genre even since its launch. It is also called Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire. Published by Garena for IOS as well as Android, it is made by 111 Dots Studio.

Credit in point, in 2019 it got the “Best Popular Vote Game” award by the Google Play Store.

Its revenues and popularity are quite shocking, thanks to the level of engagement and great gameplay. It is a shooter game where everyone is fighting for survival. If this is your thing, go for it without any further doubts.

So these are some of the best games that you can enjoy in your free time.

In this regard, we should also give credits to some other games, such as Among us, Coinmaster, Minecraft, Monument Valley, Asphalt 9, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, etc. All these games are great too!

We have selected games from various kinds of genres so that you can pick them as per your taste. These games would enable you to switch off the harsh reality for some time. Also, they are great at improving cognitive skills, concentration, and also good for depressed people.