Table tennis has been an amazing game that has been popularly played for ages. It is the most popular indoor sport and has millions of active players across the world! There are table tennis associations and clubs across 226 countries and territories.

Table tennis is also known as ping pong and is said to have originated in the 1800s. It is a common indoor game that is so versatile, that some people even play it outdoors on a summer day. It just requires a table tennis bat, also called a mallet, and a light-weighted ball. The game is all about hitting the ball on a sturdy table, across a net in a back and forth manner until one of you knocks the ball off from the opponent’s court.

However, what are the actual reasons table tennis is so popular?

1. Improves hand-eye coordination


Since your focus and your eyes have to stay on the light-weighted tennis ball, you can play the sport well when you feel like the bat is a part of your hand. This makes sure you hit at the right time and you make sure that the ball doesn’t go out of bounds. Your brain activity trains itself to fire up the neurons perfectly such that you can hit it right back to your opponent in style. This aspect is very important for improving your physical prowess.

2. Quickens your reflexes

In a professional table tennis match, the light-weighted ball actually travels so fast! The average speed of the ball in a match would be about 50 to 58 kmph! To counter it, you would have to have super fast reflexes that develop with intense training. In 2003, a classic record was set when Lark Brandt won the World’s Fastest Smash Competition in New Zealand. That ball was traveling at 70 miles per hour! You can learn more about any aspect of table tennis here if you want to know more!

3. A Fun Way to Lose Weight


While it seems like a slow-paced sport, after 30 minutes of this sport, you’d be sweating and panting at the intense workout. Table tennis burns a lot of calories, especially because you have to run to different sides and hit the ball fast but in a very controlled manner. This causes your metabolism rate to increase as your heart rate and breathing also increases. This becomes like a form of cardio exercise and can actually help you lose weight if you do it regularly. Since this is a fun game and can be done at home as a workout, it is highly popular.

4. Makes your brain sharper

This sport makes your brain sharper and keeps you focused and alert. Table tennis is also not just about hitting the ball, you have to use strategy and think of the opponent’s weak aspects, strike with great accuracy. This actually keeps your mind super sharp and clear. This has such a great effect on the brain, table tennis is recommended to people with a high risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia! It’s just that good a sport!

5. Increases concentration in children


Studies have shown that children practicing sports always have better brain activity than the ones who don’t. In many countries, there are children as young as 11-years-old playing with their peers and winning championships and awards. It was observed that they also had amazing focus and concentration with no problems in paying attention. In that growing stage of the child, it is a plus!

6. Improves social life

Any sport has been seen to bring people closer together, thanks to the spirit of sportsmanship. It is a great sight indeed! Playing table tennis works in this aspect too, and it has often been a great ice breaker between strangers! When you play with a person, a great camaraderie can arise that can make both of you comfortable and happy.

Apart from social life, this same concept has been applied to couples too where any couple undergoing therapy can bond over a game of table tennis. Many parent-child relationships have been built over a friendly bout of table tennis.

7. Increases patience levels


This game brings out a sense of balance and calmness where you have to quietly gauge what the opponent is doing next. Even if you’re on a losing streak, being calm is the only way you can turn the tables. Hence, playing the game regularly makes you calmer and more patient. Being patient actually helps you strategize better and thus win the game. Many people regularly playing table tennis have said that it calms them down and refreshes them even mentally. If there is any angst or anger in your, physically exerting yourself in the game and channeling all that in your game can do wonders!

8. Helps build sportsmanship

Any game brings out the players’ sportsmanship. There is an amazing thrill when you try to keep up with the opponent, celebrate when you win, and learn from your mistakes when you lose. Playing table tennis regularly helps you get accustomed to wins and losses, helping you keep an amazing and stable mindset. If you win a lot, you can even consider participating in tournaments and competitions. The spirit of sportsmanship is a life skill as it helps you navigate through life’s decisions and handle issues confidently. Many table tennis players have been shown to be calm and not take things too hard. This shows how well the sport develops a person, both physically and mentally.


Table tennis is a very versatile sport that has people playing it so much! They play it at their homes, in their hostels, in clubs, in gyms, etc. It is popular as it can be played by people of all ages and benefit them in numerous ways. This is a fun sport to play and it makes a great pastime. If you like mild sports and would love to take one as a hobby, this would be the best option! It can get you closer to family, friends, and even make you very physically fit! A win-win sport isn’t it!